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  1. Immature idiot. What music have you been listening to lately?
  2. Two darkmist cloaks in a row, during the 2015 (I believe) halloween event. Sold them for about 300k. I am answering a question of a month and a half old, is it time to declare ded gaem?
  3. No because I don't really like people shaping their entire personalities around some online test they took and I don't wanna become one, sorry. With all the lockdowns around the world going on right now, how are you holding up for yourself?
  4. Neeeerd (congrats, that's really good!)
  5. Immortality is the greatest curse you could bestow on someone, so heaven it is. If you could add a zero to the value of any item you currently own in Warspear, which would it be?
  6. Could you explain these numbers to a non-indonesian player?
  7. The times are picked based on peak player count, which is probably also why the US-Sapphire event happens at 3:30 AM, which is when a lot of Indonesian people are playing.
  8. I need new endgame gear boss. Also, the 100 days online mythical achievement failed on the 88th day. So I'm stuck to at least the middle of march. If you could restart your Warspear career, what would you do different?
  9. That's one great question and quite a story I guess. First login was during halloween 2012. Three years later I had to retake an entire year of school. I got actual friends after that, my previous ones all left school. I still keep in touch with them and plan to keep on doing that, even though most of them are currently studying.Three years after that I had to retake another year. After this, I switched my entire future career path, from a tech-oriented one towards a more social-oriented one and I am currently planning to study tax law next year. Three years ago, nearing the end of first
  10. Did you know that you can answer multiple other users' replies in a single reply? It keeps the forums a bit cleaner, this looks a little bit spammy.
  11. Huh, that's weird. Since these are used to flex on people, why not flex harder and give it a red name or whatever?
  12. I'm a Bladedancer main lmao. What do you expect me to have? Knowledge on how to play different classes? Prffff After nearly seven years of developmemt, Ayvondil was finished. What do you predict will the next few updates be about? Will they center on reworking existing game mechanics rather than adding more stuff or the other way around?
  13. As a Bladedancer main, I can confirm that I am, in fact really happy with these changes!
  14. It's been the same schedule for years. This year's Horror event is the first original one in 5 years.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the past Halloween events all start around Halloween itself? If so, we gotta wait another week still.
  16. The entire system is based on RNG. Some days are blessed by it, others are not.
  17. I'm still around. Once you unlock t4 Ayvondil you're set.
  18. Get a group mate. Easiest solution available for now honestly.
  19. It better not, but I'm afraid so. However, there are plenty of areas that don't require oxygen. The real thing I hope gets added is the ability to improve your oxygen recharge rate.
  20. High resolution displays as well as photoshop work wonders if you try to get HQ stuff. Paint.net works great too.
  21. Yo hold up here, only the party that deals the most damage will get drops? Am I reading this right? This is complete bullshit and will likely the playerbase by making drops exclusive to +10 parties.
  22. Time to start saving up on cash then. Time to start saving up on cash then.
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