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  1. Fact #171: a lot, if not all names used by NPC's in chapter 4 of Ayvondil's story are Greek or reference Greek names or deities. Think of NPC's such as Peleus or bosses such as Tetrarch, the Hoplites or the Nomarchs.
  2. Nosotraes

    Steam hours

    I already have way too much on my phone, and Warspear controls terribly on pc, so I never really played it on Steam.
  3. Nah, that's cool and fun, as long as they don't use them.
  4. Nosotraes


    I have relatively successfully played bd for 6 years and never spent a penny. However, playing a healer might be better because people always need them.
  5. Any info on when we can test outside former commie countries?
  6. The entire game needs an economy rework.
  7. There are literally Dragonborn costumes in the game. I'm sure Aigrind is allowed to use them. The problem is that Aigrind is making money off of it.
  8. Blade Dancer, simply because it's the only class I really played. Don't have nearly enough experience with the others.
  9. Kind of like fantasy India then? Since they also have a caste system. I remember a significant part of the Firstborn story revolved around someone changing profession.
  10. You might want to keep track of your memories then, it's probably closer than you think:)
  11. My brother told me he had found "Runescape on a phone" and made me install this game. 6 years later, I have quit because level 30 (promised all the way back in 2013, probably even before thaf) still is not in the game, the game is a grindfest and I made it into a downward spiraling loop.
  12. The only story I read was 6 years ago when I staarted playing. I forfot every bit of it.
  13. Black holes. Or something. Have we run out of questions to ask?
  14. What are the prices of Techno blades/axes on US Sentinel side? Has any new red tier gear been added, and if yes, what are those prices?
  15. When is level 30 releasing? You know, it's been 5 years or so since the announcement, so...
  16. Stun cycles are more something Warlocks do tbh.
  17. Time to get the nostalgia rolling. Preferably listen with headphones.
  18. Difference is that I don't care anymore too. I deserved those warnings. If he did, he'd be too late to respond;) Daria
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