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  1. http://cdn.warspear-online.com/distr/win32/ch0/warspear.exe your network : working cloudfare :working host : error and btw the ios version taking download so long
  2. omg when u will fix this bug?? http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/53141-is-ferocity-working-correctly/?p=958617
  3. genlo

    War Bug

    eu emerald, war bug on elf side last war score was 2-2 but we got only 1 buff??? LOL??
  4. go make a better code moderators i could even make a new weapon that never exist lol and ranger druid bd using 2handed axe:D
  5. its happen in ios too , and something weird with notification i guess.let just say my brother quit ws and give his account to me , and i play his account just for crafting or selling item on a dealer then i go back to my real account and i go close warspear app . and when the item sold or the craft is completed its still show some notification event if its not on my real account.
  6. what about bug that i posted in support about damage bug? snorlax said he take a look at it later.
  7. i dont understand purpose of this topic? do you?
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