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[2018.02.15] Spring Moon Festival has come to Arinar! Survive the Nian and get astonishing prizes!


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Brave warriors!


From unfathomable depths, the furious monster Nian is on the way and will eat everything in his path. It’s time for all of us to unite, make preparations for the Spring Moon Festival on Irselnort and defeat this fierce beast! Oh, and get precious prizes right from Celestial Empire: costumes, smileys, hairstyles, minions and more. 


Legends of Irselnort have told us about Nian, the ancient monster living in the depth of the faraway Eastern ocean. At the beginning of every lunar year it used to emerge from sea waters to spread death and destruction, until it was banished to the ocean. 


As the centuries passed, knowledge about the protective rites was forgotten and lost. Now prophets are proclaiming the Nian’s return again. Who is ready to restore ancient rites, carry out spring celebrations and meet the monster?


The Spring Moon Festival is being held in Arinar for the first time. You have to complete 6 stages of preparations and battles. Don’t let Nian enter the town and you must finally defeat him!


1_festival.png 2_festival.png 3_festival.png


For every successfully completed stage you will get a Moon Box. Each box may contain the unique Celestial Empire hairstyle, collectible smiley or other festive item:

- Common empowering relics

- Signs of Imperishability

- Unique minions

- Small Gladiator Elixirs, Unity Potions and Elixirs of Knowledge,

- Potions and scrolls

- and precious bars!


Warriors, who defeat the Nian in the final stage, will receive the most precious chest and have an opportunity to obtain the Nian Costume! Moreover, winners will get the Power of Unity buff that increases Guild points, obtained by the character, by 30%.

Rewards are given to all players starting from level 5, who have been at the location for at least 30 seconds before the stage was successfully completed. To be able to get a reward for the final stage, you also need to complete the previous one


4_festival.png 5_festival.png 6_festival.png


But that’s not all! Unique Tsiuntsi costume was added to all heroic level Dungeons and is available only during the Spring Moon Festival.

new exclusive items are available in the Miracle Shop, however only for these two festive weeks:

Spring Moon Caches:


New exciting costumes

- Sorcerer of the Spirit Forest

- Divine Giant

- Guan Yu

- Jingwei

- Imperial silk

- Spring Blossoms


New cool decorative skins

- Knife of the Forbidden Kingdom

- Falchion of the Forbidden Kingdom

- Two-Blade Estoc of the Forbidden Kingdom

- Buster of the Forbidden Kingdom

- Thyrsus of the Forbidden Kingdom

- Stave of the Forbidden Kingdom

- Bow of the Forbidden Kingdom

- Arbalest of the Forbidden Kingdom

- Shield of the Forbidden Kingdom


New charming minions

- Summon Big Panda

- Summon Small Panda


New smileys

- "Mythical Dragons" Smilies


Great elixirs

- Gladiator's Great Elixir

- Great Elixir of Knowledge

- Great Elixir of Unity


Powerful scrolls and potions

- Bamboo Scroll of the Tiger’s Patronage

- Bamboo Scroll of the Turtle’s Patronage

- Bamboo Scroll of the Phoenix’s Patronage

- Bamboo Scroll of the Dragon’s Patronage

- Balm of the Sun

- Balm of the Moon


And precious bars!


New splendid costumes

- Emperor of Celestial Empire

- Empress of Celestial Empire

- Eastern Dragon


New awesome decorative skins

- Dao of the Spring Moon

- Jiang of the Spring Moon

- Changdao of the Spring Moon

- Qiang of the Spring Moon

- Staff of the Spring Moon

- Baton of the Spring Moon

- Bow of the Spring Moon

- Cho-to-wu of the Spring Moon

- Shield of the Spring Moon


Festival starts February 15th at 12:00 CET and ends March 1st at 13:00 CET.

We wish you lots of luck and drops!

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Elm has met his equal. ...No, I'd still bet on Nian.


Also please make an option to disable the flying numbers. When everyone and their uncle is poisoned, it lags a lot.


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中国玩家表示,最后的BOSS 太难打了:cry2:

(The final boss too difficult to overcome!)



(Is, indeed, the nien beast, is our Chinese New Year, annual 30 tonight, in our China, like your Christmas ~... I wish you all a happy New Year!)

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