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  1. Guild Superiority: increased the additional attack and skill cooldown speed of all guild members on all skill levels (2-4-6% -> 5-10-15%), it gives no additional accuracy now Read
  2. Event Bosses

    I remember Halloween when we had demologist, snorlax, avenger and beholder at one area and portal to joker.That was awesome event
  3. Phishing sites!

  4. Phishing sites!

  5. Food

    I know that so food with buffs will work longer than pots and scrolls maybe 15-30 minutes. You know pots and scrolls are fast in using just click and u have buffs. Food is longer in using you need wait and be out of combat and for what it only recover some health or energy that you can recover faster by using pots so food is useless now.
  6. Food

    Food in warspear is usually useless that only recover health or energy and it take long time for use and when you are in combat it cant be used. So I have a idea to add food with extra bonuses like 5% penetration for 15 minutes or 5% cooldown and that will make food very useful for players with low amp or it will help in dgs or arenas.
  7. War Dungeon

    That dg can looks like nadir dg and can drop new red set 23-25lvl and maybe not only for winners.It can maybe works like that: 1 star = access to easy dg 2 stars = access to easy,normal 3 stars = access to easy,normal,hard Higher difficult higher drop rate for new eq
  8. War Dungeon

    I have an idea of adding new dungeon. That dungeon will be only opened for winner war fraction.For example Sentinels win war they have access to dungeon next war Legion win and they have an access. And that dungeon may drop pvp sets or pve I don't know what would be better :p
  9. Knowing who bought your item from the market?

    It's great idea and I think maybe add too something like information about who selling item
  10. Poison is good no more afk ppl but boss too fast regenerate hp
  11. Choco

    Old versions of Choco: 1.0 Up1.1 Up1.2 Up1.3
  12. Chocko is a chocolate bar Everybody loves chocolate... Dont say not! Sweeeeeeeeeeet
  13. Acorn

    Finaly jarbeloa costume