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  1. Is new bonus Depths fury works in dgs sea tramps?
  2. This game was Pay2Win now it is Pay2Play good move devs 💲
  3. tu na forum rzadko kto z polakow jest aktywny pytaj w samej grze a ja nie pomoge bo nie gralem barbem xD
  4. Paritus

    Phishing sites!

    Eu-emerald now
  5. Maybe because you need be in 3 prievious stages
  6. People wanted chests with only costumes and skins, So I dont know what problem you have with that
  7. At last stage of event boss should have more hp because we havent much time to get there
  8. Paritus


    I think he wanted say stuffs
  9. Rangers arent alone, tanks like wardens deathknights and barbarians they can solo do kronus, faceless, spawn too
  10. Will Frogls be a Playable race? Will Mounts be in skylore? I think yes. Awesome
  11. Są Eu emerald elfy 😄
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