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  1. Maybe because you need be in 3 prievious stages
  2. People wanted chests with only costumes and skins, So I dont know what problem you have with that
  3. At last stage of event boss should have more hp because we havent much time to get there
  4. Paritus


    I think he wanted say stuffs
  5. Rangers arent alone, tanks like wardens deathknights and barbarians they can solo do kronus, faceless, spawn too
  6. Will Frogls be a Playable race? Will Mounts be in skylore? I think yes. Awesome
  7. S膮 Eu emerald elfy 馃槃
  8. At first stage u can faster and easier do this just use agro at ice valkyre and lure her down and kill her
  9. But this relics are personal if Im not wrong, So only leader or heirs can make them and use and there is one more thing castle market can sell them So why guilds cant sell them in it? Devs change mind with that relics because guilds can get much Gold?
  10. Why guilds cant sell group relics?
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