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  1. The level 20 boss Fierce Claw in the Icy Hall heals 62,500 health when you get him down past 10k hp. I dont think it's normal because it has happened 3 times in a row.
  2. That option dosent do anything for me.....my hotkey bar is now too cramped to spam spells correctly anymore :(
  3. This new interface is awful :,( just move to skill set switch button back to the left please!!!
  4. Only reduces 1 dmg for me against mobs and players. Used a chaos pot and it looks like the cooldown reset increase isn't working either
  5. Reduces 1 dmg at 1/4 too. Plz fix. Seems it's not increasing enemy skill CD either....
  6. At 1/5 poison shield and 1/5 acid rain the "heal" only does 3 tics because of 2 sec expert cooldown. It's a "heal" with a 6 second cast time and costs 36 mana
  7. Would this be 2X ride tickets from only Mora bosses? Or in dungeons as well?
  8. OK how do we do these dynamic events exactly? We kill all these Griffins and lower mobs soon as they show up but keep failing
  9. No mcoin shop sale? Warspear on steam=full price item no mshop sales?
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