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  1. @Reivenorik is there a chance to get 3expert skill points when lvl 30 come so we can make one more expert skill 4/4?
  2. @Reivenorik are you guys making new gears with speed like kronus/light gears? And what about give 3experts skill points when lvl 30come so we get 3skill 4/4?
  3. @Reivenorikwhen update for windows phone? On store still version
  4. Will ws music come back like in test app? And what about lvl 30? And what about give us chance to have at least 3expert skills 4/4?
  5. We got like 9experts skill slots and can make only 2of them 4/4 ...
  6. You guys keep make experts skills but dont add expert skills points we got like ±8 experts skill slots and can make 4/4 only 2skills
  7. @Reivenorikfix notification when gods are sold in dealer i dont get them anymore
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