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  1. Yea on official server i had 5007 hp then in yesterday test server i had 5780hp then on today test server they down to 5425 (the same happened on my bd) i would like understand why @Akasha
  2. @Akasha i was trying log on test server with my bd but game crashed then when i reopened it my bd wasnt in the char list anymore
  3. That's still overpriced for little more stats, most of ppl that uses imp to buy em will aim to buy lvl 26 instead of 28 even because all the lvl 26 accessories would cost 92000 imp and the lvl 28 125400 it mean u pay 30400imp more for a bit higher stats and u won't even feel them at all
  4. Why the rewards accessories like amulet and cape lvl 22-24-26 costs 2k imp more each and the lvl 28 ones 10k more?
  5. The map is unplayable, u get always many mobs on you and these green Medusa blind you to all mobs (when 2of them attack you u can't save urself for sure cause you will be full blinded and 283829mobs come to rape you)+ too expensive map, eats oxygen tanks, repairs and life scrolls. I can't imagine how hard is for casters if it's already impossible for bd (and mobs have too much Dodge chance)
  6. We waiting too to know when level 30 come out and how many experts skills points it will give
  7. How much time will pass for arena gears lvl 29 after the lvl 30 of char come?
  8. @Reivenorik is there a chance to get 3expert skill points when lvl 30 come so we can make one more expert skill 4/4?
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