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  1. tecno dg myth mode 10-20 run i think.
  2. us-sapphire mc side problem. *source of gold? farm, bars, t4 t3 quest and npc. Low population makes a few amount of gold from those sources. who buy new gears? new comers are too small amount. old players have gears already hardly a few of old players upgrade gears.I think nobody buy gears after having a set of that.
  3. I don't know why it is not opening i killed too many elfs today at dg 28 by ganking. But event is not opening. Can you guys check it? If every thing ok can i know how many kill open event? 2 days ago i killed 4-5 elfs and event started.
  4. I think no need to change male or female char. Just make available male and female hair cut for all. That's enough for us.
  5. It is already cold here. When my char will feel it?
  6. I faced this problem 3 years ago. I didn't had added any of mail or facebook. After giving all info to support, they added game account with my gmail. and i was able to play that account.
  7. Every new joined players, first of all Hi to all. When you first install game and start play you always get a 8 digit account number only. With 8 digit number you can't log that account again after reinstall game or change account. So what you have to do is must if you want stay safe? After start this game go to menu > > add a mail account or facebook account with this game account. After this you can always log with mail account and password and with facebook account. If you want remove or change your mail account from game acco
  8. I saw now days adds and mini boss not dropping any gold. dropping gold stopped from this or just need some fix?
  9. I think Kronus should update gears with mythical lvl. Speed gears only at lvl 20 & 21. Here i'm standing at 28. Moreover it is too long way to go kronus. When tp and cc dg gives better gp and drop and easy to access. Players choose easy one. My suggestion add kronus myth with better gp (if tp gives 550, kronus should 700) and unique drop which can attract players more than tp or cc. New lab walking defficulty should more hard. the more hard things players will enjoy that. And yes lab is outdated. Add something at lab, extend lab to 3rd stage.
  10. pala fetter, mage chain and druid aoe root. can stop a group of enemy. If we are not talking about 1vs1. Without lock nobody have that ability. That skills too op for dg, arina and at war. especially fetter long lasting and pala have jump also group stun.
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