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  1. Not bad update but just only guild and castel based update. people want new cc gears, new lvl, new map, new dg & boss etc. we doing same thing over 2 years.
  2. my opinion. the game is not going to die

    Guild have a leader who use mcoins for guild. we dont buy mcoin for our guild we make gp and hardly gives free droped unity sign. And in post they said group relic produce in castel(some where). so that relic isn't worth mcoin. We use mcoin for make us pro asap.
  3. my opinion. the game is not going to die

    game isn't dead just slow updating. everyone reached at max lvl and they have nothing to do( new lvl update will active many dead players again). If devs stop ayvond t1 and t2 reputation must for rg tt, that will be good for many players. there t1 takes 4-5 days and t2 takes 10-12 days same daily quest. and there you have no option. This is a guild based update. there we dont have to use mcoin.
  4. arina point lots of buff and fun coming
  5. about dark side

    We all can see in dark side we have 2 tank(dk, barb) and 1 healer + half tank(charmer). In pve dark side very weak. It is very hard to do tp dg at dark side. for that dg you need 2 tank(*pro), 2 heal and one any. but in elf side +7 warden can take full dmg party and easily spam without heal. These is why mc side cant easily take tours or guild lvl up fast. and in mc side hardly can see 1 or 2 party(+10) spam tp. there is a class very op in stuns(charmer). this class dmg skill also have stun buff. but another way this class is much less use in pve. In our guild i have not saw any charmer doing dg or quest. charmer can be found in cave and arina most times. And we can smell lvl 30 update is coming. there will be new skills add. So my suggestion is reduce charmer stun(time and %) and give them some defense skill(50%). With defense skill and heal, they can survive at tp dg. and players make more charmer for pve setup also. There is 3 tank class in elf. if mc also have 3 tank class that will be good.
  6. Switching Class/Faction

    it is like impossible i think. but if can happen. after change class you will have a naked char with free skill slot and no achivment.
  7. where can i find this

    thank you the info
  8. where can i find this

    Where can i see which skill gives how much % of effect? When i went to use book of oblivion. first thing i think what setup i gonna make. but i dont know how much effect which skill gives at which lvl. Is there any suggestion where can i find the list which skill gives how much effect at which lvl? As example i can see hunter dodge 1/5 = 5%. How much will be at 2/5 or 5/5? (i dont want use 2-3 books)
  9. some suggestion about war

    At least they dont stand on t1
  10. some suggestion about war

    We all can see many players don't join war and stand or afk in a rare area where nobody can touch them, and after war they get buff. my suggestion : If some new buff will add like this below players who hit flag or stay there will receive 5% critical bonus and 3% life steal. players who defend there flag or stay there will receive 5% resist bonus and 3% block,parry and dodge. 1,2,3 stars buffs r same We saw in those events after complete, only who stayed on that area got buff or chest. same way it can be happen. Hope people like this idea.
  11. For remove fb login, first u have to log game with that fb account then settings > my account > how to remove fb login option. U cant remove fb by login with gmail account. If forgot fb or lost, go support provide them proper details. they remove fb.
  12. some idea for not bore players

    maybe miss first time. after that he/she will active daily once for know is today event? It will make game more active.
  13. Changes for both sides

    I am only talk about that but not market together. everyone know we have huge problem to transfer item or gold from one character to another character. and another problem is if you have gold in elf and want at mc side. We see daily many player say they lost gold at market or someone else stole. because they went for transfer through market or a unknown friend. There is lots of risk in transfer item or gold via those ways. My suggestion give only 5 slot special bag to our character. with that we can transfer our items and gold to all character but only gold can transfer at all side elf and mc both. Gears can transfer only same side. If elf gear only between elf chars.
  14. some idea for not bore players

    After event end everyone get bore, same daily quests at t3, t4. my suggestion is if they add some random daily event on non event days. as example : all heroic dgs 2x gp only for today. (1 day validity) nadir dg drop 2x only today.(1 day validity) kronus dg drop 2x gears only today.(1 day validity) all hard and heroic lvl dg drop 2x ethereal and energy essence only today(1 day validity) all heroic dg drop bone wing costum( or any) only today.( 1 day validity) This type surprise daily events can give players fun. this event should be surprise, no post in forum, only announce on info chat. so people will have stay online daily for know that, is today any event or not? Daily event should be have randomly not everyday. can be twice random days in a week. Hope people like this idea.
  15. dodge and parry on wep

    There is something wrong on rune enhance system on weps. when i use bd, rouge, seeker who have 1h wep, this class have 2 wep and when they use dodge or parry rune. If lvl 26 wep 3.3+3.3= 6.6% dodge(I use dodge). In another class who have staff, bow or 2h weps. this class have 1 wep and when they use dodge or parry rune. If lvl 26 wep 3.3% dodge. why? someone explain plz it should be double on enhance.