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  1. subhojeet

    windows phone app needs update

    old app is not working. and there is no updated version.
  2. subhojeet

    windows phone app needs update

    waiting for updated virsion.
  3. So u do inspect and compare or compare after play?
  4. subhojeet

    windows phone app needs update

    1 day over, many windows user waiting for updated version. Fix it fast. thank you.
  5. subhojeet

    windows phone app needs update

    Here i got an update on my windows phone app. I did update game. After update when i opened it said need an update. I did reinstall game nothing happened. I can't play game in my phone. update windows phone app at windows store . As you can see today's date 21/09
  6. Today i have lost 2 minion after die at dg. Why?
  7. Check elasiri's new video skill test. Bd hit there 1360-1472 on a dk during darkshield. it is normal auto atack hit. after use new skill blood protection bd hit 650-800 on dk. 1360-1472 auto hit on a tank class. It wont give you time for use reserve. As my dk 7k hp and reserve starts at when 2k hp. When a bd hit normal auto hit 1472 on a dk. One critcal hit 3k and dk die. no chance of use reserve there. Rip darkshield(low chance to reduce dmg), new skill 25 sec cd(after buff of 8sec you have to wait again 13sec for cd) and reserve(no def buff).
  8. You was said you will make a video for us. Did u made?
  9. subhojeet

    Recovery Hackers and wrong working support

    Changing email is that much easy? I saw support ask too many question ( every detail information of account and bought mcoin information too). Did she tried those sites few month ago was announced on world chat?
  10. I said 60% or something. It means not sure. @Higgings Is that true? GM said it? Have you planned for warden horror accessories? If u going to make video, make vs boss or something who dmg high 800-900. Cause in future all chars have to face strong incoming dmg.
  11. 3-4 months ago me and my friends did tank elm 1 party. I played priest 620mdmg, and my friend played warden 7800def. You can check fortknignt(us-shappire) defense still same now. With that much defense warden did tank elm. He hold all adds to a corner, i did full heal and 3 others bd, seeker, mage did full dmg on boss. That warden did tp hard without a healer. party was 1 warden and 1 seeker. Thats it. took 2 stam.
  12. The time mecha did solo that time dk reserve was much good. After that in this 2 years dk reserve nerfed 2 times. Such dgs like horror is not same as tp hard or boss elm. Dk dark shield skill info said a few chances to reduce incoming dmg. It not means that dk can get reduced all incoming dmg. If u go to a boss with dk u will notice if boss have 800 normal hit on u during darkshield, with dark shield it will be 545-739-800-800-545-545-739........ similar to this type. Warden skill info said it reduce all incoming dmg to a specified percentage. Last time i saw it had 60% or something. If u go to a boss for experiment same thing. The boss who hit 800 dmg will hit on warden (800x60%= 480) 800-480= 320. You will see boss hit on warden 320-320-320-320-320..... similar to this.
  13. i can too with 2 hunter max fear and necro full infection. much easy. But tank should be +10(10000def) but i have left game. just checking forum with hope if there is any change.
  14. With 100 life scroll. When i was at elf before warden came. We killed elm many times with a pro pala tank(mrchamba)#1. After warden came one good warden with 1 druid can solo hold all adds at elm. You should try a dk and go call 1 mobs at elm. u'll have answer. We will discuss tp hard later When you have sense.