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  1. subhojeet

    How to do this quest in Ayvondil

    check those green area of map. kill some adds there check drops there can be quest item. check all green area in map showing.
  2. My this request about tp hard. In these game lots of pro +10 player with best gears we can see. but also many weak and average player also play. TP hard really impossible for weak and average amp mc players. if kindly make these tp hard a little easy. all weak and average amp player will be happy. we know elf wardens can solo tp hard. they have that type skill. but for mc dk cant tank it as good as warden. people suggest here take best dk for tank. but not always best dk are available, we have to do with what we have. all weak and average amp player hoping tp hard will be little easy and they will complete. hope devs help us.
  3. yes, 0 reputation for easy normal hard hero and mythi, but we have to complete those i think, i also can't enter, i have to complete hero.
  4. we can upgrade our cave to hall of discard at ayvond t1 up. bigger place, better look, easy to reach.. now after complete t4 quest or dg no need to use teleport for go pvp cave. easy to go pvp hall.