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  1. oh and pls up maces'magic dmg 1h maces get 75% of pdmg but only 50% of magic dmg from 2h maces... magic maces aren't worth amping and paladins who use magic (ok ok i read the previous posts) lose so much when they switch from spear/hammer to shield :/ ty
  2. yes, and that relic can't be put on warden. so indeed he should benefit from it, since it's a party mate who used it. so ya warden should heal 14.4% and not 12%
  3. Pecleb

    LE JEU EN FRANÇAIS ! French its here

    i got another solution, learn english
  4. Pecleb

    How do the craft/castle relics work?

    my barskin buffs 50% def with relic it was 60% i think should give the buff to user too (if in pt ofc, and if someone is closer than 3yards maybe) otherwise the healing relic is pretty useless... as stated b4
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    so that's how berserk 9mill gp this week alrdy. congratz!
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    About Amp 🔺 Signs

    im afraid they alrdy thought about it... and they chose the money
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    mythical dungeons lvl cap

    Forgot to mention something important sry. I guess that ayvondil's mythical dungeons were made so that castle owners can have something to spam with the "everlasting journey" buff. So it makes sense that there is no lvl cap like in cc dg, so that anyone in the guild can spam it. Nevertheless bg myth isn't concerned by this. And I still think the difficulty should be adapted, i mean the gaps between hero/myth are crazy except for tp, otherwise only castle owners would have a reason to spam, and it seems like even them definitely prefer to spam tp. Atm it looks like we will never see any lvl 20/22/24 solidity/resistance accessory and only a few lvl 18 ones... ty
  8. Pecleb

    summon evil pumpkin

    could u check pls? sry for double post can't write anything after forum link idk why. summon definitely bugged my friend used on lvl 28 still same effect
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    summon evil pumpkin

  10. Pecleb

    mythical dungeons lvl cap

    In my opinion it would be better if lvl cap wasn't 28 for all mythical dgs. I mean try to go to bg myth at lvl 22... no u wouldn't go. maybe with a full +10 lvl 22 warden. So there are two problems: low lvls have not much fun, they can't go to any mythical dg cuz they are all more or less made for high amped lvl 28, and lvl 28 all go tp myth bcs that's where the real drop are. I think it would be better if there was a lvl cap. either same as for hero dgs or maybe +2 lvl. And with a little difficulty decrease of course. So that ppl actually spam them.
  11. Pecleb

    summon evil pumpkin

    Kk i used again on a lvl 22... ofc it still doesn't heal, but skills are still lvl 1 as well. If skills are maxed for lvl 28 ppl only then i don't understand why. 1/5 till lvl 25 summon and 5/5 when lvl 30? seriously? at least they should be like 4/5 for lvl 25 summon And if it's 1/5 all the way then I think it's bugged. I mean summon deals 1dmg (20 if harmstring), doesn't heal, just adds some def from time to time+runs out of mana very fast Here are the screenshots: the last pick is there to show u the actual buffs: gods help 4%crit and speed: lvl1 eye 10% speed: lvl 1 CD skill from shaman (don't know the name sry): 10% cd lvl 1 i guess earth protection: i can't rmbr my base def. guild skill is maxed as well as sun armor. As anyone got an explanation? @Reivenorik could u check if the minion is working correctly pls? If it is then i think it would be nice to change it... And again it would be nice to change the description, since that minion doesn't heal...
  12. from zeus vid i think they used warden with maxed def and left adds alive to heal him (look at all the 72/163 dmg taken), it seems nobody was using AoE (look at the hp of mobs) so they don't die and keep healing. if they keeping it in a corner and stand far away it might be to avoid that "fateful connection" skill how to do without warden? well if it's fateful link the problem use max shield skills or/and stand out of range. without warden no tank can tank all (i presume), so there should be one tank for ads one for boss. The one tanking boss should have max def/parry/block to minimize incoming dmg so other ppl take less dmg, and shields should be used on him. take a dk/ward to tank adsd, then put bd/barb (shield/stone skin help reduce incoming dmg. add dk should be careful to attract adds fast so they don't help destroying stone skin) at boss and maybe u can kill. these are just ideas my guild didn't try yet. I hope someone else than Mercs kill it soon. without ward if possibleMercs became too greedy
  13. Pecleb

    [2018.06.09] Game servers restart

    if devs are shutting down the server there is to be a reason. They are refunding stam pots minions so i don't see why we should complain... or at least why so much
  14. Pecleb

    Press F to Pay Respects

    Ty Daria, ty Roland, good luck for the future