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    always stun and kill mage first in arena, especially if he has low def and decent staff :p
  2. Can we get some buffs for rogue?

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL1JjflC8Kg0saZIxpHNv-Q/videos check this channel, see what rogue is capable off
  3. Newer classes

    seeker can be good like at lvl 22 with full skills 4/4 sun power and full crit since ppl can't max out resi yet, but at lvl 28 most of ur opponents will have too much resi and u won't troll them. low lvl it doesn't have any stun nor skill to re-stealth so i would say it's good for lvl 18-22 pvp only. in pve they make very good 1target dmgers, better than rogues i think but the fact is elves alrdy have range that is the best one target dmg class (perma blessing+point shooting, have ranged attacks, lots of dmg skills). Seeker with right build can maybe do about same dmg but they are quite hard to build u have to make a lot of sacrifices. Try daggers with full speed+5/5 exacerbation+relic that reduce energy consumption, this is very strong. But with expert skills one would perhaps prefer high dmg to strenghten dmg skills. 4/4 sun power 4/4 bloodthirst (not sure of the name. It's the skill that deals dmg+rege hp if target is bleeding)+5/5 shield and 3/5 inspiration 5/5 split or 5/5 inspi 3/5 split depending on ur pene. U can also consider lvling up stealth, i rly like the boost for movement speed but it is of no help for dmg. If u go for 4/4 sun power i suggest u don't lvl up exacerbation cuz then even with relic u'll burn ur mana too fast. if u have seeker u should go for event accessories, since craft/ice accessories dmg bonus, guild dmg bonus, shield dmg bonus, rage bonus don't stack up. Maybe just consider getting craft cloak with mana rege, since that will be ur main problem as a seeker, and lvl 12 (hp crit)/lvl 16 (crit dodge) craft boots for mana rege (8 and 10 respectively). And try to find guild that got mana rege bonus. Still it got some advantages that ranger doesn't have, namely stealth+movement speed and sun net that can be really helpfull in certain dgs. +shield, although it doesn't protect much. And it is very fun when all buffs stack, u can easily reach like 5K dmg in one shot with 45% dmg from rage+shield bonus and critical hit. If i had a lvl 28 seeker atm (im planning to have one but not b4 september) i would personnaly use 5/5 shield 3/5 stealth 5/5 inspiration 4/4 bloodthirst and 4/4 sun power.
  4. nerf forest song

    wtf u talking like this? And calm down i don't want to take part in the debate, but it is a fact that rogues can rape a druid even with 30% resi, that's what they are designed for and im pretty sure that if u face a rogue amped like omar he can insta kill u. pls talk to others properly.
  5. looking for couple costume

    ~100k each... anyway idk what's ur budget but keep in mind that any costume costs usually 10k+. So maybe lvl up and make gold before investing in one good luck
  6. Physical Damage and magic

    great ironclad's maul: 167 mdmg, 367pdmg, 19.3% fero, 6.9% crit. Hammer of suffocating fear: 175mdmg, 384 pdmg, 7.1% crit, 4.8% ls main difference between both: 19.3% ferocity=u deal 19.3% more dmg to players and 19.3% less to monsters and u can't buy arena maul from other ppl u can only buy it with the arena points u earned, so ofc nobody is selling it
  7. Physical Damage and magic

    u can find it in ayvondil's arena supplier
  8. Physical Damage and magic

    Sounds way too much. usually it's more like 1 hit every 3s for 2h weaps, including 2h mace, and 1 hit every 3.3s for spear. are us sure it isn't 0.1s? Anyway if u have to choose between spear/2h mace of suffocating fear and use magic setups take mace since spear got physical dmg as a first stat...
  9. Imbalanced Characters.

    well good night all , have nice dreams! PS: "words are made out of silver, but silence out of gold" (french proverb) just sayin...
  10. EXP potion

    if u take a quest that gives 6xp normal, with x2 xp pot it will show 12xp as a reward. U won't have any way to check whever the pot is working or not, unless u checked the amount of xp given by the quest b4. So if the quest shows reward: 12xp when pot is active, then u'll see ur xp increase from say 400 to 412, not from 400 to 424. I guess that's why u think it doesn't work. I hope I have been helpful
  11. Physical Damage and magic

    at low lvl u should definitely go for physical, but try to use spear or mace with magic dmg as secondary stat, and magic dmg accessories in order to get a decent heal. If u want to stay at low lvl physical accessories are better but expensive. Whatever the lvl u want to play at, always use a weap with both stats and accessories with magic/physical dmg, it's more usefull than accessories with only dodge/accuracy/hp or whatever but without magic/physical dmg stat. Unless u are lvl 28 avoid 1h magic mace, or just if u need a cheap weap to lvl up, that u won't amp. It's only useful if u have full magic expert skills and want to use shield while keeping good heal and decent aoe dmg. But 95% of the time i would personnaly prefer physical mace, with magic enchant if i need more heal and aoe dmg. ~lvl 18-24 u can use full physical or mixed built. magic dmg becomes more useful as u get more expert skills. On my lvl 20 pala I personnaly use a physical dmg mace, with magic enchant and magic accessories. I have 3/4 illu (450+ dmg) and 1/4 call(~300dmg) with 5/5 heal(~550). And still i have ~370 physical dmg (+8 craft mace). I don't have guild buff. I really like this build. With shield and this heal i can tank very well, and have very decent AoE dmg as well as dpm. lvl 28 i strongly recommend mixed built or full magic built. most of ur expert skills use magic dmg, and as u lvl up dpm loses its strengh: the skills helped by cd account for most of the dmg. Full physical dmg built is still used by some, easpecially pvp palas, bcs it gives good single-target dmg using banner+purifying+dpm of mace+shield bash. And last info: Gladiator will answer all this better than me i guess ;)
  12. Bagspace is way to small!

    yes, that could also solve the problem of the overpopulated servers bcs of the number of low lvl bags. +make it possible to store 50/100 tickets per slot cuz anybody who wants to take #1 rank need to fill tons of slots with ticks and to exchange for hours if not mcoin user. but can't make everything *50 per slot, i guess having full bag should still mean smth
  13. that moment u understand why the costumes are named patrol/warrior/guard of Everlasting winter

    4min left wow
  15. Cheapest char to make

    priest (same as druid but don't need hp on clothes+everybody needs them) then druid; and shaman or necro healers are cheap cuz no one will take low amp dmger in dg, or low def tanker, while healers are moree likely to be invited with low amp