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  1. Need more active skill slots

    well maybe yes add a separate slot for pots, it would be nice since we won't have to change hotkeys setups from pots to skill everytime we go arena. But i came here for another idea: make it possible to use skill via skill menu, even if they aren't assigned. This way it would save slots: paladin's light defense, necro darkpower and others long cd buffs could be used this way. And the best: we could use skills with mana rege consumption once, with no need to reasign if the skill switches off bcs of a lag or a lack of mana for instance. I guess it won't be too complicated would it? It would just require to add a "use" button next to other "amplify" "study" or "asign" button when u click on the skill

    the very beginning is hard when u don't pay. After that it's ok

    And not even enough ethereal essences to craft her equipments XD
  4. No Nerf for charmers , really ?

    a stun that can be countered by half of existing classes... but except for priest necro and mage u can just wait for the shield to go off (as for dk to deal 0 u need to have low dmg) I understand u can think this isn't such an advantage. I just think differently. can I? U are asking where does this idea comes from? Sry but any idea got a birth right? So bcs nobody thought like this before nobody can say it? As for the game being 1v1 i know it very well, and i think that first stun still remains an advantage. Less efficient in many situations, but for instance 2v2 x2 charmers could stun both first and in 3v3 deathknight can split the ennemy pt to make a 3v1 for a short time, while the opponenets can't reach their teammate. I don't say it's impossible to counter/to find a pt to bypass this long range stun, nor that it was 100% efficient. I just say i think it's a big advantage and maybe it will be better if that wasn't possible. Ur point is that it is not bcs there are plenty of ways to counter it. Fine, it's good that u explain why u think so and try to convince me. But i don't see any reason to come so fast with: "u have poor game knowledge","u are crying instead to try to figure out","where does this idea comes from","game is not 1v1, playing as a team is basic strategy u should have learned" As Gladiatoor said: "let's not act like perfect community-healthy players and all-knowing and belittle everyone who oppose us". Could u pls? U certainly know charmer better than i do, and i am happy to hear ur arguments and to learn about this class. Let's stop our sterile fight?
  5. No Nerf for charmers , really ?

    I cannot log the game atm to look at it or ask smbdy, i found mostly russian vids explaining charmer's expert skills in details. And even if i could look in books'store u know how detailed is the description. So? I checked quickly forum's charmer section, i certainely missed things, but again i cannot read anything here. Have I the right not to be omniscient? And as i said i know the 7 yard stuns aren't 100% effective, my point is that i think that the fact of having a 7 yard stun, working all the time or not, is a too big advantage.
  6. Charmer - Spawn kill in solo

    good job!
  7. No Nerf for charmers , really ?

    4 yards +3*3 = 5 yards stun... Ok 6 yards if u hit in the corner of the 3x3 area, so u ned to be on a different line that ur opponent's one. And u know how harder is it to make good use of the max distance bcs of the way it works: ahve to click on an area, leads to big fails if try to use max distance and the enemy steps back, depends on screen bugs... I am not complaining of my loses since i barely plays arena. If u want to know my class is druid lvl 26 build 3/4 link 4/4 barrier 5/5 barkskin so full pve. I could complain about last bardsong modifications, bcs the problem was perma stun for pvp (i guess) so they should have increased CD time in my opinion but they reduced area so now it's harder to protect ur team in pve bcs of screen bugs when u are slowed down by many mobs, and druids still can perma stun... But that's not the subject right? I don't think i have such a poor knowledge of the game. I didn't know for knowledge of the deadman 0 dmg part, i have to admit that. But i try to learn, and im glad to know it now. Yes those 7 yards stuns can't work 100% of the time. My opinion remains that this advantage is a bit too strong and it should be balanced (btw the DK can run back waiting for death call's CD u know), Moreover even with 5yards stuns we all know those three classes Btw im making a lvl 24 dk @Jcbreff yes i am elf and no i didn't stated it bcs of the reason above: stunning from 6 yards with harad's call is almost impossible when koszpl spoke about eye of darkness i said i thought then dragon eye should be nerfed the same way And i cried about wardens too cuz i thought they were too tanky. Was quite disapointed with the update that nerfed the dmg instead... feels bad for wardens: must be so boring now @BennyBT Sry if u are not talking about me. If yes as i said arena is not that much my cup of tea. And i wasn't talking about op players, just about some classes abilities. Can't i say that i find something unbalanced? We know all classes have their advantages and weaknesses... Im trying my best to detail why i think something is too strong or why it is too weak. This is a topic about charmers and i say what i think about charmers, i want to debate. Guys i know there are many complaints and it can be upsetting. But in the last posts i think we were trying to discuss, i didn't read all the first posts of this topic (i haven't only this to do) but i don't see why you are comming so fast with the "elves crying about mcs cuz they don't know how to play" or vice-versa stuff. Cuz in that way i could answer as well there are mcs here defending their own classes... that's how the debate dies
  8. Why are you guys spamming dungeons?

    Ppl who rushed 28 and spend tons of mcoins but who haven't learned the game yet :D yes sometimes it's hard. From my experience agro 3/5 is enough in almost all situations. The relic helps too but i guess u alrdy have it And when having an op dmger and a weak agro when u spam agro it works better, like the more dmg u deal the more agro u take. Try to agro regularly if u got an op dmger in ur pt
  9. Why are you guys spamming dungeons?

    that's what i wanted to say, since other warspear dgs don't require any team work at all, except the fact the tank should agro (btw it looks like many tanks aren't aware of this lol), the healer heal and the dmger deal dmg... As i am +5 only, im not invited by op ppl and i go with other +5 ppl, so we have to be organised, or we fail/need 2 stams Ofc op parties can complete it faster and with just brute force except for the bear. I got +8 pala lvl 13 i can solo heal and tank dg 12 and we don't need to be so careful. But i don't mind. For me these dgs are more interesting than usual ones.
  10. Someone want to nerf charmer, I just want to say WTF!

    So many times i feel bad for developpers, with everybody crying around (game inbalanced, when next event?,...). Ofc it's needed to criticize sometimes, but for sure ppl don't think enough before coming on forum to do so :/
  11. No Nerf for charmers , really ?

    i agree it would be better to allow the use of that relic for dmg skills only. well for sure rogues and seekers get rekt by this skill, but mages got same skill. Maybe nerf the disclosing range for both (mages are less strong but ethereal barrier makes them impossible to one shot with a rogue) Yes pls make dog's hp depends on character's lvl, so it's stronger at high lvl but can't be used like it is today at low lvl. make it just a dmg assistance, if dmg isn't nerf that's alrdy very strong. Lvl 10 charmers can have dog with 1500hp dealing same dmg that's insane they just run and what can u do? lower their hp a lot so they can be killed, and pls make them die when charmers die... (cuz wtf when u meet 3 charmers in lvl 10 3v3 u always die from dogs even if u kill all) In my opinion that's the first thing to fix I disagree with this. i don't see any reason why it should be so. Nevertheless i think bird's dmg should be nerfed: it's alrdy an excellent healing skill, and it's charmer's most op dmg skill (dealing more dmg than charmer's auto attacks) Maybe, that could be a good idea. Or decrease coodown, idk. More AoE dmg would be good for mcs ... I won't comment this
  12. No Nerf for charmers , really ?

    have a look at this vid guys: do u still think that charmer is weak for pve? bird (4/4 is a must i guess, whatever the build) heals 750 here (every 5sec) and deals 710 dmg (charmer 600mdmg). That's very strong for pve! it's more than half the healing of a necro, and a lot of dmg. add fire AoE skill and def decrease skill that's nice dmg. Combine bird heal+warrior healing heal u can heal the same as a necro. But ofc u don't have the shield. As for pvp we all know it's a good class Maces builds are good (4/4 block skill restores 20% hp and adds 9% block, helping a lot for tanking). But ofc u don't have agro skill, so that's quite a build to solo things, or to try to gain non-aoe dmg by going 5/5 dog In my opinion charmers are balanced in pve, and in pvp they are very strong. Stop complaining... Charmer is close to a lock in pvp: a bit less stuns but can heal. As for pve it seems stronger than lock. And have a thought for seeker players: a lot of mana exhaust, need to take dmg to deal more, rely on crit for pvp (messed up by resi)... Btw this channel got excellent videos about mc classes, and game mechanics. I advise anyone curious to have a look it is very interesting and instructive.
  13. Why are you guys spamming dungeons?

    well i agree rides are boring, but still profitable, for my experience i get (not even selling token costumes) like 150% of the money i spent in tickets. That's 50% bonus. I think this year dungeons are interesting. U need full pt to complete it, and real team work. Bosses don't take too long to kill, and there are tricky parts. And i think they are balanced: OP ppl can complete them one stam and without too much difficulty, and weaker ppl (well, to some point of course) can still complete them by being careful, even if from my experience if u don't have OP dmgers u often need 2 stams if u choose the safe way. Events suck... well i have to agree there. I did it once only and got bored. 1h waiting... just killing things. Moras... Well it is a good way to leave the stun weapons. But perhaps increase their drop rate, as well as the costume's drop rate, and maybe add some other stuff cuz yes, atm it seems to rarely pay off.
  14. agree with the participation point. I disagree with the better reward part, since anybody can go event. Maybe put less pots in them, and more bars, cuz we get loads of pots atm, and ppl amp a lot and quest less during event=less gold in the game. I think it would be better to leave the same rewards, but to make them quicker, cuz when u need 10min+ to complete one stage i understand that ppl don't go event so much. And maybe make them a bit rarer also. Well im not sure of the number of event a day atm but i think it's like 6-8? In my opinion 3-4 a day would be better. If events are rarer and faster to complete i suppose more ppl will participate.
  15. This Bug though

    yes i saw ppl droping 7things at once. I got 4things several time myself, once i got copper,silver,gold and platinum bar from the boss in a dg XD I also found a vid where a guy got 6 drops, including 3 different 2h weaps lol