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  1. Bagspace is way to small!

    yes, that could also solve the problem of the overpopulated servers bcs of the number of low lvl bags. +make it possible to store 50/100 tickets per slot cuz anybody who wants to take #1 rank need to fill tons of slots with ticks and to exchange for hours if not mcoin user. but can't make everything *50 per slot, i guess having full bag should still mean smth
  2. that moment u understand why the costumes are named patrol/warrior/guard of Everlasting winter

    4min left wow
  4. Cheapest char to make

    priest (same as druid but don't need hp on clothes+everybody needs them) then druid; and shaman or necro healers are cheap cuz no one will take low amp dmger in dg, or low def tanker, while healers are moree likely to be invited with low amp
  5. Drop Rate

    seems so yes, same chance no matter the nb of ppl in pt but it looks like it is now 1% where solo ppl had 5%. few ppl farming map 1 already. I gave up myself, i only do dgs now cuz it's not worth now i got 1 lvl 9 glove in like 30 kills, nothing else Craft stuff prices are going to rise so badly... and the fact few ppl go event dg isn't going to help :/
  6. [2017.12.18] Game servers restart

    ty devs i feel like recently u really took care of players: -increase hp enchant -increasing dg's time limit -changing noob cloth armors -shortening events -increasing reflection bonus -doing smth against perma stun -increasing magic def on armors .... well i don't mean everything is perfect like stam 1k token instead of 750, drop rate lowered for solo farmers, ... But yeah, i appreciate most of the new changes, ty very much!
  7. i got the same problem It seems that only the players who have a guildmate in the killing pt can complete event. That means if there is 5 ppl from different guilds in the pt the 5 guilds can receive chest, but most of the time the pt that gets the kill is from a single guild so only that guild gets the chest
  8. is dodge just a property for melee?

    bd can use one more dodge enchant cuz he got 2 1h weaps. And i use lvl 9 amu cloak cuz lvl 13 amu don't have magic and dodge and lvl 13 magic cloak has dodge but hasn't parry. and i guess that u can't dodge anything (or very rarely) in Ayvondil without skill,relic or scroll
  9. is dodge just a property for melee?

    chance to dodge=ur dodge% - ur opponent accuracy% mobs have very high accuracy %. with 20% dodge at map 2 i barely dodge. Map 3 bosses must have 20%+ accuracy so u can't dodge with 10% dodge. I guess they have like 25-30% accu. For pve the only classes who really can dodge are bd and rogue, cuz they have expert skills that increase dodge. Dodge problem is that u need to go full dodge for it to be significant (ex: opponent got 20% accuracy: 5% dodge=useless, 10% useless, 20%useless 21%=1% chance to dodge=useless, 30% dodge begins to be useful) ...that means sacrificing vamp runes, accu/dmg/hp on rings, parry on daggers, skill points,... My opinion is that it's not worth going for dodge if u care about pve. For pvp it's quite good since most ppl have low accu, using cooldown or pene instead. I only use dodge on lvl 18 mage cuz i can't afford best gear(it is quite fun to dodge an opponent's stun with a dmger), and with lvl 13 pala (22% dodge, i dodge about 10% of attacks, quite useful. I can reach 30% dodge when relic activated)
  10. TEST about some necro skills

    anway russian guy got 600 smth dmg heals 312 per tick, wiht 5/6 ticks can't remember. Very good skill now. I think i'd better make 4/4 dark power and 4/4 shield when lvl 28, rather than 4/4 power and infection
  11. TEST about some necro skills

    is this a buff for shield? or was it already like this. I was told the healing was insignificant
  12. Need help

    1. In pvp there's a limit of targets. 3/4/5/6 depending on the skill lvl i think. In pve there's not 2. idk, but anyway it isn't worth making 5/5. If u are pve oriented make 5/5 heal and 5/5 barskin. If u are pvp oriented make 5/5 heal and 5/5 roots. That's only 3 points left for the other skills 3. Water and tornado yes, bees i don't think so. 4. Yes, it works the same for everybody. But the fact is that 15%dodge =0% dodge if ur ennemy got 15%+ accuracy. So basically 15% dodge is useless in pve, it's only a bit useful for pvp if ur ennemies have no accuracy 5. Yes. 2/2.5/3/4 i think. They buffed it 6. I don't use this skill. but all my friends told me not to lvl it up
  13. Sry but they won't put stun weaps just cuz u need one :/ stun weaps are only for halloween event. if u can't find/they are too expensive u should try to get snow staff or craft staff (better for pve btw, and better to take fero staff for pvp)
  14. necro compare druid

    I guess u would like advises from other ppl but i still hope mine could help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OllGSgj6IlM In this video u can have some ideas about how necro works in pvp (since u are talinkg about pvp skills) U cannot just simply say that one class is better than another. For pvp i would say that druid is really easier to play than necro. But don't underestimate necros; mental pit and nightmares are very powerful skills. Hp loss is annoying but if u can buy vamp runes it's ok. U should also consider buying great relic of salutary healing/refreshment and relic of unprecedented health. I will try my best to help you but it's very hard to compare. The classes are completely different, they both have advantages and drawbacks, u should try find vids, guides, and make your opinion about these classes. I can try to describe what defines each class (pve): 1)Druid. Probably the strongest healer of the game I find the slow heal less efficient than the instant heal (priest and necro), and at high lvl more cooldown help instant healers to heal more. Shield reloads faster too, but barskin becomes better as well at high lvl bcs ppl have more def. What makes it such a good healer is the fact that druid as 3expert heals -invigorating stream: quite low healing but short cooldown. regenerates mana too but unfortunately u can't select the target, it heals the one with less hp around you, so better have a lot of hp and your damagers too. -healing barrier: absorbs up to 1500dmg (4/4) and heals the amount of dmg it absorbs. Can easily save the life of one of your team mates but the cooldown is very long. Some stupid ppl sometimes run when the barrier is on them so basically the skill is wasted. Problem solved if u go with clever ppl -secret link: heals the one with the less hp between you and the character u used it on. The healing depends on the HP difference between both characters. It's a very strong skill, but it requires you to have a lot of hp >> you have to sacrifice stats for hp, and it's less efficient if u aren't full hp. Can't be used on yourself. 2)Necro: Forsaken's priest Just like priest, necro is an healer with instant heal+shield. It is very efficient but he gains only a small heal with shield+rain combo with experts. Dark power is perhaps the best necro skill for pve, it's like priest's aura but with shorter cooldown and without range limitation. Infection is strong as well, increasing dmg received by the target and with decent cooldown. Has AoE dmg as well Fateful link is useless as lvl1, but strong AoE dmg buff at 4/4 Moreover necro has got a lot of AoE dmg skills (rain, poisonnous shield, infection). With all those buff skills+AoE+the fact that many of it's skills don't require accuracy it is really really helpful PS: I hope i helped you, though there's a lot more to say than what i said, and some nuances to bring
  15. Deathly eyes, Nightmare

    lvl1: 2% def reduction, 3% hp reduction, 10s duration >> with 2 stacks 4%/6% lvl2: 3%/4%/12s >> 6%/8% lvl3: 4%/5%/14s >> 8%/10% lvl4: 5%/6%/16s >> 10%/12% lvl5: 6%/7%/18s >> 12%/14% The mdef reduction is low, the biggest bonus is hp reduction and the duration increase that helps for poison. (U might say that from 10 to 14 sec there isn't much difference but from my experience i fail from short to get two stacks on poison with 1/5, so 4s more should be enough) credits go to this topic: https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/54907-warspear-61-necromancer-deathly-eye/ and this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy5azLYpqTo the necro in the vid suggests 5/5 deathly eye, but u will have to sacrifice nightmares (big loss if u care even only a bit about pvp) or shield (i think it's a bad idea to make it 1/5 if u care about pve, it's gonna be very week). That's why i personnaly prefer to go for a mixed built 3/5 shield 3/5 eye 3/5 nightmare. Find the build that suits you!