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  1. @Reivenorik can you confirm that if I start a 4 day spring craft job 2days before event ends, it will still be completed 4 days later even if event finished already?
  2. 1 book dropped in US sapphire elf side despite crazy spam... thx u are just toying with players... You raised stams prices, and setup dg so that minions die easy and we need to use pots or life scrolls. Great job... great job...
  3. Hello, For some hours now Im getting the message "connection to the server has been lost" regularly when switching chars. It appears to be getting worse every minute; I just managed to connect on my 10th attempt, and many other players seem to be affected too. Do u know anything about it? Thx a lot
  4. Hello My suggestion is to make fero/resi books auto activate in arena, so we don't need to asign them to hotkeys. (outside arena we still can use them as usual) Or to create a "use" button in skill menu (as suggested before), again so that we don't need to asign them, because hotkey panel is full. Ty
  5. So double drop double gp. But not last week right? Need to know for craft hehe. Btw would be good if can craft one week after evetn. to complete sets. Otherwise last few days ppl can't know if they drop smth will someone buy since they can't complete sets? should they craft now? It would be a pretty mess, with items worth 1/10 to 10 times previous price 😄
  6. Not everyone got Gladiator's time/talent/guild (friends and buffs) Sry but nowadays it takes very long to get suitable ways to make money... -Craft? need 2 years to lvl a profession to max. maybe 1 if u put a lot of money in it. So for newbie basically two years... -Farm? slow unless u can farm bosses with most valuable rewards, like horror's lvl 28 boss, which was farmed 24/7 by +10 bds who stole agro from anyone trying to get a kill. Currently u can reach +6/7 in a few months i u keep doing all quests t3-t4 everyday. To gather enough money for +10 you would need years thi
  7. it's nice to put respawn statues near dgs. now could u add npc and dealer pls? ty
  8. yes it is weird no bug for crit stat. ty for the link i can't browse russian forum myself :D soon maybe tho i should be able to follow russian courses this year
  9. up have a look at this vid:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yakArMYZG8I-32.1% pene the dmg scopes with such a debuff: 962 to 670 at the end of the video, only difference being totem. idk if it has been fixed yet but i assume it's not since devs would have told us so if it was the case. @Peony ty
  10. game is blocked on phone, not pc, and it seems many other players have same pb. any got an answer?
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