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  1. tecno dg myth mode 10-20 run i think.
  2. us-sapphire mc side problem. *source of gold? farm, bars, t4 t3 quest and npc. Low population makes a few amount of gold from those sources. who buy new gears? new comers are too small amount. old players have gears already hardly a few of old players upgrade gears.I think nobody buy gears after having a set of that.
  3. I don't know why it is not opening i killed too many elfs today at dg 28 by ganking. But event is not opening. Can you guys check it? If every thing ok can i know how many kill open event? 2 days ago i killed 4-5 elfs and event started.
  4. I think no need to change male or female char. Just make available male and female hair cut for all. That's enough for us.
  5. It is already cold here. When my char will feel it?
  6. I faced this problem 3 years ago. I didn't had added any of mail or facebook. After giving all info to support, they added game account with my gmail. and i was able to play that account.
  7. Every new joined players, first of all Hi to all. When you first install game and start play you always get a 8 digit account number only. With 8 digit number you can't log that account again after reinstall game or change account. So what you have to do is must if you want stay safe? After start this game go to menu > > add a mail account or facebook account with this game account. After this you can always log with mail account and password and with facebook account. If you want remove or change your mail account from game account: It is not that much easy, for that you have contact support and give prove to them that account is yours. Support team will Just ask some question about your account thats it. If you want remove your facebook account from game account: It is much easy steps, First log via facebook account, after log game follow this steps menu > > , then on facebook app page you have to just remove the game from facebook application. and done. One thing remember one of these mail or facebook must to add with your game account for login that account.
  8. I saw now days adds and mini boss not dropping any gold. dropping gold stopped from this or just need some fix?
  9. I think Kronus should update gears with mythical lvl. Speed gears only at lvl 20 & 21. Here i'm standing at 28. Moreover it is too long way to go kronus. When tp and cc dg gives better gp and drop and easy to access. Players choose easy one. My suggestion add kronus myth with better gp (if tp gives 550, kronus should 700) and unique drop which can attract players more than tp or cc. New lab walking defficulty should more hard. the more hard things players will enjoy that. And yes lab is outdated. Add something at lab, extend lab to 3rd stage.
  10. pala fetter, mage chain and druid aoe root. can stop a group of enemy. If we are not talking about 1vs1. Without lock nobody have that ability. That skills too op for dg, arina and at war. especially fetter long lasting and pala have jump also group stun.
  11. Still fetter is too op skill. It stops moving and skill use abilities of a group of enemy/mobs. This is too good at dg, arina and war. When at mc side except lock nobody can stop moving of a group of enemy/mobs. In elf druid, mage and pala can stop moving of a group of enemy/mobs. Any advice for that?
  12. I have last question after this i wont post in this topic. If i report a post who will see and judge that post a moderator or admin or more higher authority? Thank you for giving me many replies. Now it is understandable.
  13. A moderator is more an adviser than a security guard. I think your job is helping player with limited information, advise players and cleaning unnesscery dirt from post's. I don't think there is need any gun. A adviser should always soft heart not killer. Advise for prevent those players who can trouble. As we saw when you first make an account your every post needs verify before others see that. If a player make some problem or use foul language or may post harmful contents. Give that player that condition so that players every massage will be post after verify by moderates. This way bad content's will be out of post only that players good contents will show others. A player if give warning to a moderator in game or at facebook. That isn't a violation. That is your personal problem you gave your name or facebook to a hurmfull player, There also block or ignore options. In game or facebook everyone normal player, there is no deference between mod or normal player. Thank you.
  14. Check what i said. You are mod you have power but you should not show that to among normal player. There i saw someone said we will bann man player if he creates violation. When a post was on going dk pro or bd pro. So where is place can come in that post which call violation. People share their opinion That bd have high dmg or dk/bard have high dmg. Without any violation why mods said that. When thousand players watching that post. What will be happen? A normal player who was came for see that post after see that post player will have negative fear about forum or have fear giving a statement. As i saw those posts, man player is elasiri how u can say? They was just guessing that he may be elasiri because he was not giving up and keep giving posts about his char opinion. So tell me giving a player bann warning in based on guessing is call mods power? Only Because of this reason i am angry at mods. I don't know any of mods personally so i don't have any problem with them. I play game just for time pass and come here to see new post and take knowledge from here about game.
  15. Someone of you banned me from a post without reason. There was nothing i said which can be bann. Morgana's reply much rough, when higg's reply much polite. Because of you moderators. You should not show that you have power that you can do anything. We know you have power. But you guys directly says in chat. That wrong. Wrong impression creates here. If someone not use any violation word why delete reply or bann from post? just because he said or tried to show or compare between 2 class? Forum is a area where all types of discuss happens related to game. Give respect to all. We are everything here. I saw mods miss behave to man name player.
  16. yes. looks like only moderators play the game. and only they can comment. If normal player discuss that should be like a kid. We can't show our problems here. Even new admin rarely replies our answer. looks like they ignore our problem. No care of us. We come in forum not only see new posts and see moderators drama. we come here when we face problems for discuss.
  17. That's it? no costume drop? I expected troll costume.
  18. As we know horror is coming. so if there is 4 mode of dg difficulty, Easy for low amp players easy to do. Drop Those lvl 26 stun wep, and lvl 26 dodge cape and amulet, lvl 26 hp regain+vamp rings etc. Normal for normal amp players little hard dg for +6 amp players. Drop lvl 26 last year wep vamp bonus, and lvl 26 parry cape, hp amulet, accuracy rings etc. Hard for more difficult than normal dg. Drop lvl 28 wep with stun bonus, lvl 28 dodge cape, lvl 28 dodge amulet, lvl 28 dodge/block rings etc. Heroic more difficult then hard lvl dg. Drop lvl 28 wep with vamp bonus, lvl 28 hp/parry cape, lvl 28 accuracy rings etc. This way who really op player will get their item and who weak will get their items. The lvl of player will get own lvl gears if try higher lvl dg. As example lvl 20 doing lvl 28 dg will drop lvl 20 item. and As always dg have a lvl cap so lvl 28 wont drop at lvl 24 or less. p.s: It is just a suggestion. Don't hate me.
  19. Thank you for solving this problem.
  20. old app is not working. and there is no updated version.
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