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  1. I think we should have a alliance chat and a max of the number of alliances we can make.also i think we should be able to chat with our alliances in another tab in guild chat
  2. Since mages and locks are casters well mage is a "lil bit caster but back to point why not give them a second weapon to use like wands.Rangers have crossbows bds have such and such rogues have blah blah barbarians have blah blah blah really dont feel like saying all they have sorry lol but that's all I'm saying and I think shamans and Druids and priest are ok ;D
  3. lolol drunk driving =crash warspear drunk = random things
  4. Me teleshazam and godspaladn lol he s soooo high i want wht he's having hue hue hue
  5. i need a straight answer why does most of the bg weaponslike well-tried kris or well -tried baton look like lvl 12 weps or arena swords i mean i know u can do better than that u took time on the miracle shop weapons take time on the bg weapons they dont come around so often u know :facepalm:
  6. im always back im on on the weekends or the weekdays i honestly dont know but i try to be on all the time :)
  7. Mc side is only fun when u are with friends like nasty burp he was always my best friend on warspear that's how I made it through mc side me and nasty started as elves with a hunger for power lol but became beat friends.....rogues 4 l1F3 :) sorry for auto correct on iPhone and mc side is the best
  8. If you make more cc quests it won't take 2 weeks depending on if u do the 10 cc quests but back to the point if u make more quests it won't take so long.........some of us still use cc :|
  9. i do not like the way cc is rising to high like its 150 if u add it up for a full set of cc its the cost off a cc weapon 500cc i hate that, can u change it back to 100cc please
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