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  1. Yes i 100% agree Give rogue back jump critical and dk exhalation of darkness critical. Yes it's also unfair the other way around. Totally agreed
  2. Yes most internet warriors are depressive and easily triggered but that's off topic. The pot doesn't mention any heal skills which require magic it just says healing skills. That's why it doesn't make sense. Either change the description so that it's clear or change the mechanism of the pot.
  3. Have I triggered you? I mean barbs fury won't work with the heal pot and yes I know other heal skills like shamans and necro do work. But let me ask you why it doesn't work with barb skill itself but palas do work Mr smart boy
  4. No barb can't use it, there won't be a difference in healing with that pot as a barb. If you use scroll resistance + pot 60% then he hasn't got any chances. Same as bd using both pot and scroll resistance vs a lock. It's impossible to win
  5. You know you are forgetting penetration? They will hit around 400-600 with protection and added with dark shield around 200-400 for 8 seconds
  6. Yes i think they shouldn't be used at arena. 60% is really much
  7. Why you comparing a pve ranger with pvp dk, it doesn't make sense. Rangers can already hit 800-1k dmg to a death knight same as bd. Yes it would be a great buff for wardens but life steal will nullify the dmg reflection because like you said, 30% dmg reflection = low resilience which means you can use a life steal + dmg critical set. Do you still think it's bad? Just want to hear your opinion Ps: what class are you playing
  8. Dude asks for advice Higgings writes a book
  9. Take all stuns and give us crazy dmg skills Stuns are useless anyway with resistance but it seems like you are new player
  10. Sure but also take the shaman mana regeneration skill (best skill in warspear) and we will take from u those sweet aoe stuns
  11. @Reivenorik @Higgings Change passive skills of the classes every Quartal of a year. Example forsaken : 3x mana regen With elves : 4% dmg buff Next Quartal : Forsaken 4% dmg With other faction of elf (humans? Idk the name) Then it's fair for everyone
  12. Everyone knows that dmd reflection is the most useless attribute in warspear. Even if you would have 100% it would still be nothing So I am asking for a change of the mechanism. The attribute should work before the dmg is being cut down by other players. Example : 10% dmg reflection Player with 1000 dmg hits other player with 600 dmg = 100 dmg reflection and not 60. Let me know what you think about this
  13. Roses are red violets are blue batman is in my bed and will get drops soon
  14. I am not shocked or upset if the chances are lower than 5%, just would like to see it
  15. @Reivenorik Very good update and nice ideas but gm i have a favor to ask. Could you show us the % drop rates when we want to activate a dg? Or if it's a guild event you could show us the rate at the description and show us what we can drop there. I also have a question about the new abilities which we can learn from the new sector. Are those abilities only available at t5 or everywhere?
  16. I like this idea Good suggestion
  17. It sounds like lvl 30 and t5 is still far far far away. @Reivenorik told there will be skills changes in autumn. Does that mean lvl 30 will be in autumn as well??? I think we have waited long enough for t5 and this event is just a rework of last year with 5% improvements. Sorry but I'm disappointed
  18. Return of resistance accessories But we need t5
  19. Yes so all can know the people who shouldn't join even if they changed names
  20. @Akasha Can you ask gm to make achivement lvl 30 for first player? Not classes but for all.
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