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  1. Log never knew warden has got a benefit From Aggro skill
  2. There are not that many people playing this game its pretty much the same ppl
  3. No my brother lost item to at +1
  4. And if u want to repair ur building all jobs have to be done or you cant repair it
  5. @Reivenorik Sometimes when i relog very fast or change my wifi game crashes It is happning by many people in my guild who play at phone
  6. this dg is sooooooooooooooo boring
  7. I use first poison rain and after fc try it out for me its better
  8. Well i repair them when we had to lvl up a building Now i just let them dead because if u craft 12 relics ( at relic building ) u have to repair it again Its completly useless to use 250-300k gold to repair a building with ressources of the specific castle and furthermore to use a scroll or coins which decreases the time PS: add a activity log
  9. Skill only works with at least 2 mobs i would do infection and poison shield or dark power 4/4
  10. ok gz lol xd but why say now u weeks late Edit : btw why world chat saying goal sweden ? ss from yesterday
  11. U know castle boss is very easy now lmao 😄
  12. Really need a activity log Please add one at castle wh
  13. Waheed

    Myth Tech bug

    If u kill those mobs then there are 3 possible ways which could happen 1. portal open > spawned at start 2. portal open > spawned 2 towers ahead 3. a mob spawns and if u kill him then u get cd buff
  14. What do u mean with information and unfair advantages Give examples 👻
  15. Hello everyone I think we can all agree that cc is completly useless now because of the update where we get new items ( was probably useless before as well). The only reason to have cc now is to have some coustumes which u might like from the shop like assassins hoodie. I would like to suggest to add the coustumes which have not won or aren't available in the game. Maybe you could add every month 2-4 coustumes or something like that Another thing is that guild rewards are very very outdated and boring. It would be nice to see a new minion at those chests and maybe add special coustumes at double gp events for the top 3 because it show guild unity and would look nice If u have any other suggestions feel free to tell them to us Lmao wrong section can someone move it to suggestions ? 😉
  16. @Reivenorik дай мне совет, как убить босса мой друг xd
  17. кто-нибудь убил босса с другой стороны? Mcs
  18. I still remember when elfs cried for a tank coz they died always in techno Show ss with a pala or bd tanking 😄
  19. So u need 1 more slot Def,resist and hp + hp regen I would take def and resist as bd
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