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  1. where test server gv me link test server dont be rude
  2. Bro rouges have jump iknow alot rouges who can kill u with jump only not bcos u play vs nub that means u op at least iam nub but ibeat +10 with full arena rewards ppl
  3. When u will add signs to bosses drops for farmers like all bosses drops def and dmg so they should drop signs too
  4. 800 magic lol bro iam not rambo maybe my dmg quite high 660 but idie easy and my def 2500 with 30% resi when sleep fails idie thats lame
  5. why forest song radius 2yards wtf its the only thing which protects druid and now its 2 yards only and always fail and its known fail sleep = rip druid pls fix that shit or atleast fix screen glitch
  6. with all respect priest vs druid sucks priest never win druid no test servers for gay sans
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