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  1. duoduo

    [2018.03.05] Game servers restart

    wow....Good luck to all the people, the official hard work! ty
  2. Hope everyone can vote for me, thank you!
  3. 中国玩家表示,最后的BOSS 太难打了 (The final boss too difficult to overcome!) 确实是中国的年兽,是我们中国的新年,今晚大年30,在我们中国就像你们的圣诞节~...我祝大家新年快乐! (Is, indeed, the nien beast, is our Chinese New Year, annual 30 tonight, in our China, like your Christmas ~... I wish you all a happy New Year!)
  4. Yes, I spent a lot of time to get haircut! I am not a professional painting, hope later I can make it better! To participate! I think you are a beautiful girl
  5. Thank you for your friend, you are really beautiful
  6. wow, For the first time to participate in this activity, really looking forward to!
  7. Oh, god, I am a novice, please protect me!!!!!!!
  8. I like you, like the game, playing for the first time was deeply attracted images and content, I am the MC DK Hope and you become good friends!!! Also hope that warspear is getting better and better!