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  1. Hello All! I will try my best for this contest https://m.imgur.com/F9y7tOi Dark Storm Mage This costume is not just an ordinary costume. If you use this costume, you will get very strong aura. What aura? You will get dark aura from this costume. And from this costume you will get dark power of storm. And the glove have lightning power. The costume created with red colour and dark grey because the costume have dark power. The glove have Blue colour because in the glove have lightning power. I pick red and dark grey colour because I like this colour, it looks cool, i like. And, the costume have blue colour because the costume is like having power of lightning(in my opinion). Sorry if my English bad And I can't make description, so I just made my best . Thanks you for reading . I create costume use Pixly app in Android
  2. Hello all! This is my first time join to contest I can't make costume, but I will try I speak Indonesian, sorry if my English bad , I use google translate http://imgur.com/mp6PDrQ -Dark Demon Warrior Volcano has ended, but there are materials hidden behind. These materials to make these costume. This costume has a very strong power of darkness. Hard to find this materials. What materials to make this costume? 1.Iron with Dark Power This iron can be found for the strong people. This iron have power of darkness. Iron can be found in Dark Cave. Inside the cave, guard and power of darkness here. Hard to past the guards, once past the guards, you'll find a boss with power of darkness very stong and if boss die, you get drop Iron With Dark Power from the boss. 2.Volcano Lava This lava, not a ordinary lava. This lava has very strong Fire Power. This lava released by Volcano every hundred years. only the lucky people who get this lava with fire power. After getting the materials, that you can make a costume Dark Demon Warrior . The costume has the power of darkness and the power of fire very very strong. Thanks you for reading . This is my first time join to contest and i can't make story, so i just made my best
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