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  1. So many books so many rewards too excited don't know where to begin *-*
  2. What about Lv29 and 30 arena gears? Will they be coming anytime soon?
  3. Basic skills : Strong blow 3/5 Roar 5/5 Charge 5/5 Expert skills : Shield strike 4/4 For the last 3 points it depends on who you are fighting. 4/4 combat fury for fighting dmg classes and tanks. 4/4 nature for fighting casters or heavy stunners.
  4. Tbh this isn't new, such activity can be noticed in other arena categories or *level* but its mainly going in the high levels.
  5. Hi i hope im not late 😅 im not an expert but i think building pene is better than crit for a barb, bcuz barb depend on dealing few hits with a high dmg and not the dps however if you making the barb for pve getting crit can be more useful than pene, otherwise getting pene for pvp is the way to go as getting in a crit hit is almost impossible . hope i helped
  6. i mean this is great and all but when lvl30 is coming ?
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