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[2017.12.31] Happy New Year!

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Dear friends! :christmashello:


One more year in Warspear Online has passed. We are very glad to have spent it with you, and we are also happy to welcome everyone who joined us in 2017. There are plenty of entertaining events and surprises ahead of us, so the year 2018 will surely be even more interesting to spend in Arinar.


We want to wish to all of you a lot of luck, both in Arinar and real life, many friends, as well as bonuses to health, energy, damage reflection, dodge... Happy New Year!


Today, you will be able to find a humble gift in your in-game mailbox. There is also a special eight-day deal prepared for you: a discount marathon on the most popular items in the Miracle Shop starting from January 1. Every day a new item will have a 60% discount!


Moreover, starting from 31.12 23:00 CET till 07.01 23:00 CET, you will be able to participate in the weekly event "Seekers of the Snow Boundary - Patrol of Everlasting Winter" and the first weekly ratings tournament of the holiday:

- a unique Patrol of Everlasting Winter costume will added to all holiday Dungeons, only for the upcoming week!
20 winners of the weekly ratings tournament in categories "Good luck tokens", "Guild points" and "Completed dungeons" will get great rewards:
     - 1st place: 
Patrol of Everlasting Winter costume and 100 Caches of the Ice Kingdom
     - 2nd place: 75 Caches of the Ice Kingdom
     - 3rd place: 50 Caches of the Ice Kingdom
     - 4-10th places: 20 Caches of the Ice Kingdom
     - 11-20th places: 10 Caches of the Ice Kingdom


But that's not everything! Starting from 01.01 12:00 CET till 08.01 11:00 CET there will be even more rewards for you:
x3 Guild points in all holiday Dungeons
15 winners of the holiday Guild tournament (counts for the Non-fading Glory achievement):
     - places 1-3: all guilds members will get x3 Crimson Corundums and a Gold Chest
     - places 4-10: all guilds members will get Crimson Corundums and a Silver Chest
     - places 11-15: all guilds members will get Crimson Corundums and a Bronze Chest


P.S. Warspear Online support team and administrators will be off on holidays till January, 9. If you have any questions, you may ask other players for help on our forum or Facebook page.


Let all 365 days of the upcoming year be happy for you! :christmassanta:

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well that's a buzzkill Higgins, what happens if its like this until they are back? it could be a few days. They definitely need to have a system of compensation as guilds are losing out on vasts amounts of gp and so are individuals trying for rank places.


the issue of fairness is something of a sticker, people spamming now who made the effort to start when the x3 gp should have started and now will have done all this gp but they wont multiply it by 3 accordingly I assume. So when they x3 eventually kicks in they will have done 1/3 of what it would have been had everything worked accordingly. I think its a fair point to raise.

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27 minutes ago, Jackb said:

what happens if its like this until they are back? it could be a few days.


They actually will be back on the 8th of January, when this weekly event ends.


For the rest, I remember last year it happened the same thing on the snowy event. They fixed the GP bug in a matter of few days. Perhaps they realized about the bug and Immediatly fixed it; no one says it cannot be done again. And am sure they will try to help us, if nothing will be made to fix this bug before the event ends, after the week. Perhaps they may give us another week of bounty. But let's think positive. 

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you know as well as I that even if they do compensate us it will be some crummy pathetic nowhere near the value of what we wasted items. its always the same, waste a fortune getting great upots together, the game mechanics are wrong and then the players end up out of pocket. Whats worse is great upots aren't buyable from the mshop it requires luck or money to get/buy them. The people who was online rady and waiting to start the event waste their supplies, then when they eventually fix the mechanics the guys who tried right from the start don't have their gp tripled, or get back a portion 2/3 of what they used so please don't say lets be hopeful. not once have they ever tried to 'make it right' Its a scam.

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Agreed we wont get the wasted stam back nor the great upots or the time.And to recover that we end up spending more money 

Just great, i ll be triggered if we get just 1 pc stam and upot,cuz weekly ratings wont lie tons of ppl have spammed 

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