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  1. why is it when we killed the castle guard, yin had a beserk member use the level 11 skill inside their castle in our fight zone. Can u explain to me how this is in any way fair?
  2. im surprised someone hasn't tried to do a pictograph story 😄
  3. Jackb

    Frequently Asked Questions

    so whats the excuse behind china's mcoin price?
  4. Jackb

    double drop rate on skill books

    so its basically low odd's ty for the clarification
  5. Jackb

    double drop rate on skill books

    if 2 skill books have dropped in 2 months for the entirety of a high level guild something must be going wrong, or the odds are that ridiculously low that its a minor miracle they drop at all. Can you clarify which it is please?
  6. Jackb

    chests and amping.

    im on about the gambling situation.
  7. Jackb

    chests and amping.

    morgana u saying that companies shouldnt operate under guidelines and be allowed to do whatever they want, and thats profit i should add.
  8. Jackb

    chests and amping.

    it is a companies responsibility. its that simple.
  9. Jackb

    chests and amping.

    no its the responsibility of the company to operate under safe guidelines...
  10. Jackb

    chests and amping.

    isnt this a form of gambling? and with that being said isnt there rules and regulations u need to follow?
  11. Jackb

    sharing information

    thanks for the answer to my question.
  12. Jackb

    sharing information

    im just curious about things like this x3 gp etc, im mainly concerned about anyone having an unfair advantage in preparation. Thats kinda the whole point im trying to get at, i wouldn't like to have people who play in the game and who are moderators on here to have an unfair advantage over the rest of the players. In the interest of fair play.
  13. Jackb

    sharing information

    Have developers been passing info about the game onto admins on here? If they have can we all have the same information instead of certain guilds and people having inside info and unfair advantages?
  14. Jackb


    you can try flaming to bring the subject into disrepute all you guys want, its something in law im trying to get an answer to and has nothing to do with the people and more to do with the company so if you have nothing of value to add, please hush up. They say its illegal but there is no rule about it, also i totally agree with what galaxy said about the using a vpn to play, so im trying to gauge what the actual rules are on the subject, Clarification is essential on this subject.