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  1. Jackb

    sharing information

    thanks for the answer to my question.
  2. Jackb

    sharing information

    im just curious about things like this x3 gp etc, im mainly concerned about anyone having an unfair advantage in preparation. Thats kinda the whole point im trying to get at, i wouldn't like to have people who play in the game and who are moderators on here to have an unfair advantage over the rest of the players. In the interest of fair play.
  3. Jackb

    sharing information

    Have developers been passing info about the game onto admins on here? If they have can we all have the same information instead of certain guilds and people having inside info and unfair advantages?
  4. Jackb


    you can try flaming to bring the subject into disrepute all you guys want, its something in law im trying to get an answer to and has nothing to do with the people and more to do with the company so if you have nothing of value to add, please hush up. They say its illegal but there is no rule about it, also i totally agree with what galaxy said about the using a vpn to play, so im trying to gauge what the actual rules are on the subject, Clarification is essential on this subject.
  5. Jackb


    The thing is, im sure they have transaction records and purchases and to what account/ip address so im just at a loss as to why they ban some and not others, i was under the impression rules are rules. I just wanted an answer from the actual company to know where its stance is on the subject.
  6. Jackb

    EULA-rules, read them

    the sad thing is no one from support is reading this to deal with any issues, why create a game with rules and then not enforce them? The really ironic thing is they doing this to make money and they way its going they could end up in counts paying hundreds of thousands in damages to peoples lives by being destructive in their policies, firstly they do not enforce them, only the ones they choose to, hassn has been proved to have bought accounts and you havent banned him. Life doesnt work like that so why should u expect us to take it from people on a game? What honestly surprises me is the lack of accountability these people think they have, the ironic thing is the eu and usa have rules about businesses operating in their domains. You expect us to follow your rules when u deliberately flaunt and ignore their rules. Where's the line support?
  7. Jackb


    just to get confirmation, is using a vpn illegal to by cheaper mcoins?
  8. Jackb

    Warspear doesnt work with vpns?

    while on the subject of vpns, alot of people use vpns to buy cheaper mcoins, i just want it verified this is illegal.
  9. just out of curiosity may i ask why it has been done mid week? this is disrupting guilds that are touring and made the work prior to this virtually obsolete.
  10. Jackb

    Blade Dancer bugged yards ?

    if only.... if only.....
  11. Jackb

    3v3 season

    You have hoel in 3v3 paying elfs to be afk and lose on purpose. We hoped the lack of parties would fix things but as always someone has found a way to abuse it and its causing hell for honest players.
  12. Jackb

    Cheating In Arena Season (Multi Logging Client)

    we had someone account sharing, got caught by devs and then they didn't delete him..... and let him continue with the rewards he cheated to gain.... really guys????? like you said earlier its their own rules and they enforce them on a whim or according to profit made from the person I assume. that's the only reason the 2 ppl are still playing because the company see's the money they make off them and refuse to lose the customers but lets everyone else suffer without a care for the honest players who suffer as a result. Its bs.
  13. Jackb

    Cheating In Arena Season (Multi Logging Client)

    yeah were having similar issues over on eu, there are 2 ppl who have used acc sharing to get arena rewards, they got caught and they didn't get perm ban's. Those players use perm stun chars, which brings me to another point of mc have so many perm stun classes and elfs having none. Im in the middle of putting in an application for a freedom of information request which will cost them a fortune having to compile all the data, let alone any legal repercussions afterwards. I brought all this up in the last argument I had on here and nothing has been said about it since, but nor has any of the problems raised been delt with. now we are seeing one fix I suppose with the new 3v3 but its too little too late. the cheaters already have their rewards and can abuse them.
  14. Jackb

    Cheating In Arena Season (Multi Logging Client)

    honestly if they got a freedom of information act into their business im pretty sure they would be in court within a week. Loot drop rates, amp success rates, cheap mcoin for certain countries. All of this is pretty damning when u read the trade description act....
  15. Jackb

    Cheating In Arena Season (Multi Logging Client)

    and then the business owners wonder why its a dying game..... you allow people to cheat, you say sharing acc's will lead to perm deletion and then u let people back after being blatantly caught, you allow people to abuse loop holes. lower lvl chars etc to avoid higher level fighters the list goes on and on. you give favouritism to people from specific countries. I don't know when u guys will get the idea that us honest players are sick to the back teeth of you guys not sorting the problems with cheaters in the game. That is whats killing warspear and your profit margins.