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  1. Jackb

    EULA-rules, read them

    why havent u deleted these repeat offenders and deleted their guilds/eq?
  2. Jackb

    The new paladin prayer skill is bugged

    put the skill discription up
  3. just something of interest to note why is the testing and preview release always done with mc side?
  4. Jackb

    What is the best set for bd lvl 28???

    maybe but can u take a hit? can u tank myth tech solo? didnt think so :P i get the joys of super dmg as well as stability of being able to tank things without getting squashed like a lemon because of using a light set πŸ˜‰
  5. im saying nothing more, i will let my actions talk. chao
  6. it is tatiana khvorostova who is the deputy director isnt it? im going to completely bypass support and all the staff and get in touch with the company director.
  7. i havent duplicated it, this isnt a topic for drop rate as you have specifically pointed out. now your trying to abuse your power to silence me, i will be complaining to the actual company and not support thanks.
  8. so what do u call this? just an addition i have made this a support topic instead. thanks
  9. so its ok for mods to post about it but u will delete any comment i make on the subject? highly hypocritical and abuse of power, thanks for the evidence.
  10. Jackb


    just get back to ignoring me πŸ˜„
  11. Jackb

    What is the best set for bd lvl 28???

    yeah exactly with buffs πŸ˜„ the funny thing is ive had magna bd's try outhit me before and i outhit them all πŸ˜„
  12. you said it as if you had tried for every event, trying to justify the exceedingly low drop rate for me. please dont think im nieve enough to not see what you was doing. this is a build up of evidence not that you would know πŸ˜‰
  13. your comment about 6 years and 0 troll is just a completely absurd remark then?
  14. how can i be so unlucky all of the time then? doesnt that seem at all odd to you?