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  1. Requiring approval makes it easier for moderators and admins to remove spam and other content that does not belong here
  2. its anything but low damage for properly geared damagers if enemy doesnt have aoe damage
  3. Playing with more than 1 account on 1 device at once has always been bannable offense
  4. Does this mean it will stay there even after anniversary event
  5. Im pretty sure this item is in mound you can interact with
  6. Aigrind might eventually make the characters name available again but they wont remove anything so someone has had access to your account or you deleted the gear yourself
  7. I have ever done one or two mythical tree runs so i cant
  8. You need to get lucky with the teleport in addition to having enough dps
  9. we dont know for sure what they are but most likely atleast account age and whether or not you have any previous restrictions also plays a role
  10. your account needs to fulfill certain trust requirements
  11. https://discord.gg/warspear
  12. Those robot minions suffer from position being different that what you see on your screen But you dont need to complete that area, you could do pylons, blue mist corridor and tile crossing
  13. Your account needs to pass a security check before you can gift battle pass
  14. Normal mobs dont drop gear and you cant find open world chests except in snowy caves and even then you need a key to open it
  15. Some have suggested server merging and they have replied that its technically impossible
  16. I think the name changing only affects character that are level 5 or lower
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