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  1. [2017.12.31] Happy New Year!

    happy new year
  2. ranger soloing spawn

  3. yes rangers can !

    @Omercix exactly
  4. cc dg solo

    as game became soo booring after horror soo ppl do wierd things to kill time like that
  5. rangers

    not a shield something like mage sunarmor other than dodge buff some % def and bitterness shouldnt be removed when ranger get dmg as alej said its not even in skill description
  6. rangers

    trap and cage dont work in pve
  7. rangers

    then should nerf mage same as above^^
  8. rangers

    after playing both ranger and mage i noticed that mage have ethereal barrier skill to help it survive when steal tank from the tanker because of the high dmg they do and also found that samething with ranger soo they added dodge increase with bitterness buffs but still not enough to survive still need something that help ranger to tank for a while untill tanker recollect agro and tank again something that buff def or decrease comming attacks maybe could be added to bitterness other than that dodge thing which its almost useless to most of rangers
  9. tp normal without mages 8)

  10. Ayvondil - Boss Locations Guide

    we did
  11. tp hero 5 mages

    we deal more dmg and faster kill boss and easier tank