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  1. lmao in what logic chief is same as mage wlock isnt area dmg lol funny elfs
  2. imagine 70% attack speed barbs and i think they are just admitting that they nerf wlock too much as wlock should be same category as ranger but they nerf it soo much just saying rebuff wlock please !!!
  3. soo actually you are saying that mage and wlock is the only balanced hero's ?
  4. lame unrelated to video commentary just a inside game problems showing in the comment and they was clear about dont involve ur in game problems here also ur talking about things that is not ur specialty when u send a video they check it and devs decide wither to accept or not and they already accepted it soo ur talks are useless devs know what they do dont bother judging other ppl videos ur free to say u didn't like it but the judging isnt urs to talk about
  5. yaa they better do else i see huynthoi not getting done that event like never
  6. i recommend that buff time is longer for who kill earlier and no buffs for last moment kills just chest will be fine cuz what happens there really annoying
  7. i did 52 runs today for 1 relic we need event some costume in dg or something
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