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  1. I recorded it but didnt like to share it
  2. we love arena *hi* :D
  3. yaaaaay with +1 gears tho :D
  4. if charmer won arena season will get heavy gears or cloth gears ?
  5. no dk nerf coming tho ?
  6. i am there thats cute :*
  7. we do for months too but enough keeping secret :[ :D
  8. Well vs dk all u need is some dodge if u dodged 1 stun skill u must use the right skill in the time like enno for mage ham for bd root for driud just dont wast time using useless skills and got stun again i dont think they need nerf its same as mages now actually For warlock thats really need a nerf he can skip mage enno with his stone hide skill then cycling his stuns tell pvp end
  9. secret is no secret anymore :V
  10. I think should add at least a cd for using seals like 5 seconds or soo its really not fun to do it if both teams spaming seals I am sure that wasn't the idea when invented the seal thing And i am sry for the song just coincidence :D