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  1. What about the belts in tt was at hero moved to hard or removed from game?
  2. thats ugly it was already easy to do now anybody can do idk what is the point of amping pve gears then!
  3. Tamer Ismail

    Sneak Peek of Warspear Update 7.6

  4. I was wondering if that new lvl will drop for certain lvls or for any and adding the information that to farm symbols for lvling castle of t1 we was getting no drops at all was wondering if that new mystical lvl would drop for any lvl 0-28 and would be very usefull if it is and it may also contain all dg it self drops (easy -hard) soo we can farm it for our low lvl chars with strong main chars
  5. Tamer Ismail

    [2018.05.25] Prolonging the Rush of Knowledge!

    Soo 1 day break after event then warspear birthday update
  6. Tamer Ismail

    [2018.05.21] Event of the week: Rush of Knowledge

    i have that feeling u really hate me i am waiting just asked a question
  7. Tamer Ismail

    [2018.05.21] Event of the week: Rush of Knowledge

    @Reivenorik dg started giving x3 gp any missing announcement ?
  8. But they can get enough clue's if they searched in the information they already have
  9. Tell me please u guys gonna bann those who use multi log applications to create many copys of warspear on same pc and, if i know someone who do multiple log can i report it and game will check for my report even if i have no prove ? And gzzz for new age of fair playing warspear
  10. Tamer Ismail

    [2018.05.21] Event of the week: Rush of Knowledge

    i am surprised u watch my vids tysm and ur welcome for the entertainmentu had while watching where was mods while i been killing it for 2 years and just accurcy book droped 6 months ago had luck those last 3 weeks actually 3 elm suits i am satisfied for my hard work ty gm