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  1. Tamer Ismail

    castle sky t4 war

  2. Tamer Ismail

    castle sky t4 war

    war video comming soon here as well ill post
  3. Tamer Ismail

    Castle Throne

    but they worked harder than those lazy lvl 10 guilds why take there hard work
  4. Tamer Ismail

    Castle Throne

    will be considered in 3 weeks ty for ur help
  5. Tamer Ismail

    Castle Throne

    mercs never cry , u does . cry baby
  6. Tamer Ismail

    Castle Throne

    she is talking right please remove it in the nxt update (which is after 3-4 weeks )
  7. Tamer Ismail

    horror dg

  8. Tamer Ismail

    Minions. Suggestions and impressions.

    i think minions need to be improved to be immune to horror dg bosses skills cuz its killing all minions
  9. Tamer Ismail

    THEMERCS <(-_-)>

  10. Tamer Ismail

    Making the Impossible Possible

    i never been surpassed in any dg by any mage dmg i am a ranger i always do like 100-200k more dmg than them they are too low dmg even with skills they hit 500-600 ranger and hunters hit 1000+ usually i still believe main dps of game is ( ranger hunter rouge seeker ) mages and charmers are just a support chars even there buffs arnt self forced it cast for allies unlike the 4 up