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  1. i think should nerf magic once 15% ! wtf
  2. Or at least give more medals to who lvl it every time i got rings achieve once at 16 Then 18 no medal same with ranged weapons
  3. Lock cant cuz unlike mage dmg skills they only have area stuns and mostly resisted vs bosses they actually need fix that they making lock only pvp char should make those skills work on bosses too like fear and circle then wlock can do it even better than mages
  4. Jiljul Smoking kills
  5. *smoking*
  6. there is a vid section !
  7. i like how u said it ,its actually the point ( how mages are useful )
  8. i think seal is option for using it
  9. jul <3 :[
  10. all lvl 26 horror accessories so 25.7% ls and 652 magic why dont u go do it urself :P ty ivy :[ :D :*