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  1. [2017.07.24] The week of bounty, everyone!

    friday as ussual
  2. [2017.07.24] The week of bounty, everyone!

  3. Lhuz | BR - Tourmaline

  4. Ladydixon Br-Tourmaline

    ur welcome
  5. Ladydixon Br-Tourmaline

  6. Psipsi (us server)

    thats gonna be cool
  7. Tatelan (EU-Emerald)

    gl i like the badge thing awesome idea
  8. Elwinoa aka Karan, US-SAPPHIRE

  9. Elwinoa aka Karan, US-SAPPHIRE

    he just use to it became a habit
  10. Psipsi (us server)

    be my monkey other half
  11. Aladdeen

  12. Elwinoa aka Karan, US-SAPPHIRE

    Yaaaay karan boi  Mercs everywhere
  13. Aladdeen

    love u too sis