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[2017.07.24] The week of bounty, everyone!

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Less and less time is left till the opening of the Guild Castles, and if you want to participate in their capturing, then it's right the time to start actively upgrading your guild. Hence, we are announcing a long-awaited Week of Bounty! Hurry up to get more Guild Points, great gear and rare Troll costumes!


Only during this week:
- double drop rate of all weapons, armor and accessories in all Dungeons;
- all heroic Dungeons drop the rarest Troll costumes of all colours: black, blue, green, red and purple;
- double Guild Points reward for Dungeon completion;
- double amount of Crimson Corundums given for winning the Guild Tournament (places 1-3);
- Guilds having taken places 4-10 in the Guild Tournament will be rewarded with Crimson Corundums and Bronze Coffer (counts for the Non-fading Glory achievement).


The event starts on 24.07 at 13:00 CEST and will last till 31.07 12:00 CEST.


More drop for the God of drop!

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1 минуту назад, Speedom сказал:

Info on the last 2 expert skill for new classes?


Not until the next update.


Только что, MadZ сказал:

please i need to know fast hero berengars tower drops costume for lvl 24-28 ? mods fast please


Costumes drop in all heroics, no matter what your level is. So, the answer is yes

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2 hours ago, koszpl said:

There will be new expert also for old classes?

I doubt it since the new class behind by 2 expert skills. It's take them more time to make for old and add another one for the new classes and they'll have to max lvl to 30

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