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  1. How about healing skill at skill minion, how does work? I do not see heal from it 0 nada even if use it I just saw sun icon on state bar!
  2. Good fixes, hope not make secret fixes without us to know! 👻BHOoooO 🎃Happy Halloween! 🕸️🕷️☠️🦇🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🤗
  3. Warriors! Tomorrow, 10.23 pm at 16:00 Moscow time, you will have the opportunity to take part in testing the upcoming update 7.8: Giant Necropolis! (Links to test clients will be here) All testers will be additionally provided with 500 Wonder coins on the account and 100k gold for each character. The book of oblivion the elixir of the seeker's endurance, the elixir of green knight knowledge for accelerated pumping, teleportation and life scrolls, and also tickets for attractions will cost in the shop for 1 World Cup. Keep in mind that all these bonuses are available only on a test server! The test is open and available to all comers. Reports about the found bugs lay out here: https://bit.ly/2kLi15X Read more about what is required to test, read the announcement: https://bit.ly/2PKhgIh Go See you tomorrow! <QUOTE TRANSLATED>admins lazy
  4. u can make international topic and lock it with information about test sever release/open and with a link too rusian topic were all can comunicate with a translator machine or human as idea and all will be happy and il no more hear in game and forums asking about wen will be test servers on on international!....................................... by the way im presing group chatt and does not open in steam ...i do somthig wrong?
  5. Well if they too strong , was a simple thing to reduce power statistics thats should be one day of programing ,mean nerf those arena items 6 to 16 lvl , well not my business,but good luck with that and thanks again for information!
  6. Thank you I try log in community chat instead to flood here forum with too many information!
  7. yes u have been very clear ,but misery not all knows to read russian ...so we start to hit head on head, all i want to be In international Forum a section by test servers!
  8. My last message for today! I understood u want and have to force low lvl`s to lvl up, but u must understand me i have 28lvl class already and one 6lvl watt i use only for fun arena so were is the gear lvl 6->16. Wen low levels gear pvp will be reintroduced in game or wont be anymore reintroduced?? If not reintroduce i start delete my low character even if haves lot of gears and is op cause will be useless without arena ,and who knows mabe i start delete even account after 8/9years of game play ,why? Cause improvements and developing goes bad direction even if I contribute by buying mcoins!
  9. Hy...........how to get in group? by the way were is test servers ..u sayd today! getting mad, as usualy u all devs move slow motion and small improvments and thoose not important too ........................ and why only rusians have topic for test server?im getting not mad or angry...getting furios Yes, keep ignore my messages , you know there is somthing wrong, but at least do somthiing and better improvements! Have a question .....Why in game window reports to development team is deactivated and only via e-mail can be sended?
  10. At least great update, arena, belts,but skills nerfed some and added new skills without possibility have more speed dials... Comon u can do it better!
  11. Same is HALL of fame between 2 factions at blue and red docks lol zZz! Learn a Lil bit more about this game! 😴
  12. I'm getting bored no need events, ☹️need new island new lvl 30, new crafting items, new belt craft added, by the way happy birthday 🎂! Ps: Please anounce and link wen test servers on! Thanks kind regards! By the way I feel game going down on some servers few players, can be merced servers?
  13. Didn't get it reason for rising gp using for active skills and we can use 3 relics or 4 in one skill cause I didn't get that too! LOWER THE GUILD POINT USAGE FOR ACTIVE SKILLS!
  14. U too weeded to take a serios disscusion with u, so please dont talk rude!
  15. Nothing wilde from West! Just R0land from madness Vest!
  16. Mabe haves problems with eyes, he/she write in caps to see watt spelled! Why make discriminations about caps or not caps?
  17. Next year propose winter fight over spring event same solo dgs same event, just teme decorations changes and rewards!
  18. King of clubs suit/and no wikedora xD :P not anymore secret! And spring does not want come to us still winter blows outside
  19. already got them drops i got only defs as usualy! ZZZZzzZ
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