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  1. Nope, Just Seeker staminas will be restored to full.(5/5)
  2. Appriciate Efforts and intention,Nice work GM.
  3. True,But... 1)I am not a Computer player, 2)There is always a room for improvement.
  4. @Akasha Great update....&..... When can we expect some more hotkeys to put on active skills to use skills in an effective way?
  5. Very true. I wish GM take this seriously.
  6. I have certain questions as I lost m.coins many times by misclicking. 1) why don't you ask yes or no permission before buying m.coin item? 2)why not have a setting to ignore m.coin offers at arena times? Is something is getting figured out or it's your business strategy? My suggestions. 1) give us option before final purchase of m.coin item or even can give a setting from we can enable or disable such option. 2) give setting option to disable add type of thing before arenas or at time of player dies.
  7. "Frostbolt: added the connection with Blinding Fire skill. If successfully casting the skill on a character who is already under Blinding Fire effect, the target will be stunned for some time." Time of this stun affected from combination of skill is depended on which skill's Leval.do all skill leval gives same stun time or depending on leval of skill?
  8. Ya. When u r poision sheilded and acid raining on you!!!
  9. Can We expect WS fourm app for quick update and replay nd to explore warspear community???
  10. Thanks Thanks @Daria for quick replay. Waiting eagarly to try different skill combinations. Thanks alot.
  11. Great work guys. Looking great upate. Now I think *RENGERS* will do a good comeback I think. Thanks for these changes. @Daria Can you say us when can we test it?? #Super excited
  12. @DariaIs it pissible we get a chance of discount on restoration of char in future???? Just a question!!!
  13. Thanks For amazing event...Before end of mine vacation. ...*hi*
  14. @Daria When we will get Runes, Crystals, Relics or Smilies discount for our new Classes?
  15. Am I only, Who thinks 50 quest limit nd 100 feeinds limit is not enough??? @Daria, when we will get these limits extended???
  16. Gz but Still waiting for horror nd snow. Wish they come with it soon....
  17. Tommorow I think there ill be same link as Daria posted above nd there wil be may be smal update if they add experts...
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