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  1. So if they buffed the skill, the skill itself should be buffed not only its description. Yea its op skill and i dont want it to be changed i just want it to work as its described.
  2. Hello, I saw this, lets call it a bug, so in the description of the skill it says that the skill adds 15% speed AND PENE and when you look at the stats you can clearly see that it only adds 10% pene. So its either a typo or the skill isnt giving enough pene. Well if its a typo then its not a big problem, but loosing 5% pene is pretty bad so it should be fixed ASAP.
  3. Am I the only one who doesn't see 2 new costumes in legendary chests?
  4. Hello everyone, As we all know, the underwater territory is a huge part of the game at the moment and that the strongest warriors of the ocean are mermans. Every player wishes to feel just as mighty, but not everyone has what it takes to reach such power. So mermans decided to make a gift for us and offered us to at least imagine what it would be like to be them and gave humanity a costume that was named King of The Seas. P.S. King will need his queen besides him πŸ˜‰ P.P.S. Please add a trident skin to go with this costume πŸ˜„
  5. Hello i just wanted to report a bug in a new crucible mode. Sooo when you kill an enemy with an elusive threat skill it doesnt count towards killed enemies. I mean if you already killed 2 enemies and kill another one with elusive threat tue counter stays at 2. I dont think its supposed to be that way :).
  6. Soooooooo true. Before at least there was something to fight for and now.... 3k imps for lv14s its nothing cant even buy lv6 accessories xd
  7. Well you say its more peaceful and you need less tickets and so on. I hope you understand that its because these lvls arena is DEAD. Noone does it anymore. You know why? Because its useless. Before it was kinda fun because you were atleast rewarded for doing it. And now when you need to play half a year (taking one 1st place per season) to get ONE ring and nothing else who in the hell would do it? I mean seriously. Well i believe it would be the easiest and probably most efficiant way of solving this problem. Thats a great suggestion, but oh well probably noone is going to listen to th
  8. So if you are not going to lower the prices of low level arena awards and just dont do anything about it then make it fair for everyone and make it that you need to win like 5 or more seasons to get high level awards, make rings cost 200k imps then it will be fair. Just look at lower level arena in smaller servers, especially lv6 arena, its soooooo dead and now you have to grind half a year for one ring lmfao... Im no expert, but i dont think this change will help revive it...
  9. Lmao 5k imps for a lv6 ring?? I understand that u made it so higher level players wouldnt buy it and wouldnt use it in 5v5 or the new 3v3 but seriously you used to get a ring for one successful 2v2 season and now u need to win it more than 5 times even with a 50% increase in imperials. Isnt it possible to just not allow to buy it for players above lv6 or lv10 or any cap? Or then just give lv6 players 5k imps for a 1st place what would be total nonsense. Or you could just leave lower levels as they were. Imo it was pretty fair.
  10. The thing is that it shows mythical drops as it should but not other. And also its shows techno drops from all levels. And changing scales doesnt help sadly
  11. I did. Downloaded update from google play too. Does it show drops for you?
  12. Why cant i see any drops from easy/med/hard/hero garden dgs? Same with tlaloc dgs (havent checked tree dg)? Is it a bug? Or these dgs dont drop anything now lel?
  13. Omg plz add this, this would be the best quality of life update ever. It would be great to have such an option in settings so that when you are hunting something or questing solo you wouldn't need to worry about missclicking or something like that xd. It would also be faster and waaaaaaaaaaaaay more convenient. Add this i beg you lmao πŸ˜„
  14. Yea you are right, I only know that there is one russian guy who does the same, never seen anyone else :D. I don't know why, but lvl2 is not as exciting as lvl1. I also can't do crafting achievs, because you need to be lv10 to be able to start crafting :D. I think I should stick to gaining all reputations to max and the end goal of my acc will be 250 medals :D.
  15. Well, as I said, 50 medal requirement would only be useful for people like me, and also wouldn't change anything for those who wanna play regularly. Same as with expert skill slots, there are 3 ways for you to unlock them, you can just play regularly, lvl up and get them, you can stick to certain lvl and do achievs to unlock them or you can just buy them for miracle coins. This way achievs may become more useful than they are now.
  16. Hello everyone, Today I would like to talk about kinda irrelevant topic for almost everyone, except me and maybe 2 or 3 other people in the game. So let me tell you a story how I came up with all of this. Soooo, i got bored of playing regularly, as probably many of u do, and decided to create a unique char, whit which I could stand out from the crowd. I decided to create a lvl1 char and try to complete as many achievements as possible. I faced a lot of difficult tasks, but I managed to do them with some luck or help of my friends and as of now I already achieved 208 medals. But here
  17. Well well well, priests are as shit as they used to be. Lowering the cd time on gods help is pointless, because with decent amount of cd u can use it continuously, aura cd reduction is ok, revive immortality is also alright, but it doesnt change anything actually, burden is just as useless as it used to be and ofc nerfing mystic mark because why not. Hope other classes arent soo forgotten as priests πŸ™‚
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