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  1. Hey there, lots of familiar names! Kaworu, Urowak, Eldhrimnir, Oppression, Hamstring were the chars I played most in those days. Log on maybe once every year or two and visit the old pvp cave for nostalgia. And of course I remember Russel elf with the famous Bladedancer mspaint masterpiece xD
  2. awesome! your videos are always great, gogo charmer! this a short one, I've been wanting to do more :)
  3. it's super in dg, you can easily crowd control and let doge and skills fly for much dmg in the end.. with a great def buff for tank.. really feels helpful to party and ofc that makes a better play experience
  4. charmer control in arena is so great! It's nice to see staff style, great videos.
  5. yes auto swing continues under root. ..and anyway doubtful root will change unless it's something decided to nerf druid cycle.. who knows. it's always been this way and I think only tweaked once for duration?
  6. you're thinking of punitive roots livi ya? because i got really high number of lost pvp as poor necro tangled up in vine unable to heal xD this is kind of incorrect, in both we're unable to use skills but root and fear very different.. neither stun, one binds and disable/silence the other is control yes! forsaken can dream of a decent race specific passive!
  7. root = bind and disable i don't think anybody disagreeing with this?
  8. it's immobilize and we can say 'disable'. not everybody uses the right terms but madeleine knows this. stun is stun. full on yer ducked. circle, charge, oppress.. immobilize/bind. root, trap, chains.. disable/silence. fetters, root..
  9. It's also always been very easy to make a boss lv10 as lv9 purp items were sold in town shops and now lv10 is the first bracket you can use craft items which are reasonably cheap.. many players also keep low levels for event dungeons and farming.
  10. Controls like root/nightmare/song/circle and all stun effects.. should be able to be resisted by innate% based on race/class or rolling stat vs target stat in some formula. or a combination of both. we could easily assign a 'proficience' stat or parameter for each class when a success or fail would be calculated. The higher this parameter the higher your chance would be of evading such controls. what's a good range for this.. idk. ~30% chance to evade at high end stat numbers..? a druid's magic power and skill level vs a rogue's dodge to determine a successful root.. a charmer's accuracy and skill level vs a bladedancer's dexterity to determine success with oppression and so on.. ya, ya, warspear not designed for 1v1 pvp lick my balls. just feelin the same here..
  11. hitler wore a bowler? #2 auron ffx
  12. hello! in the future will there be the possibility to restore characters deleted before 2014? does this mean only the items that were equipped at the moment of deletion? so the inventory would be empty?
  13. youve mastered application of trump
  14. i love warspear. but it's simply another shop mmo.. what warspear offers for casual/non-spender and what it provides to shoppers is worlds apart.. most players (my friends whom I've tried to introduce to ws included) scoff even at the idea of anything other than subscription.. which I wish was a stance more commonly held among gamers these days and in that way we might see less games reaching out for our pockets and instead reaching in to their collective heads on how to optimize their game for the players instead of for the buck. but alas, it is 2017, where dropping $$ into an application for shit returns is considered gaming. This irks me and is primarily my reason for quitting ws so often.. over the years it's clear to see which way warspear is leaning, the intent to coax you into and keep you in microtransactions is priority #1. anyhow, i hope you discover the call of shimmering golden loot in some other game. good luck to you brother!
  15. Some players use multiple devices and demand random with their 'dummy characters' or 'dummy party' solely to make easy wins. This is a huge problem in warspear and I'd bet every arena reward in every bracket is won this way these days. If you're looking for fair and rewarding gameplay without investing mucho $$ or circumventing actual gameplay/competition with mutiple devices.. you might just want to consider those 2 weeks a loss and search for another title..
  16. Charmer/Necro parties can do a lot with decent players. If your pt has charmer and shaman then work out who in the pt will be requiring which heal and commit a little more focus. If necro and shaman and charmer in pt then one accidental overwrite is no big deal. Depending your adventure.. party balance.. this is 101. I see what you're saying about making warrior heal tic independant of shamans.. This would be a nice thing for charmer invites and I can't say I wouldn't be happy if it changed in this way. At the same time I like the way that it is.. I wouldn't want to see charmer cornered as just another 'heal' class which is what I think many are confusing it with now.. I hope and I'm sure we will benefit from more skills similar to eye of darkness, single target or aoe buffs, debuffs.. it would be too much if charmers last 2 experts included any kind of damage or control..
  17. 1500hp doge feels inadequate even at lv20.. tho.. Charm can reach 4500-5k hp without too much trouble.. a 4k doge would be a huge boon for call builds and give much advantage to charm 1v1 and in arena. Call is already pretty op imo. Doge dies a lot..it's expected vs certain classes if opponent gets a window.. but key to charm (pvp anyway) is stun and there is no need of doge to execute that.. If possible your opponent will have to burn a disable on master and then choose to quickly nuke down doge or eat the bites and focus master.. if doge were to carry 4k hp we can see how much more of an advantage this would be..
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