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  1. Sorry this is a very old build when Seekers was nearly useless. In addition, Seekers wasn't nearly as good as the new revamped Seeker. However, this build was a cheap high mana and hp(high budget build). The set I've used at that time was lv26 set with hp and accuracy bonus(lv28 set bonus didn't exist at that time). Therefore, the accessories was hp, accuracy, and mana. Mana regeneration on both cape and amulet. The 2hand mace is lv26 and probably have attack speed on it now(crafted). Also, I can't show this build because I no longer play this game.
  2. Lol I don't even play this game anymore. But nice collection yo.
  3. These rants are directly towards high amped pvp Charmers with books and guild buffs. I swear I feel sorry for f2p charmers.
  4. +300 paid runs. Can't even run dgs for free. Shouldn't even need to buy seeker stam to spam dgs. Especially with the doodoo drop rates.
  5. Yea, even with the changes, the skill will still be op with the relic. And it's not the only class either. Rage build mage, this relic is op on it too. Obviously not as op with 3 dogs. Every class is op or broken if you build them like that. It's called, endgame build.
  6. And increase the gold drop. Not by 1-50g. Like 100-1000s gold drops. This can help f2p easily farm for gold. Bad enough high lvl mobs still drops 1gold.
  7. I get what you're saying, according to the description. This is probably a translation issue. But as you said, this relic is supposed to work when it's used with rage. It's like using a heal skill from staff to 1hand mace. That heal buff is pertaining to the staff even when it's not equipped. As this call skill(dog) is used without the rage buff and shouldn't get the benefits from the relic. This fix won't affect charmers at all tbh.
  8. Speedom

    Rework rogue Frenzy

    Frenzy is literally a copy of Solar Power before it got changedto Sun Power.
  9. That and amp %. Also other games can run dg without a limitation(free runs). If they do tell us, chances are going to be very high of people not buying stams and will only use the free 5 that have a very long cooldown. "It's just bad luck" is going to be their reply as usual. Funny how there is more gear than anything, but still dropped just mostly crafting materials. Plus, what's the point of showing 5 drop slots when you only get one? Get 3 drops should be a normal thing.
  10. On top of that, going against greatness with guild buffs, rare books, mermen gear, arena books, castle buffs, and castle pots & scrolls. In addition, even when they achieved greatness, they still spam to take the top ranks for arena minions, arena skills, and costumes. RIP
  11. Wouldn't work with AFK players equipped with the rune that reflect damages.
  12. Be nice to be able to have a stack of traps. For instance like the skill will have a #3 and you can spam them 3traps without cooldown. I think this should be a good idea with the explosive traps and hunters too.
  13. 1. Yes mostly just old players 2. It's in survival mode. Still alive 3. PvP is broken 4. Yes it's p2w. I don't sugarcoat anything.
  14. It's not wrong at all. As much all the rants on pvp is what's really wrong. This implements I've suggested is to give ftp players an alternative in their growth of the game. It is a big deal for high level crafter as I am one of them. Takes forever to level crafting especially due to the mcoins requirements to change craft task. Without investing, it can take nearly a year to max just 1 task. Easy for anyone to say it's not a big deal when they're not a high lvl crafter.
  15. I understand the topic towards both pvp and pve. The issue is how pvp is so high focused that is have a huge impact toward pve. In addition, making the difficulties for low to none investment players. In terms of craft cap, i can understand that tremendously. Still, there's no improvement within the craft system at all. This post was this biggest downfall. Now you cant tell me a little 1k exp from disassemble gear will mkae this any easier to level. What actually makes crafting easier, is more slots, no mcoin changes to craft task, the ability to be able to chose the amount you want to craft according the available slots. It's the little things that can make a huge impact within the game. It's called, creativity.
  16. Seriously, all yall do is talk about pvp. Meanwhile, this event is highly pve and this dg by far requires high amp players aka players with investments. Am I like the only person who cares about f2p players here? I'm trying to keep cool here.
  17. I forgot to ask also, does the spring weapons craft requires lv26 Range and Melee craft? If does, it'll be impossible to level them up from lv24 to lv26 in a month since lv30 weapon takes over 6 days to craft that's including one hand. Please add more craft slots!
  18. Ok while yall ranting about pvp. Lets talk about this update. Nobody else is not going to mention the craft system is still indeed the hardest to grind and they said it was going to be easier via Facebook. Like come on, why there's a cap to everything. Especially for the craft system. Like can we take away the 49mcoins to change craft task. Why can't all task be available? Like this is a serious question.
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