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  1. Don't know if I'm the only one having connection issues with the game?
  2. Nice. I Like the rep added when you do DGs. Thanks a mill. This will help many map 4 questors.
  3. I meant for new skill for each class. Not them rare skill books.
  4. Make pvp cave where no one can attack each unless there's a duel request.
  5. Very well. New expert skill anytime?😅
  6. I like those ideas, it makes sense to make them more supporting for Shamans that like to play in that type of style.(Lightning Shield & Ancestor's Hand)… For the Energy Field, you have to remembered that it's a support skill for yourself and party members. If it where to be a skill against enemies, it'll be more of an energy steal skill on a single target where you steal energy for yourself. However, that skill should increase mana by a certain "%" also in my opinion.
  7. Speedom

    Class Balance

    Ya know, as a seeker main. We can't really beat any classes. However, try to change some stats such as stun and resistance. They are very underrated. I went full resistance when the gear was introduced and I was able to beat a few DK and BD. Stun, for some reason, casters has a higher chance than melee. What I mean by stun, is the stun crystal on weapon and shoes. Don't underestimate that stat.
  8. From total dmg when the skill wears off?
  9. Speedom

    Class Balance

    Yup and there's some strong shaman that can destroy a bd right after he/she get blinded.
  10. Hay Hay!!! What's good Warspear? Anywho, I'm am very lost on how this relic supposed to work because I really don't understand. Give me guidance pro players and developers. Thank you very much.
  11. I'm still concerned on the mana and mana regain increasing throughout leveling. That needs to happen.
  12. Yea I've already did that. It's easy depending on how you use you class.
  13. So I have to kill 3 Sorcerer of Red Devils. And there over a dozen of mobs guarding this thing.
  14. I still have this one quest: "Quest not found" and you can't map it. Not sure if anyone else ran into that problem.
  15. Agree. After I do this with my Seeker, I'm not doing this with my pala.
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