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  1. Necro can reach high mdmg as any other caster. (Except druid; Warlock). They just have lower dps because they're a support class.
  2. I love these ideas. Hopefully, this get viewed.
  3. Welp, good thing you brought this up. This is definitely going to change because that's what devs want. Therefore, they can balance the game. So what if they spent +20mill of golds or I should say, $1000s on a book in a game. That's their mistake, and they should've known the nerf is going to happen eventually. Most of these players in defence is because they have the book or their friend. Welcome to the gaming life. Community vs your personal feelings.
  4. 100% agree. Lol but I believe pala shield is gonna get tweaked. It's too powerful. I believe DK shield is going to get tweaked also. I hope the cd reset after combat. Except arena because you can run away and be out of combat mode in seconds lol. Pretty much of what every Dk want.
  5. Makes since, i guess that's why they add Dark Shield + and blood barrier in the talent tree. Btw, paladin dmg reduction is trash because at 4/4 with 50% hp, they only get 10% reduction. However, they do have a better way of tanking with hp build. Paladins always needed a healer unless the player money dumps into it. Trust me, paladins are not that strong as a tank without strong investment. A DK with 8k defense can tank better than a 10k defense paladin. Anywho, warden need healers in dg now after the nerf. Trying to make a tank without the need for a healer is possible, but super expensive. Besides, bring a healer into the party. Tired of hearing "healers are useless now".
  6. Speedom


    Ohhhh i get it snaps fingers* You want your class to be immortal again. That's selfish of you to want 1 class to reach 40% blocks. Shame on you sir.
  7. You guys forgot the bigger picture. If they remove some resilience from the dog, that means every other summon skill will be nerf also. (I.e bird, druid and Templar summon). If you thing aoe is all about dmg, then it make sense why you think Sentinel aoe is "weak" Aaaaaannnnddd I'm my job done here not trying to get another ban. Good luck, have fun, take care love yall. ✌ peace out.
  8. So after making a DK to see why dk is a "Noob" tank. I realized that players saying that because their tank have low physical defense while going to high lvl dgs. The ones that have high defense are the ones complaining of not have a good heal skill because they want to go to dg without a healer. DK kit is really good with less penalties to worry vs other tanks I've tried. So far DK is my favorite style of tank. However, I'm still incomplete due to the needs of 2 particular rings and an amulet. Not going to say too much because of the judgmental. I'll show you once I get them. Might need a solid month at maximum.
  9. You can't nerf a cd build. The only way is by removing every cd gear in the game.
  10. I want Panic to be revamp into AOE Nightmare.
  11. I think priest aoe heal(forgot the name) should also do heal overtime and damage overtime. It might sound op, but actually it can make a game changer in Priest's utilities.
  12. Paladins prayer is a buff skill, not a heal skill. They're a support because of their kit. They buff heals, dmg, defense, hp, and can heal and shield. For you to understand Paladins, you have to make one. Trust me, paladins are not as strong as you think. You will struggle until you get the gear you need and amp at +9.
  13. I have nothing against, as I do have a high lvl Charmer. Their kit is literally a summoner. The reason charmers can summon 5 dogs is because they're using cd build and they guild have the buffs also. I think they're fine. I think all of these class needs to be buff. I rather see class be buff to be balanced vs nerfing particularly class. I want to see the balance where it's hard to pick a class because they're all so good.
  14. I honestly like secret reserve the way it is. Yea 2min is long. The auto regeneration is nice. Honestly, with a good healer, my passive is almost never needed. Blood protection is the only skill I want to see the improvement or changes. Like y'all said, 8 sec is too short. Especially endgame where you're going against cc bosses.
  15. Necro are support class, not an instant killer. I'll say, be nice to makes some changes with panic to do aoe nightmare.
  16. Yes! Lifesteal Priest can work for solo farming. It's very underrated tbh. Already seen lifesteal druid, necro, and shaman. If they can do, so can priest.
  17. Slow down. These are ideas for the upcoming. Make your other class suggesting with the perspective class. Focus on paladins here. Thank you.
  18. Speedom


    Mirroring another class doesn't actually always work like that. If you give Deathknights the same build as Wardens, Deathknights are not going to output enough damage to win. Every class are unique in their own way. Besides, lets be realistic, no class can achieve 40% blocks. Maybe, except barbs, charmer and templar since they have block increase skill.
  19. It goes both ways lol. Aoe for Sentinel is strong too. Don't sleep on Templar, Pala, Mage, druid, ranger aoe skills. Even priest Harad Tear that have been buffed. Learn the game my guy.
  20. Lifesteal can only save you so much. You still can get 2 shot with 50% Lifesteal due to low solidity. Most player would rather have an average tank with dmg reduction and decent solidity; a good healer with pt support vs some braindead high amp high lifesteal player that rush to their death and blame their team. Lol
  21. Would like to mage an actual mage class. Revamp, but many won't understand since this is their first mmorpg.
  22. I don't wanna see another nerf in Deathknights and Paladins. The top 2 most nerfed class in this game. Buff their passive.
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