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  1. Not only the bds, but the list goes on. Even the light armour class is able to tank everything with life steal. 🤯
  2. Tell me what you smoking there, I need it as well. 😂
  3. Well, these so called skill reworks n fixes comes once every year and completely changes everything for whole another year. You can't bring balance in a game like that, there should be more efforts to be put from developers n these fixes should be seen more often unlike current scenario.
  4. I don't know where to start honestly. I shouldn't be ranting/complaining about the nerfs as that ship has already sailed for every priest player. Not many people talk about it in discussions too cus there's no one playing it. Damagers or tank-heal combo classes are doing better jobs at healing themselves than actual healer classes nowadays, and obviously vampirism/distortion book/castle pots bonus play a huge role in it. Priests are mainly known for their mana draining n support skills but that era is long gone when mana drain actually meant something. That's cus players now have access to very high mana regen builds even without putting much effort with the help of new accessories/guild buffs etc. unlike the past. Also, lets forget about the controlling skills they are as bad or worse than other classes, dont even wanna start there. Then there's the shield skill which is probably the worst shield in the entire warspear (alongside with necro's maybe). Literally disappears in a hit or couple even when maxed. So what is it exactly that makes priests too strong??? and why would anyone like to play such class??! If u look at the numbers of active priests compared to other classes then only u realize the real issue here rather than assuming that they're doing really great cus no one bats an eye.
  5. Interesting. Priests are getting better every update (well not as much as BDs but still what can u expect) which is a balancing fix overall if u look at the priest player base. Hoping this update will attract more players to previously underplayed classes especially after mage/warden nerf. Still had high hopes about fixing heal mechanics of a druid/shaman vs instant healers but maybe next time. I think game could use this kind of skill balancing more often to bring out the best outcome. For others, cheer up its only a nerf not the end of the world!
  6. why does it only have 3sec silence at 4/4 instead of 6secs like its mentioned in description?
  7. The duration of silence from priest's new skill is not as it is mentioned in the description. I'm getting 2-3sec silence at 4/4 which is incorrect.
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