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  1. Interesting. Priests are getting better every update (well not as much as BDs but still what can u expect) which is a balancing fix overall if u look at the priest player base. Hoping this update will attract more players to previously underplayed classes especially after mage/warden nerf. Still had high hopes about fixing heal mechanics of a druid/shaman vs instant healers but maybe next time. I think game could use this kind of skill balancing more often to bring out the best outcome. For others, cheer up its only a nerf not the end of the world!
  2. why does it only have 3sec silence at 4/4 instead of 6secs like its mentioned in description?
  3. The duration of silence from priest's new skill is not as it is mentioned in the description. I'm getting 2-3sec silence at 4/4 which is incorrect.
  4. so how many years do we have to wait for this update?
  5. Batman gone wrong..gudluck anyways bro
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