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  1. We need horror preview now What is this emoji doing btw screaming? Laughing? Screaming KY laughing?
  2. True... I still run out of mana even with 101 mana regen. Due to this cannot use any other skills like shield, dangerous blow, splitting blow the only rotation i can do is inspiration, split and blood thirst. We are already paying the price for using solar power by taking increased damage by 10% then why are we limited by mana too?
  3. A bit of a late reply but yea if you are still looking for an answer... First of wardens are highly in demand on the US-Sapphire so I would recommend you stick to warden. For lv20 pvp, ganking just get a 2h sword as halloween swords have penetration and crit stat which are good for you. Spear is too slow for pvp and pve so I dont like them although they have a little better attack. Skills you can set up considering you are looking to solo farm Split - 3 harad shield - 5 Inspiration - 1 Exacerbation - 5 Disappearance - 1 Blood Thirst - 3 Splitting blow - 1 Why Splitting blow ? combo with Blood thirst = Recover 10% HP Slows down running targets, especially useful against runners If you could get more skill slots with mcoins then get attraction and sun nets as its required for pvp.
  4. Mayr

    Ranger: PvP or PvE?

    every class has various builds; broadly PvP, PvE and hybrid (which is a balanced) now you need to decide which way you would like to go. Rangers are great damage dealers, can deal the highest 1vs1 damage in game with pve build for pvp you got to give up on some damage skills and work on stuns and traps.
  5. Thats the case with too many classes now actually lets see.... Charmer, DK, Druid, Hunter, Barbarian, Warlock they all can stun you during the whole pvp and you just stand a dummy to click on the revive button when it show up That pvp cave is the mother of all evil stop 1v1 you'll feel better at arena
  6. True it is really annoying sometimes we wait for 2 hours and go back empty handed running around or wait 15 minutes for each bait and party members decide to leave eventually people will be less annoyed dying this way than to wait hours.......
  7. At lv28 only thing we do is quest or dungeon which are in party so you dont take damage and your main job is to deal as much damage as possible. But yea if a seeker wants farm low level bosses then this is a good build.
  8. With the new update the cooldown for reserve is 120 seconds. Does anyone know if this cooldown is affected by cooldown stat?
  9. You are looking at the wrong skill ! Look up the inner rage skill you are looking at solar power
  10. On the test server the skill cool down is 15 seconds. The buff lasted 8 seconds and then after 7 seconds the skill became active again. But now on the real server when you use the skill the buff lasts 8 seconds and then the cooldown period lasts for another 15 seconds before it comes active. Total 23 Seconds. Note: On the screenshot it shows 13 seconds because this DK has 15% cooldown.
  11. This is true I tested it and the skill lasts 8 seconds and then there is a 13 seconds cooldown. This makes the skill completely useless as the active duration is 8 seconds the actual cooldown is 15 seconds. Do you know about this bug or you are simply assuming things?
  12. So I guess pala isn't gonna RIP now. In fact the new skill is actually very good with instant 50% health recovery and max hp increase by 50% too
  13. Why is no one talking about this skill. 50% damage decrease at 4/4 for 8 seconds and 15 seconds cool down. What do you guys think would be the best build that goes along with this skill? Where do you think this skill shines?
  14. That is because the new skill actually hits a part of the base/ normal hit. Since the normal hit is increased by 25% so the 35% is also higher. So if your damage is 100 then the skill hits 100 X 35% = 35 But if you get 25% buff from excerbation then you get 125 X 35% = 44 So it's again the normal hit damage that is increased. Just so people reading this topic in future be clear. Excerbation does not increase skill damage like split or blood thirst.
  15. No it does not increase the damage of skills only normal attacks
  16. Shield and disappearance are useless in dungeon. So I maxed excerbation and max pene and 3/5 split. 4/4 blood thirst and that skill that raises critical and critical damage. With this build I have 50% critical and even my normal hits 2k + with just 700 damage and daggers with attack speed
  17. This is my exact concern. If it's like dangerous blow or the one like that slowing skill then it's just useless to shift from current build.
  18. Wait a minute he's not dead....damn you burried that poor guy alive
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