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  1. Warden can be good in pvp with some tweaking. Have you ever tried pvp build? Have you tried to wield 2hand weaps? Every class have potentials if you build them accordingly to what you want them to be or do. Don't knock it until you try it. Besides, nothing wrong with being different…
  2. Great idea. I just want them afk player to get smite like with the swamp slug damage.
  3. Well snow event elephant boss attack afk and heals. A reason to brag. I think afk should get smite.
  4. Speedom

    Seeker Skill problem

    Seekers have an auto dmg buff and the only class with critical dmg buff. Like I said earlier, the constant usagae of mana in combat are endless. The question is what are your builds and what gear are you using?
  5. Speedom

    Seeker Skill problem

    No, why would seekers need a control skill? According to your title, the problem is the huge amount of mana cast to use skills plus the constant mana drain every 2 seconds.
  6. Yea and find out how less skillful they are too lol. Sadly in this game, high amp considered you as a "pro" player. However, resist is underrated. Hint, Hint.
  7. Only got just 2 ideas and y'all wanna add other ideas, that's fine. 1. Magic Block Rings: This would give the hybrid classes a chance to keep some magic stats with their block stats. This is mainly for Paladins, Charmers, and Death Knights. 2. Spears without magic. The last time I've seen one, is a lvl 21 stun spear. Anywho, this is mainly for Barbarians and Seekers. We have the capabilities to wield one but no use for magic. Miscellaneous: Increase mana and mana regain as you level up
  8. Speedom


    Lol like BD use only blades.
  9. Speedom

    Seeker's skills 8.2

    Nice auto attack build!
  10. Speedom

    Seeker's skills 8.2

    It only decreases dodge or all evasive stats?
  11. Speedom

    Seeker's skills 8.2

    Ran some test on Exhaustive Blow. The 4% decrease chance of evasion, stays at all level. Literally, nothing change unless there's a typo. Only way to tell if someone wanna test it out with me.
  12. Or trash talking account. I still have like 3 dozens of level 8 and below on my block list and some been there for a couple of years.
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