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  1. Dark Shield needs to benefit from total defense instead of just raw defense because of high level bosses penetration. From the early stage of the first 3 maps, it was really good. Going to map 4 3rd town, you starting to see a huge difference with the tanking capabilities.
  2. Honestly, I just want the CD to be shorter. I enjoy the skill as it is. Lets go to Russian forum and see what they say about it.
  3. This whole upcoming balance in December is making y'all go crazy! As much we're been lied to. International don't get looked at as much when it comes to new skill,.suggestions blah blah blah. Y'all trippin. Expectations: "I can finally enjoy the game." Reality: You'll rant and "quit" and come back to the next event. See y'all in test server.
  4. It's gonna be like Spring event gvg. Who takes win, what guild to kill, what guild not to kill. RIP to those unpopular guild who don't have an alliance, putting that work and not get rewards.
  5. Lol it's because of the whole win lose thing. Technically, they're not afk. They're just feeders.
  6. literally every class in chosen faction lol.
  7. 900 is too low. The skills in the talent tree is the only thing everyone wants. Or reduced the cost because 30k+ is outrageous!
  8. Yea agree. Nobody got the troll costume from the chest that was mention. Everyone got scrolls, pots, and bars. Hopefully, this one ain't a let down either.
  9. Maybe add the AFK icon when players are inactive for a certain amount of time. This should automatically remove them from queue in arenas. That's all I can think of.
  10. Everyone's is excited for this event! Literally everyday everyone is asking when. Can keep the 1800 Knowledge as a default daily cap?
  11. Funny, because the Inner Force skill now is the rework skill. It went from increasing block and cooldown to being the worst skill in Warspear.
  12. Necro can reach high mdmg as any other caster. (Except druid; Warlock). They just have lower dps because they're a support class.
  13. I love these ideas. Hopefully, this get viewed.
  14. Welp, good thing you brought this up. This is definitely going to change because that's what devs want. Therefore, they can balance the game. So what if they spent +20mill of golds or I should say, $1000s on a book in a game. That's their mistake, and they should've known the nerf is going to happen eventually. Most of these players in defence is because they have the book or their friend. Welcome to the gaming life. Community vs your personal feelings.
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