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  1. Warden - monster or cheater?

    *cough Hunter cough cough*
  2. Is it an update when I open up the Game and hit play or is the whole Warspear app getting update?
  3. Charmer- Random arena

    Oh ok. The skill is dope. And a life savor.
  4. Warden - monster or cheater?

    I still think everyone complain because of one warden that tank a town. I've seen attempts from other pro warden but they couldn't Do it. My question: Is the complaint is because of one Op build Warden or because since they're a fan of being an MC, they can't tank like Warden and want to make charmer a tank like Warden? Warden not special in arena until the last 2 expert and then maybe.
  5. Charmer - PvP vs. Ranger and Barbarian +10

    Not a minion used. Magic Charmer right there.
  6. Charmer- Random arena

    That skill buff heal to 761 no crt.

    I'm curious about that duel sword buff on that warden. Like what is that?
  8. [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1

    Haven't seen a single US Sapp doing the Guild Castle thing in test server.
  9. Charmer role in party

    Physical charmer with dogs is really good for party. Charmer also have def buff that can stack with shaman. Can help runner run with aoa stun. Charmer is a good party support. Just hope the Charmer in your party knows what they're doing lol.
  10. [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1

    Speedom US Sapp
  11. [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1

    New class skill?
  12. [2017.07.06] Guild Castles. Part II

    Well this gotten dead and so as warspear
  13. Thoughts about seeker

    On seeker bleed barely 100 with my 700 dmg at 4/4.