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  1. Good skill depending on the scenario and how you use it.
  2. Auto build is such a dull braindead build honestly. Also it's the most expensive build and requires being in a high lvl guild. Expensive how? You need speed gear and accessories. There's 4 ways to build a good seeker that I can think of. However, with daggers build (not in a high lvl guild), it's strong enough at lv26.
  3. Heavy armor, resist stacks, shield, aoe stun, hits harder than any class. Bladedancer can surpassed aoe stun and take out 3 players. Due to the population, that's an easy task to accomplish. Your class is broken.
  4. Speedom

    Debuff druid

    Get some resistance
  5. Guild stats such as critical dmg makes it more than just op also. Or else you wouldn't be landing that much dmg. Lol. Still an awesome skill
  6. To nerf something that gives DK a different style of tanking is tragic. The coolest tank in the game. Buff DK!
  7. Lol wow. You literally heal from the dmg you deal.
  8. Seen a dk with high lifesteal stats. It's mind blowing I'll say. (Hybrid build)
  9. They'll have to nerf paladins too
  10. Imagine with castle pots
  11. Should be able to cancel the skill using another skill. I think they'll be a good idea. Use it as counter measurement.
  12. You left out sorcerer costume inside the reputation chest. We didn't forget it's existence.
  13. Ok y'all really messed everything up. Schedule inaccurate, resetting in the middle of world event. Good job.
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