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  1. Lol this event is pretty dope. Is there gonna be a spring event too? Them spring weaps are dope, hopefully there's gonna be spring armor too.
  2. https://youtu.be/GKgDJhIH_LI
  3. So mage have a new stun but I find it hard to use in PvP due to the few seconds you have to wait to stun. Not only that, but the duration of blind is very short. I haven't test the duration of max blind because you know it dmg outside targets only and my mage mage only lvl 22. Another thing, it don't work vice versa. The duration of frost is longer. I think it should work both ways. Or at least frost then blind. Honestly, make the skill just stun alone. Another thing. Fear chances for max fireball? The chances still too low.
  4. Ranger elf x Ranger mc

    They're call Hunters.. Agree you can't touch. They're the hardest fighter class to PvP until we figure out their weak spot.
  5. Well Seekers. You can go spend your gold on whatever else you want...
  6. Warden - monster or cheater?

    Warden is a high def class.
  7. Barbarian's Last Wish is bugged

    Sometime your last wish don't come true.
  8. Seeker's Inner Rage

    It says that until you level it or buy it and then it changes to your hp have to this low(%) for it to work and the max is 35% of hp to get a 25% dmg buff
  9. Charmer role in party

    Yea you can cast it on them and it's protective. You get attack and the bird automatic attack whoever attack you. The best minion in Warspear. Magic build is perfect for that skill. It heals like a necrl and the buff you get is a purple feather.
  10. New Skills Test

    Agree and you see how easy bleed gets dodged and the cd. So no bleed no heal or other way, bleed and Bloodthirst miss. Inner rage goes away easy when your hp over 35%.
  11. Inner Rage

    If you have more hp like being heal, does it stays active or go away?
  12. Inner Rage

    My question is does it works 10% for 4/4 too?. In test it was 35%.
  13. Inner Rage

    Ok thanks.. Kinda don't see any use for me to lvl this skill. 10% is 300hp for me. Besides, seeker don't aggro in a party with BD, Pala, or Ward.