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  1. Nah, that really doesn't make any sense. Instead of players can grind for their hard work and effort to achieve it, they have to rely on "rich" players. Increasing drop rate can also help with trades. For example: trading a cc light armor boots for a cc heavy boots. You can't ever remove a FTP, P2P, and P2W players. Every game has that player. Miracle users don't need FTP players. They can grind out for their own stuff(if they're lucky).
  2. So getting players with better luck to spam for unlucky players to make them richer while other spending their hard earning gold to buy them for ridiculous amount. That really sucks since you need gold to amp. Arena gear, accessories and high level gear is very expensive to amp. On top of that, you need signs and f2p relies on Miracle Coin buyers to buy them. Grinding is a money game since you have to maintain your gear. Better the drop chances can help alot. Look at the market on Legion side since there's not many campare to Sentinels. The market is dominant with just event gear or just purpl
  3. Gold has been the biggest issue in the game. The economy in the game is horrible.
  4. So y'all want the game to continue to be a pain to grind? Sure, we'll keep breaking out gear. So many complaints in the game, but nobody are saying anything. Nobody don't wanna their hard earning gold that took them months to get for 1 piece of a gear. Like I said, this is the only game most of ever played where getting drops is very hard. If only stam recover faster.
  5. Well, we would like the truth. Why hide it? If players quit, then they'll make some changes.
  6. Good morning, afternoon, evening ladies and gentlemen, My title pretty much says it all, however, within all dungeons, what are the actually drop rate/chances of getting getting at least one piece of gear(heavy, light, clothes)? I know everyone is going to say it's random, but lets be honest here. Majority of drops are potions, scrolls, spheres, and crafting resources. Some might say that you're just bad luck with drops and some say that only the rich player drops. Can we get a graph or chart that is similar to the event dungeons but only with dungeons for non e
  7. Can y'all fix the drop by increasing it? This is a horrible drop rate. It's not even a 0.1% chance, it's lower for mermen and skill book drops. Is there a way you can persuade the developers to make it in the two digits for drop chances? Like come on, show the community some love that we give to the game. This is literally the hardest game I ever played to get a unique rare drop. I honestly got only 2 rare drops from 2012-2021 Feb 17th.
  8. Well in that case, should be the same for Necromancer...
  9. No vamp rune in the chest nor rare relic. Nobody's gonna buy that.
  10. I'm not at home to check my pc. So i can hold down the skill from the hotkey, and it'll self cast right? If not, that needs to be added.
  11. If you get the double crit magic mace for a magic chief build, it'll help with worrying about critical deficiency percentage. If it's your style, go with it and make it op.
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