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  1. The dmg stats still the same as the event drop weaps. But the drops have 5%(1hand) 10%(2hand) 15%(staff). Craft half of that. Just saying. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Why the 2hand craft have 5% auto attack buff? Can you make 10%?
  3. Speedom

    New skill ideas

    I think there should be some tweaks in seeker's current expert skill. Exhaustive Blow should get buff. Only changes are duration up to 9secs and the evasive debuff is onky 4%. Sadly, this skill can still get blocked, parried and dodged. Make Inner Rage do aoe stun once it triggered. A good way to counter and make some combacks. Also, in a life and death situation through high lvl mobs.
  4. Hope yall make new event craft available to change in crafting instead of waiting
  5. Hogging arena with already full arena gear. It took me 2 months to get 30k ap. Now since players expected lvl 30 cap, they gonna spam for max ap. Everyone say I need arena weap or gear. Well no shit, if i had more ap.
  6. Seen a shaman with castle pot heal 900. It's the pot.
  7. Just bugges. Sometimes the dmg buff don't also reset.
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