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  1. I'm just gonna SEEK my way out…
  2. Speedom

    Seeker skill ideas

    Make it passive since gm won't increase skill slots…
  3. 3:34 how was Buu able to use pot in arena?
  4. Seeker/Rogue skill sounds like they'll be dead before it works, or after. If it does against stun cycle class, doubt they'll be close to take that passive dmg hit. Sounds like another passive to keep at lvl 1. Like Seeker's Inner Rage skill. I think everyone just fear giving seekers and rogues stun.
  5. Make it a buff skill that drains mana. There you have some pros and cons from it…
  6. This skill op for 2hand warden but that's rarely a thing.
  7. Especially, when there's classes that have no passive skills. Such as druid, priest, shaman, and necro.
  8. Speedom


    Seekers are vulnerable in pvp. No stun and no def. Harad Shield is good for pve for map 2 and 3 for defense. Other than that, it's a buff skill. Back to the topic, Inner Rage, "good for pvp". It's another trashy skill with no purpose. You'll be dead before you get to land an auto hit. Every class can kite or nuke seekers easily. You go to arena and use disappearance while your partner get constantly stun until you attack so they can smoke check your ass.
  9. Charmer expert skill can and rogues in stealth have a chance. You're late to the party yo.
  10. Rework expert skill; new skills. This definitely gonna determined to keep pushing with my seeker or throw in the towel. I'm already playing new mmo's game.
  11. Wait what?! I need someone to test this since mine apply to disappearance.
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