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  1. They're not active on US forum like that anymore. It's just Russian forum now. I feel like it's pointless now unless we bash on them something negative to get their attention.
  2. Only benefit I can see is pve magic pala with 1 hand mace and that's it, but that'll be a HUGE sacrifice with good skills.
  3. Making it a passive/active skill. That's not a bad idea.
  4. I mean that is what the skill does, but making it passive that applies it to the target every so auto attack.
  5. Make Dark Seal Passive.
  6. Agree Warlock definitely need a rework on that skill.
  7. I like that idea
  8. Damage is ok, but I prefer defense buff. Maybe a rework towards stone shield to have some mobility with the skill.
  9. That's a broken Idea. I'm sure you looking at it for a pvp buff. I disagree.
  10. Warlocks do need to be buff
  11. I agree. So much resources to get 1 lousy energy resource. That's ridiculous!
  12. I honestly don't like the idea of having to wait to use them upgrade tasks(15% hp gear) and resource tasks. We should be able to use them tasks whenever we can. Bad enough that we can't tell when we'll be able to have a chance to use them unless we spend 49 mcoins. That is ridiculous! We could be sleeping at that time. Another thing I wanna add, being able to upgrade energy resources to ethereals. Ethereals are hard to get even without trying.
  13. Seen a topic on that years ago. I like the ideal.
  14. It's a warrior class
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