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    You pretty much just added details on what I was saying lol. But I'm wrong? However, gears are cheaper than before thanks to the drop rates. However, I don't play with my seeker. I stripped my gear and sold it for my paladin. But sure, you can continue, but I'm done with seeker. AKA the glass cannon.
  2. Greedy mofos, everyone wants their favorite class to be op. If you want more dmg and speed, just build a freaking 2 hand, light armor speed gear(they're cheap asf), with dmg accessories warden. Try something different because most Wardens looks the same anyways with the same build. Weak my ass.
  3. Duration - 5-7-10-14 seconds. Increase the "Evasion" parameter - 5-7-10-15% Increase the "Attack speed" parameter - 8-12-18-22% I found it and your welcome for those who needed the information.
  4. What's the percentage you get for dodge and attack speed each level? 1/4 - 4/4? Also, does the skill stacks per dodge or you received the buff according to it's level? Off topic: Daggers with attack speed vs swords with attack speed. How faster are daggers with attack speed vs swords with attack speed?
  5. Is that craft gear real or not? The one with the bonus. Didn't see it last test since it wasn't available.
  6. Would like to see craft gear and weapons like Spring and Snow Event, but Horror.
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