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  1. Speedom

    WARDEN made by Elf gm

    Warden expert fortification maxed takes away by 50%.. So 350 plus the flag defense that if if it have some. Hp book? I doubt many have them because that's a hard drop.
  2. Speedom


    What's the duration of sleep from lvl1 to 5?
  3. Speedom

    [2018.06.09] Game servers restart

    Can you give us Book Of Oblivion?
  4. Speedom

    Punishment Fail

    Sorry late reply. What i mean by fail is. That i have it at 3/5 which can take 3 hits. When it does work, it only dodge. No parry, no block. My block is at 18%. I expect more of that than dodge. I get it that it works by chance but it only dodge when it does work. In addition, out of three hits, it works once. So the question is, Does the skill only made to be dodge only?
  5. Speedom

    Punishment Fail

    Ok idk this issue is just me but the issue I'm having is that it's supposed to lower the accuracy to "0" and still fail. I have it at 3 which lower their accuracy to 0 for 3 hits for 9 sec. Doesn't work at at all. When it does, it'll dodge a hit and my dodge is at 2.5% from an amulet. Anyone else?
  6. Speedom

    WARDEN made by Elf gm

    MC used to win wars but mc went full defense instead of offense. When mc used to go full offense, it was hard for elf to stop mc due the locks stun. Dk can just go straight to flag while lock use circle around them from melee attacks. Yes elf send in warden but it's a decoy for a few war seekers to sneak in. Send in dk, barbs, and locks first can advance in good. Locks use circle in area close to tanks and near flag(not the same dam spot). It should be a circle trail. Hook them locks and tanks up with shield and bird and heal. A sec later, send in charmer, shaman and necro for dogs and acid rain, fear, quake, and both totem. Put them dam totem in the fight. They won't die lol. Rogues. You have one job(special team). Jump into the flag. However, if you have them ninja skills with poison, use that on the flag first. That's after the tanks and lock intial in the attack zone. Well if i was leader, that'll be my plan.
  7. Speedom

    It's Quiet Here. New Builds For PvE

    Nice that's where I'm at now
  8. What parry you looked up? Lol. There's no real meaning because it's a noun and a verb. It's how you use it.
  9. I just put money in seeker. I just started back playing. What a waist again
  10. Update did say Parry can work against magic now. That's been an arguement years ago for that to happen for parry builders. Parry and Block works against skill for some years too if y'all late to the party. It's a bonus for both side. Especially for tanks. This help keeping tanks from getting toss around like a puppet.
  11. Speedom

    It's Quiet Here. New Builds For PvE

    Title says it all. I need to know a good build for pve since I'm coming back. We had a topic but that's with the few expert skills at the time.
  12. Lol this event is pretty dope. Is there gonna be a spring event too? Them spring weaps are dope, hopefully there's gonna be spring armor too.
  13. https://youtu.be/GKgDJhIH_LI