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    без всякой лишней фигни
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    Во время съёмок не пострадало ни одно животное
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    Mind of Warspear [База знаний]

    Всем привет! Так как проект ws-db.ru закрылся мы решили создать новую тему. В данный момент на нашем сайте доступны: Калькулятор Интерактивная карта Статьи (не доступно в данный момент) (сайт может некорректно работать/отображаться в старый версиях браузеров, Internet Explorer и Edge не поддерживаются) Калькулятор Стоило большого труда собрать такое количество информации о предметах, если что то не найдете пишите. Но он все еще содержит неточности в формулах, если хотите помочь с их исправлением можете добавлять недостающие данные в таблицы: Кристаллы физического урона Регенерация здоровья персонажей (уровень персонажа ограничивает выбор предметов) Карта На карту сейчас добавляются только боссы и инстансы, у нас не достаточно времени что бы доделать интерфейс добавления, а соответственно и на добавление самих монстров. Так же на карту добавляются видео о прохождении боссов/инстансов, если хотите добавить видео — отправьте ссылку в личным сообщением на форуме либо в Telegram/Kik/VK. Требуемые параметры видео: HD/FullHD (пожалуйста не растягивайте видео в редакторе) Длительность до 16 мин. (ускоряйте скучные моменты боя) Загрузка только на YouTube Так же на карте есть возможность создавать "ссылки на локации" с помощью долгого тапа/нажатия мыши. Статьи Так же знаем что тут есть хорошие люди которые пишут гайды/статьи/истории. Мы с радостью добавим на сайт Ваш материал с ссылочкой на Вас (форум/vk/facebook/twitter/etc...) Доступно это все почти на всех языках которые поддерживает игра: Английский, Немецкий, Русский, Португальский, Испанский. Увы Китайский пока не получается, у нас нет людей знакомых с этим языком. Полистав тему ws-db можно заметить просьбы сделать это приложением. Нет, этого делать никто не будет, но Вы можете самостоятельно сделать сайт похожим на приложение следуя инструкции в видео. Это все. Надеемся не будет сильной критики, мы старались.
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    My warm greetings to all new Warspear players 😉 Here I will give my advices that will better your Warspear experience 1. First and foremost ... The story. No RPG can be separated from its story as they both go hand in hand. That being said you should know why there are four factions, why are you questing and what lies your purpose in game otherwise it will be a boring cycle of grinding quests like a machine. Firstly you should get started by the "Story of Warspear" app from Playstore(android). That explains the reason why there are four factions, whom are allies and their background stories (I will try as much not to spoil it), To gain experience in this game you need to complete Quests (missions from npcs). This is a unique aspect of warspear that has its advantages as well as disadvantages but for all that is Good kindly extend the dialogues and read them 😄 all quests from different native lands are intertwined making the game more interesting. *****IF YOU ARE A LEVEL 15 AND HAVE FINISHED MAP 2 ***** In order to access map 4 and continue the main storyline you require these quests to be done in the following order. >CL quests (Chainless League bosses like Granite Guard, Gar-Shag, Lake Elemental, Sea Monster, Gridaur || *Berengar Guards is optional only if you want to do Berengar Tower Heroic Difficulty for Achievement). You need to do them inorder to get reputation for Berengar Tower Dungeons which is coming up next (Please note there is no such thing as level restriction for opting a dungeon its just a level recommendation ... do not confuse) >You will be getting quest from Rolu-Arhn, a npc, to go to swamps ... take it and head off to T1. *New Enemy quest is for levels 21 and above ... you need to do Astral labyrinth (Old Lab) and go into Kronus labyrinth (New lab) and talk to npc ... not needed at this moment. *Berengar Shadows (Six Shadows) is no longer needed to progress in storyline. >Norlant swamps quests Echo of Tragedy and Ravva's Power. Echo of tragedy requires you to spam Big Ravva teleports till you reach Vitold's area and talk to him. Ravva's Power is the continuation where you get the quest from Vitold himself right after checking in Echo of Tragedy. You require to spam Big Ravva teleports (again... sigh) till you reach Kotta Ravva, a native settlement where you need to talk to a NPC. After that you need to spam (yes ... again ... 2xSigh) Small Ravva Teleports (NOTE DO NOT DIE AT THIS POINT ... NO RESPAWN STATUE AT KOTTA RAVVA DYING MEANS U NEED TO START AGAIN FROM SCRATCH !! IF YOU ARE SURE YOU CANNOT MAKE IT TO NEXT TELEPORT SIMPLY TAKE THE KOTTA RAVVA TELEPORT BACK !!!) till you reach an area where you can see a huge beautiful broken elf queen statue face .... you need to take Valariya (thats her name) Stone from her head and head back to T1 M3 (Zeneth-Haf) and check in quest to Faviy. > Return to T5 map 2 and talk to npc and then go to berengar and get gatekeeper quest. You need to go to astral labyrinth and kill him and get his coffer. >Berengar Tower Easy (Fljar) Normal (Stone crusher) Hard (Juggernaut) must be done and can be done inorder to reach map 4 Ayvondil. Heroic (Asterius) can be done if you need that extra experience points or achievement. And off you are to map 4 ! Good Luck. Please do note if you are playing in US-Sapphire server you are extremely lucky cause ...Many are there to help you out including me 24/7 😄 . Regarding Six Shadow Kindly message me on SavageSage (Tanksage) or Prokzz (Tenzz). Note if I do not reply your message I would be either beating up 2 million + HP bosses, already helping a questor or lagging so kindly understand. Sorry inadvance. Regarding how to do other quests like swamps etc. Kindly refer other guides like "Massive Spoiler for Norlant Swamps" by Ladygi under Guides section and give her a huge thumbs up for her work and dedication !. 2. Assign an email and password to you account. Last thing you want is spending 50$ having a decent level 17 hero and ... For some reasons ... You uninstalled the game (soft boot) you are going to lose all that for good. Next as a beginner boost you need to go on your PC. Open Steam (Download it if you dont have it) and download the game through steam on your PC. Log in your account (the assigned email and pass) and then go back to steam. Download the DLC Starter pack (there are two warspears on steam one is the main game and other the beginner starter pack). Run the starter pack and go back to the game. From your gifts section in miracle shop you will receive steam costume (depending on your gender) as well as extra pocket and a EXPERIENCE BOOSTER (Elixir of Knowledge). It will only be claimed when you take the gift into your bag so choose wisely which hero will you use it on. More information is given at the end of this post by Akasha. PLEASE DO CHECK IT AS IT CONTAINS LINKS THAT COMPLETES THIS POST!!!. 3.Lets get into the game 😉 If its your first time playing an RPG that is medieval based(swords magic etc.) you must know few Triangular rules (no illuminati) 3 types of classes ... Damager, tanker, and a healer. • Rule of teamwork: The game is based on teamwork and strategy you need to know your role and bind to your hero as one. Tanker: His duty is to take that punch for protecting his friend and pushing the assailants back. If you are self sacrificing and fearless. This class is good for you. Damager: His duty is to remove the root problem as quickly as possible before It can lay eggs or cause further damage. Why take a punch when you can instead beat him up ? Lol if you are this bad-ass dude this class is yours. Healer: You better like it if you negotiate and make peace ? Heal each other wounds and move for better tomorrow ? If you are this kind hearted saint .. Healers are for you. That should solve the issue with choosing your first hero ... • Rule of teamwork (2) Tanker will defend everyone by using his special taunt skill and lead the way for party to follow. Damager will assist the tank in finishing off enemies before they can hurt tankers more. Healers are the life lines of a party (Party are the temporary groups you can form... While in party kill quests etc. Become common for all who has that quest). • Rule of PvP Aside from boring AI Controlled mobs, PvP allows you to challenge other players and benefit from the experience in a fun way .... or just beat em ... But you need to know few things before hand ... Tankers in general are having advantage when fighting with damagers as they can withstand damage with their high HP and Def. However Tankers are weak when fighting Casters as casters can control the poor melee beast. Damager can nuke out casters but weak to tankers since they (tankers) can withstand their damage and kill the damager. Healers can send tankers to oblivion but due to their low vitality they are easy picks for damagers. Now I shall not discuss how to ... Equip weapon? Chat with friends? Etc. As the game hints already took care of it for me 😛 4.Your heros skill build .. This is were most newbies mess up with and get punished to get those expensive skill redistribution books. So you need to plan your builds properly ... There are many guides for classes in other sections of the forum which I shall not discuss here as they are advanced topics but just know your role and for first few levels the skills you upgrade should be correct (damager = attack skill or attack buffs/healer = healing and support skill/Tanker = tanking and damage skills) Always read your skills description to have better understanding of what they do and form your own combos in battle 😉 incase you don't know how to check your skills simply Menu> Character > Skills > click on a skill double times to view it ... Click on it once and then menu to either hot key it or skill study(add skill points to it) skill points are obtained every even levels(2,4,6,8 etc. You also get 2 skill points at level 10 and 20 and soon ... 30) 5.Always keep chatting and maintain good friendly attitude This will give you the advantage of meeting a stronger hero who can help you out or a group of loyal friends ... Dont be shy to ask at world chat. Just dont spam ... Its annoying. 6.Beware of Scammers Always use common sense when it comes to this one. In order to avoid basic scam .. for this you need to know the mechanism of exchange ... its simple as you exchange with somebody you click on those empty bags to give and item or click on the gold to give gold. Once your done press Done. This will show the player what you are giving but not exchange ... When the other person has given properly you must click on the items on his side that he offers to see if its really the item you need cause some items have same icons . After all is well press done again to confirm. *PLEASE NOTE* If someone asks you to pay inadvance for a service such as help for boss etc. kindly pay him after he has completed his part ... Never pay in advance unless it is someone who is credible or who you trust ! Same goes for those who say to pay first for a weapon on armor. ***Scamming starts when you blindly trust a stranger so becareful!*** Also note ... when buying items from dealer COUNT THE NUMBER OF DIGITS OF THE PRICE OF THE ITEM YOU ARE ABOUT TO PURCHASE !!! Reason... Some digits look smaller than others and you can get confused thinking a 6 digit number is a 5 digit number ... having you pay 10x more than the real price ... scammers never been trickier so stay safe ! 7.Save all your gold ! As a lower level you will be getting free decent equips from quests up to level 12 (till you finish the native map) only start buying cheap craft gears when level 14-16 and invest in level 18 Red tiers equipments ... Best investment for your hero. Want to burst level up (from lvl 1-20 in a day?)? Well then do not waste mcoins (miracle coin currency) on Novice Sets as they get you nowhere ... Instead stack on Knowledge pots (potion) and join a guild with XP buffs and buy yourself a leogryph (this minion costs 7K gold but is capable of making any low level solo bosses with ease due to its powerful healing skills... Use when you are level 6 or so ... It has 12hrs duration). Sell all items from quests like pots old armor scrolls etc. And when you reach level 14(with no XP booster) you should be having decent 25K Gold (25000). There are many guides on how to earn gold in the forum ... since I respect the hard work they have put into making them I shall not discuss the details here .... just note ... There was an update that removed high prices of drops before ... due to players making bots and farming mobs for gold ... so some gold guides were made a long time ago ... just know that the "MOB FARMING" thing no longer works. Incase you are into farming bosses (Actually called mini-bosses according to game's legend) please refer to the end of this post where akasha has posted links which show drop zones etc. 9.Arena Arena works on level tiers which is lvl 4-6/ 7-10/ 11-14/ 15-17/ 18-20 and so on .. (imagine if we get XP from mobs would these arena tiers be relevant ?) you will be paired by a random partner or a party member and fight of other players. Here you need to know the pvp rule I told earlier and help your partner cover their weaknesses as you discover the enemy weaknesses ... However due the the already strong powerful old players who dominate the arena ... You might not find it fun being knocked off in 1 hit. Prepare your gears and amplify them and also prepare your strategy and skill builds;) Do note you also can win a special in-game currency called arena points which allows you to buy equips and items from arena suppliers located at first towns of maps .. These equips have resil stats which reduce incoming damage from enemy players but you get increased damage from mobs (thats why they are called arena equips) and also ferocity stats which increases your damage to an enemy player but less damage to mobs. Definitely fun and worth a try to fight in arena as you also learn from losses and become an expert quickly and surely I will be seeing you on top of arena ratings 😉 . Do not be dishearted if you lose your arena battle you still get your ratings and arena points as condolence prizes 😛 10.Enchants and amplification You can enchant an equipment to add desirable stats and bonuses that can help make the game much easier to play... Enchants come in two forms ... Crystals and Runes . Runes generally augument Primary statistics of your hero. (like Physical defense, Magical Defense, Maximum Health, Health regeneration and so on ... Exceptions are there however). Crystals generally augument Secondary statistics of your hero. (like ... Accuracy, Penetration, Critical, Attack speed, Energy Regeneration,Maximum Energy and so on ... Exceptions are there however like damage increase crystals). This is the trend in broad terms as there is no clear boundary between the two ... except ofcourse ... the name and icon (lol). You can find them from your daily chests or common ones from dealer (has chance to fail and give weak enchantments but cheap and has a minimum level of item to use) or the Miracle ones from miracle shop(100% success and chance for super enchant). *****PLEASE NOTE UNLIKE AMPLIFICATION, YOUR EQUIPMENT WILL BE SAFE EVEN IF ENCHANT FAILS***** These are much better used when you are level 13 and above and have gears for same ... What I want to stress here are Mana/Energy regeneration crystals (Crystals of Harmony) because you will find the game much harder when you reach map 2 since you will spam dry your mana pool and have to wait for its slow recovery. Invest in mana regen when you get level 13 rings and belt or above and please do choose that mana regen level 8 cape as quest item 😉 having mana regen high enough can make you a skill spamming beast ! As for amplification you require Sphere of Damage(for weapon)/Defense(For armor rings etc.) enchantments. Some gold as payment and when upgrading to higher enchantments (+3 on wards) Signs of Imperishability that help ensure your item does not break or get destroyed or lost amplification also depends on the tier of your equips for example Blue and Green tiers have more chance to amplify than purple to red . you can get sphere from quests (boss and dungeon quests) or as a drop .. Or buy them from dealer 😜 Signs are only available from Guild rewards and from mcoin shop. Or as usual ... Buy them from dealer (NOTE: For signs much advisable to buy from players Or during Discount of these items (Every Sunday). 11. Miscellaneous. Regarding Dungeons > their short forms are Dgs Dungeons are basically rampage raid modes where you kill everyone(in map 1dgs) or kill selected few (map 2 and 4 dgs) or solve puzzles to move on (holiday dgs) You can always check the quest log to see your requirements left to finish the dungeon. If you have a dungeon quest! PLEASE touch the dead body of the boss and take his loot. The body disintegrates very quickly if you don't do that first ... You will have to repeat the whole dungeon. So many cases where even when I tell newbies to take they forget and learn the hard way 😄 ending up with me having to redo everything:! Then only after that you can take the treasure and hope for the worst (lol) Please note if you get *Ethereal Essence* (craft resource) or *Ethereal matter* (for new update) do not drop it ! It is worth 20000 Gold to crafters (thats what I call beginner luck). Always maintain party integrity (one of the rules mentioned above) or ... Get a bad-ass higher level to clean up everything in minutes (less fun to do ... But more fun to watch :D) Also note ... dungeons require a sort of payment to enter ... In the form of seeker stamina (Menu > Character > All Attributes > check lowest column to see how much seeker you have left) it usually recovers (*EDITED Special Thanks to "TheCabbage" for pointing out this one*) '8' hours one point. Bosses are boring to kill but fun to maintain good team work practice and can also get good loot. Do note Levels above 13 do not receive any drop in map 1 (Isn't fair for a College student to go back to kinder garden is it ? ?). Levels above 20 do not get drops in map 2 (except for labyrinth six shadows Hard mode on BG dungeons etc.) +info Farmer’s memo - limitations: Fantastic drop and Where to find it. view Drop list: Fantastic drop and Where to find it.ll view Also do note that when a tanker is engaged with mobs and bosses or if any mob attacks a player ... Healing him using skills will taunt the mobs to attack you .... In order to avoid it tell the tanker to agro or move away or kill the mob. (Agro means to aggrevate or attracts the mob or boss to direct their attacks to you thus saving your friend) ******ONLY HEAL A TANKER AFTER HE HAS USED HIS AGGRESSION SKILL / TAUNT SKILL ... or else you're screwed ... ****** Keep an eye out for that ... study and know what taunt skills a tanker would have and heal him after he has used it. Basic Must-Knows regarding Armor type and Stats. RPGs like this are all about level and equipments so I will just give the brief touch on the matter. As a .. Tanker: You need to focus on armor that gives you HP, DEF (heavy armor is a no-brainer), Block (If you are PURE Tanker with shield **NOTE THAT BLOCK PARAMETER DOES NOT WORK IF YOU DONT HAVE A SHIELD EQUIPPED**), Parry (If you are a blade dancer)etc. to ensure you can withstand all heavy damages your role has to give .. Accuracy and Critical if you are a Tank-Damager hybrid. Damagers: Critical and Accuracy are a must ! whats the use of machine gun that has insane recoil that you cannot even land a hit ?. Attack speed, Penetration and for some classes rogue you need Dodge etc. also a good amount of HP unless you want to get 1-Shot out. Healer: There are two types of Healers. Gradual healer who heals over time. (druid,shaman,charmer). Insant healer that does burst heal.(Necro,Priest,Paladin (yep ... paladins ... mine crit heals 1700 HP along with relic 2K HP on my self and new Paladin Prayer skill ... 3K hp along with self heal 2K from shield bash so dont say pala arnt healers.. yea paladins are healers now)). #Pfftsageurafaggot. (lol) It's evident that healers require HP to make up for their already low HP here and high MP Regen this is whats different... Gradual healers need more HP and base Magic should be high along with morderate Cooldown and Critical. Instant healers require high Critical high Cooldown along with high Mana pool and good Hp. Also note ... Small Crown with Blue back ground is a mob,(has really low hp). Small Crown with a Yellow back ground is a Elite Mob (players still call them mini bosses),(they have hp ranging from 2000 - 9000 + hp .... some of them can use skills). Small Crown with Red background is a Mini Boss (players call it boss -_-),(Has hp 12000+ and can use skills). Big Crown with Yellow background is a Boss,(has 280000+ hp and can use 2-3 skills). Big Crown with Red background is a Raid Boss.(They have 950000+ hp and can use 3 or more skills). Just look at top right when you click on a monster ... I am telling this cause some new players were confused what are those symbols on top right ... so ...you're welcome bros Mob (Environment) Mechanics. By now you must've realised that if you walk over some mobs ... they get pissed and attack you (lol).(if not ... go play the game already -_-). When you look at an npc name (be it a mob or a quest giver) you will notice the ones that have yellow font names are friendly and don't get pissed ... However the ones having red font name are really pissed off and will attack you if you get too close. Each mob like that has a RANGE of varying radius. Most of them have 1 yard (one box distance) radius and if you are 2 yards away from then (or have 1 box gap) they won't attack you . Some have 4 or more yard radars equipped so becareful (Dungeons, Labyrinth etc.) Just keep in mind to NOT walk over them but manuever around them. Sometimes you will notice that your hero is 8 yards away from a mob yet you can still hit them ... This is called GPS (Glitch Position System) (lol). It can be caused due to poor internet signal or your phone/pc ram being overloaded by other apps working in background. It can be be solved temporarily by clicking on a particular spot for 5 seconds. As a result , you hero's position will be re-aligned. *will add soon ... no time to post stuff* I think that would be enough to help you start off with a blast ? I know it is written in a raw and boring form but I will try and update it soon to make it much more appealing 😉 Let me know if you need any more advices I will gladly help or am I not The Sage of Warspear? Take care everyone ! For advanced and mastery discussions regarding classes please see my other posts from class discussion ! I shall share the Sage *Power that I possess (Knowledge is *Power) Also note if you happen to play in US-Sapphire Realm (game servers) You can always PM (private message) me if i am online or ask me for tips and even help if you need (like bosses dg etc.) My heros are *DivineSage, Springsage, Tanksage, Rapingsage ...... about 99% of ".....sage" are me 😄 (greensage. chaossage.sageofwar.heroicsage .... just pm *DivineSage ) You can ask me in-game for help. *SavageSage changed to DivineSage .
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    Вот это портрет Ухогора... Который связался с вами темными... Так как ты изначально был дру и потом перешел за гор, возможно это именно твой портрет...
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    Хм... А это идея... А хилам запретим юзать хил на себя) Это решит кучу проблем... Хил же поддержка, он и не должен танчить и дамажить... Пусть стоит и хилит других...
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    Ну это уже перебор))) Чтоб палу жмякнуть, ему еще как-то в толпу войти надо)) И там либо прыгнуть а это навестись надо, либо дойти и выдержать кучу урона))
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    New 29 lvl arena

    Nope, barb have skill block no need parry If warden much block 25% max only no more
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    Уникальный дроп должен быть. Просто хотя бы должен быть
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    New 29 lvl arena

    It would make DK, Barb, Charmer and Warden harder to kill than they already are i dont think devs want lose more customers with all the complains those classes have already Charmer, Dk, Barb and Pala are way better than BD on PvP and they can benefit from those parry set as well
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    Проходят битвы без вниманья, Шуршит в порту спокойненько трава, А на пределе дейлы, собы, Фарм инстов до утра! Мы Злобного Пушка прогнали, Погоняли толпы гор, Одолели злого Гринча, Дух Миророждения - спасен! Запустили все фейверки, Пригласили всех к столу, И за элем Аринарским Справим дружно НОВЫЙ ГОД! ✨С Новым 2019 годом! 🎄
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    Greetings brother. Paladins is one of the most complex classes in the game which require alot of presets luck and focus to use. I am a level 26 Paladin named HeroicSage in US - Sapphire Realm and can almost solo T3 bosses and with even a 300 heal healer I can make it through easily. Issue arises when in mythic dungeons I agree since as you said mobs are ridiculously overpowered. Unlike Warden, Paladins need strategy and need to clear out key mobs (like magic mobs) asap before going on that being said the party will be slower as compared to the ability of wardens. Another thing is that Paladins do now have any Passive Heal skills or a strong damage reduction skill. Paladin's Barskin barely do much and so he only depends on healer and high hp. In the end it cannot outmatch a warden in tanking an army of mobs with bosses but makes up for its extreme versatility. I have led so many parties in Berengar Dungeon Mythical and never required a healer But yeah ... otherwise if it be a weak paladin his role should be to side tank and assist the main tanker and heal/buff up the entire team along with slowing off mobs etc. If a Paladin cannot tank a particular area well or is not yet "Matured" in terms of skill and gears ... Paladins always have the freedom to be healer or damager so it is never a waste to have one in party. In most instances when a Paladin can last to tank he can basically speed up the team alot ! I have tried the recent Snowy dungeons and my Warden(lvl 26) did the dungeon (lvl24) in 2 stams with a strong party (high amped cbow ranger though) while my paladin did it in 1 stam with 1-2 mins before end with a moderate-weak party. After seeing the results The Paladin did 180K damage overall (was the first in damage) about 50K heal (idk what the healer was doing tbh) and 42K dmg tanked. Every class has its speciality and have specific scenarios to which they are best suited. For example I need a good healer to do Old + New Labyrinth and Kronus as well on my paladin but my Warden can solo them all without a problem. This guide is intended to be an ultimate guide for Paladins like my Druid guide and lots of things are yet to be included but ... time ... so my apologies until it is completed :(.
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    Для чего?

    "Мама я прошел варспу"
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    Берем релы +2 к дальности совокупляем их между собой пока скилл не достает от твоего респа до респа противника
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    Клеймо мастера

    Вообщем идея такова: игрок 1 создал предмет "Хитон истинного спокойствия" и при осмотре предмета в правом нижнем углу мелкими буквами стоит некое клеймо "предмет создан игроком 1",таким образом можно увидеть работы автора.Вообще идея бредовая,но считаю место ей должно быть.
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    Система хила

    Недавно разработчики немного упростили жизнь танкам, у которых после срабатывания скила агра теперь не теряется цель, и я тут подумал почему бы не упростить жизнь также и хилам. Я 3 года играл за друида, и когда спустя какое то время выкачал рея, то понял насколько им проще играть. У хила для того чтоб просто хильнуть/бафнуть танка в инсте(я уже молчу что это только 1 скилл из 10), надо найти его среди кучи игроков и мобов(класс игрока не отображается никак без открытия доп интерфейса, поэтому приходится запоминать ник, или смотреть у кого из пати щит, который кстати используют не все танки), попасть по нему мышкой(когда он двигается надо постоянно его ловить), а если он находится в одной клетке с другим союзником, то надо еще выбрать кого хилить, и если ты попал не на танка, то в сложных инстах вся группа находится под угрозой. И прикол в том что это все надо делать по кд скила, то есть каждые 6-8 секунд, что немного выматывает когда ты бегаешь 2-3 часа инст. Конечно, некоторые скажут, ничего особенно сложного в этом нет, есть игры намного сложнее... и я соглашусь, но всетаки по моему то что есть сейчас в игре больше похоже на сложные в использовании костыли, чем на уникальный геймплей. Что я хочу предложить: Сделать так, как реализовано во многих онлайн рпг, чтоб хилить можно было просто нажав на область с игроком в интерфейсе пати, который находится слева сверху экрана под вашим хп(когда вы в пати). Хотелось бы еще добавить, что особенно я прочувствовал все несовершенство системы хила которая есть в игре сейчас, когда я шел в фул пати друзей на битву, и надо было кинуть связь на чела, а я не мог... на 1 клетке находилось около 7-8 человек, я пытался поймать из списка нужный ник, но это было невозможно, ведь список каждую секунду обновлялся и уничтожал все мои попытки пролистнуть его вниз для выбора цели ... конечно такое бывает и с дд, но всетаки с дд ничего не случится, если он не выберет цель сию же секунду, а без своевременного хила союзники обычно умирают. Еще было бы неплохо, если б члены группы хоть както выделялись по классам или ролям, чтоб можно было сразу понять кто где, без запоминания ников, эффектов скилов и других внешних признаков. Вроде сказал все что хотел, добавьте если чето еще не сказал по теме, спс за внимание.
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    Над решением действительно думают, но необходимо что-то комплексное и в то же время точное, чтобы ограничения были автоматизированны применялись только к нарушителям. У разработчиков есть некоторые мысли на эту тему, но окончательного сформированного решения пока нет. Я смогу поделиться с вами только полностью сформированной, разработанной и введенной идеей, поэтому сейчас не могу ничего сказать. 2019 принесёт нам не только новый контент, но и переработку устоявшихся механик. Давайте подождем, а после опробуем это вместе Вы это обвинение хотите влепить в каждое сообщение? Я прошу вас немного сбавить тон и быть более разборчивым в выражении своих мыслей. Никто и никогда не запретит вам высказывать своё мнение. Но если вы во всех темах будете оперировать одним и тем же аргументом, то я не смогу оставить вас без наказания за флуд.
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    Сделать возможность поместить игрока в "ареночс". Поясню. У каждого игрока будет список игроков, с которыми он не хочет попадать на арену в одну команду.
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    Make Arena more better

    how about u fix rogues damage? being nuked in 2 hits with 2 awards and full resi set is just stupid.
  20. 1 point
    Не слушай их. Фарм, ремесло и прочая ПвЕшная гадость тебе быстро наскучит. Качаешь перса, хотя бы до 20 лвл. Более или менее точишся. После этого тебе открывается чудесный мир... Слив нубов. На боссах Ирсельнорта всегда пасутся горские стада ПвЕшных бомжей, которые сутками напролёт долбят несчастных боссов. Подходишь к ним. Втираешься в доверие. Как только ХП босса подходит к критическому значению, подбегаешь к фармерам. Включаешь оковы (ведь ты паладин), ставишь знамя и врубаешь иллюминацию. Через минуту иссопливенные нубофармеры поносят в лс твою мамку. Профит. Походы в ПвП-норку. На Ирсельнорте есть такое место. Дыра. Там тусуется разной степени блевотности публика: всякие "рукопрямые" имбы, "пвпешеры", "аренеры". Как правило, это великовозрастные девственники, прокачивающие своё ЧСВ в пиксельной игре. Жалеть их не надо. Дожидаешься, когда лбами столкнутся два "дуэлянта". Когда один из них начинает проигрывать - делаешь то, что я описал выше. Через пару таких трюков тебя будут лить сразу же при входе в пещеру. Но свою долю лулзов ты отхватишь точно. Ещё можешь лить незадачливых обитателей ПвП-норки у входа в пещеру. Но тут желательны напарники. Увод боссов. Прокачиваешь свой агр на 5/5. Вставляешь реликвию агрессии. Идёшь к популярным боссам, и когда они ресаются, уводишь их с помощью агронавыка. Потоки соплей, мата и угроз тебе обеспечены. Слив арены. Регаешь арену 2 * 2. Дожидаешься, когда твою заявку одобрят. Далее... просто смотришь как долбят твоего напарника и читаешь чат, где он в резких тонах высказывается о твоих моральных качествах. Советую регать арену голым. В день у тебя будет 5 бесплатных билетов. Пять раз в день ты ловишь лулзы. Профит. А ещё можно поматериться в чате. Раньше неплохо заходила политика, особенно тематика российско-украинских отношений. Сейчас уже не так всё лампово. Но опытный троль всегда найдёт пищу. Можно, например, придраться к нику чужого персонажа или к его эквипу. Или придраться к чужим ошибкам. Это всегда заходит. Также можно срывать прохождение Лиги представителям противоположного альянса. Но, как и в случае с чатом, это ситуативное развлечение. Надеюсь, я тебе указал дверь в волшебную страну Сезам. Если сможешь перебороть в себе моральные предрассудки, Варспир не будет тебе казаться скучной и сонной игрой. Удачи, юный нуб.
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    Ну вообще-то раньше если узнавали что у тебя есть персонаж с другой фракции то тебя не брали ни в одну топ ги, и вообще считали куском непонятно чего, а сейчас это в порядке вещей.
  22. 1 point


    вы слишком много видели, теперь разработчики вынуждены вас убрать
  23. 1 point
    Вот недавно некра качал... Некр у меня полнейшее дно в нубошмоте, но речь не об этом... На нубе я видал множество новичков... В частности это касалось "Дома Крови", "Усадьбы Глада"... В "Доме Тлена" их заметно поубавилось... А в последующих городах их вообще небыло... Раза два за день попадались игроки и все... И НИКОГО из них я не встретил на айве... Назревает вывод не так ли...
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    Ну не факт что какая то гильдия захочет сразу терять замок, ведь возможно нас ждёт новая постройка. И вот у меня, замок 5 лвл, хотелось бы сразу реализовать новую постройку, если она будет действительно годная. Но тогда наша ги лишается ачивки, что тоже не очень. Да и не факт что дадут замок скинуть на твиноги. В прошлый раз, когда появились новые замки, я пытался скинуть на другую гильдию, но вражеская гильдия просто слила стража и стояла АФК до конца таймера. Тем самым, они лишили нас возможности побороться за Ачивку. Тоже самое могут сделать и дарки
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    Да просто оценил игру "со стороны" 🙂 Скоро и форум перестану посещать, благо в 2019 выходит много интересных ММОРПГ 🙂 Да и девайс новый уже едет для них 🙂
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