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  1. ??? Remove rush resist because you already can have resist from the 3 resist stacks. Too much resistance given to bd otherwise. Already can pre buff resist stacks then rush = same thing. Attack force passive ? You mean power of Blades ? It's a fine skill and just auto hits just like seeker basic skill exacerbation thou 40% instead of 25%. Bd lack crit to deal really insane damage anyways. Bd need resist yes ... but not too much. Otherwise any non tank hero has slim to no chance to kill it
  2. Greetings to everyone ! Your man Sage has returned and now will guide you into building the King of Tanks in warspear. Wardens are by far the most toughest tank class in warspear. Being specialised to go all in in defence this Tank has very low damage but almost invincible. You will require to organise damage dealers and can swap out support class if you are well geared for the task ahead. When playing a warden you need to keep a humble leader mentality and focus on making sure your team is safe by agro / confronting enemies head on (agro = aggression /
  3. Blade dancers already are one of the top damage dealers in game ... what do u mean by bd having low damage ? Bd gets max speed accu pene shield parry ... they good for pve. Just that at war they are kinda useless since they are walking dummies getting stunned ... but i think the new skill is abit over kill ... needs a nerf
  4. Yea ... clearly ur assumptions are undoubtedly absolute ... 2 lvl 29 necro lvl 28 barb charmer and other mc chars surely do suggest i am an elf only. I play both sides and don't support partisan mc nazies or nazi elf. Very immature to me its just a Game why all the hate ? I even log warden and help mc questors on their side of lab. Idk i keep rational thoughts and logic while playing the game. Now with that out of the way ... new heal of druid barely usable as per description just a life saver ... not much use unless a hero is about to die and timed right. Bd is purely arena s
  5. The game balances the number of Sentinels and Legion (for obvious reasons) so every 2 weeks or a month u can create a sentinel character ... its a limiter
  6. Uh ... another idle MMORPG? If you wish to get max tier gears and power in 1 month without paying then this game is not an ideal choice. This is a long grind game like Dragon's Blade (well ... less grindy than that game .. jeez). Its meant to waste ur time XD. Doing auto quest spoils the game ... Story will be ignored (If it hasn't already been) and key fundamental concepts of game with it. It takes 2 weeks or less to properly get adjusted and flying to max lvl in 3 days is horrible (like yea takes months getting gears so level 32 blade dancer with level 12 swords
  7. Game is heavily Pay2Win ? YES. Just like every other MMORPG on mobile. Does that mean that it is not worth to play ? NOPE. I am not d1ck riding the devs or been paid to do so however devs need to make their bread and butter . Pay2Win aspects of the game only speeds up the game for you. What 6 months grind would need to get a hero to full +9 +10 would just be a month grind (I highly do not recommend to throw money on any p2w game... pay at your entertainment expense). I am only against the gatcha gambling system (which become addicting as alcohol or dr
  8. Yes ... It basically cheats death ... A 1 time use version of Healing Barrier. If your friend is 1k and a swamp slug is gonna send him to respawn statue use it on him and he gets hp and avoids the 10k damage from slug completely and gets healed for an amount not known yet ... As per what I understood from it. You are welcome.
  9. Not sure ... Kindly "Read" Skill descriptions ... Just cause BD got an op skill that is bound to be nerfed doesn't mean you ignore the 6 other over powered mc skills. This update does favour mc more than elf if I were to give my opinion on this subject. ¤ Warlock AoE silence? ¤ Nerco Legion of coffin dance skeletons? ¤ DK pull and mark an enemy to death (if he runs he deals dmg to his friends nearby)? ¤ Hunter's ... Ahem ... Invisible Trap that deals damage and can stun ?(basically all ranger traps combined :/). ¤ Rogue has now an equivalent of Seeker's BloodThi
  10. Very good update ... developers obviously will balance out some kills but its nice that MC has more buff in terms of war advantage this time ... (Necro gay Overlord Ains Own Gown skill that will summon corpse to do coffin dance/Warlock Aoe silence/DK aoe dmg and target dmg/Hunter invisible traps that stun and list go on ... helpful cause mc has low number during wars)... Just Bd skill kinda unbalanced pls nerf (Arena God?) ... Mcs got good buffs now. But the issue is to update our gears and buying signs XD. Gonna take a while and also to adjust to all these new arsenal o
  11. Lol these things are there in the final draft of this guide ... just either lazy or dont have time to post it all but I really am happy it helped you out ! Take care bro.
  12. For lower level Paladins I recommend sticking to Magic Paladin setups. Weapon setup: Would be a Spear with Magic Damage Enchantment Crystal or a Magic Hammer with Magic Enchantment Crystal. Armor setup: Should consist of gears that give you maximum hp possible (Heroic endurance,Craft Gears etc.) Mana(Energy) Regeneration Cape with Magic Damage (Abyss zealot damned mantle) / Hp Magic Damage Amulet ( Medallion of Thousand Suns) / Hp Magic Damage Accuracy Rings (Heavenly Signet) should be a proper setup for accessories. A
  13. Do they think the same when ruining others game play and banning their accounts ? they care not as evident. These are not mistakes ... this is planned evil Even I being one of most loving and neutral players have withness their deceit firsthand ...
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