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  1. is it possible to reset eu after 1h? alot lagging now
  2. so what about the ranger on 2x2 1# at this moment? he seemed to be spamming for 22h straight yesterday, this doesnt sound suspicious to you? ah right, hes on ur side so u dont mind? we go there as a guilds not as players, ofc you can expect us all to block. theres more serious problems on botting than fighting itself, autoclicking and botting most problems for months. however bots get punished for 2 weeks mostly then theyre back.. yeah. this ss you have, anyone can notice its just made on humor than being serious, if not you dont have a piece of humor 😄 it's just oblivious google translate ERROR, ignore it
  3. It shouldn't be hard when you've merged 4 big guilds for that😁☃️
  4. add to wish-list a chest which spawns each 24hr on any location of t5 and drops 100% pirate key, please
  5. not just the castle potions, castle scrolls, normal pots and scrolls.. u can have either all of them or nothing, you cant say its not a big deal to have 30% increased def as well with 20% extra resist, either all or nothing
  6. Cool that Wrath of the Gladiator came back, it`ll be my first time of having it. however it seems that gladiators from 5x5 category who won 5# rank doesnt show up on the winner´s list of the previous season, and they got no awards can you check for it @Peony?
  7. we managed to kill druid with lifeforce pot just by using damaging skills (shaman with me), But hey dear Vlaconan, its bigger deal to get good partners than complain about buffs, one day you say "china no know play seal" when u lose, "noobs blah blah" when u win, and yet you have to come here complain about lifeforce pot while u use castle scroll, its pretty fun, I know you want barbs to be best chars at everything but theres no way to do that since first seals arena we played 3 rogues vs 3 bds with the counter bfr nerf, still won more than half of the arenas. arena is teamplay, if you lose, its either your fault, or your partners fault, or maybe you did so good but your enemies just did little bit better or got luck, but you have to deal with that
  8. it's getting fun again. Why do you complain about castle pots while you're using castle SCROLLS which gives 30% def+mdef + 20% resist? Lets assume your own resist is 6%, your guild is 12lv and you got resist buff from the guild skills (as you have) and you got a 4% resist book (yep you have too), so that gives 36% resist. Do you think that it's fair against stunner chars like a lock or any normal players who barely could survive with their arena sets? 36% resist means basically every 3rd hit is resisted, sometimes 2 in row, sometimes not at all, sometimes 5 in row, just 2 resists in a row and your enemy is dead. That sounds fair when there's 2x barbs with max pene, and fero together yeah? is it only barbs who is allowed to win? 😂 (Attached ss of vlaconan's favourite scroll)
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