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  1. is there anything wrong on magical and physical toughening books(or something else)? I see some characters taking only 7-10 dmg from auto hits, and they're not wardens
  2. haha, sorry but the description was wrong then, sorries
  3. Yeah it might be possible, but considering that it was aigrind who floaded itz's email to others, devs should really investigate about this, same as players responsiblity is keep their email safe, so is aigrind's job to keep their e-mail safe, not shown for other players. and the autoreplies really pisses off, even there is huge chance of this exact screenshot to be the problem. It contains 10 e-mails of different players, probably none of them was even warned, that this will be shown to others.
  4. Yes, I found similar information. However, symbols can't be used on warspear yet, and yes I agree with this capcha
  5. Yeah I recommend everyone change their passwords if its just including numbers. Also, sometimes I think email is safer than password, like on our case, that's why I honestly hope support to check our case deeply, since it is a little woopsie from warspear who had my friend's email showing at gmail to each participant who joined to new classes, chieftain and templar hidden test. Perhaps some of the YouTubers have recorded showing his email by mistake on video, or just innocently mentioned it to some bad person, but since that I think our case requires deep check
  6. There is a huge point why I'm asking this, it is because our guild leader got hacked recently, however, there was a mistake of people floading his email without trying to harm, but that doesn't stop the bad persons to make something bad. However, why I was asking Because IF yes, I figured out deeply, can someone "hack" (its not a hack, it is "figuring out" without actually knowing the pass) This is my point. Someone got your e-mail. Next step of that bad person would be: Would it be a number, alphabetic password or a mix of both? Since numbers are easier to dig out, (because of uppercase and lowercase), the scammer would try first with numbers. I roughly could say, theres a high chance of the passwords are just numbers, which doesn't mean anything, are just a specified numbers of what I know of but nobody else can figure it out, let's say number between 1-5 000 000. Is there person to try it 5 million times? Some people put to their password a specific days for example, let's say yesterday's 9122020. Obliviously, there is no person to write it 10 million times, so it would be bot-made. How difficult is it to make a typing bot? I'm not a programmer, but tried 2 years ago for fun a typing bot, writing keyboard without actually touching it. Literally we lost our most activest guild on server and my dear friend's account, so I had to deeply think every option. Back to case, people knows your e-mail because of something, decides to make a bot for test multiple combinations of passwords. It's not hard, nowadays everyone can do that. let's think what would it take, imagining: - clicking to login menu and trying password again repeatedly, maybe 2.5 seconds - calculating 60/2.5 seconds, it becomes 24, multiplying it by 60 minutes, comes 1440 passwords per hour, multiplying it by 24 hours, comes 34560 - each password try just increases by 1 number like normally, 1,2,3..... We could think that: 34560 doesn't sound even close to my imaginary 9122020 password, sounds like hacker has to try 263 days for break 9122020 password. I change my password once a half year or even a month. Would I be safe? No, because there is also multiple clients of warspear on multiple desktops doing that 34560 times a day, trying to crack the password. for example, if there is 5 of desktops doing that 34560 tries password per day on 5 clients, it would make just 12 days to crack it. Next step we are thinking of, wouldn't that take a lot of PC's CPU? Yes it would, but there is way to turn that CPU to lowest as possible on each client software, for maximize the limit of clients cracking the password. (You don't need super laptop/PC for this either) Also there is problem at starting point of number for each client, but it is easy to figure out as well, by thinking the example the maximal number of passwords which would be used for execute, lets say between 10 million, I would divide it by 25, result would be 11 days. 11 days for guess random password between 0-10000000, that's why I'm worried, and asking, if that is possible.
  7. I'll have to edit this topic bit later, but for now my question is: I've thought of, what if player writes password repeatedly wrong, will gm be able to see if it happens or not? For example, 50 million times wrong password, does anything happen if someone does that?
  8. didn't know about this, probably because they we're mad from elves blocking us at 32 dg for weeks
  9. I actually want to inform, the account e-mail got leaked to YouTubers on the email, over 10 mails got leaked to each other because of test server. itzblaack joined to server test when new classes came out, so thats why I believe it deserves a very deep check.
  10. Yeah I can also say we were pretty fine with YY, not about that. theres some clues we may guess how it happened but we wont tell about it here, I didnt expect it to get fixed here anyway but I want people to know how much effort we made on this guild. We leveled our guild at horror event to 9lvl and we already made enough gp even for 10lv
  11. This topic is about one of most active guilds on EU-server, which we owned for long time but we made it active just 5-6 months ago due Mermen GvG/bosses causing drama, Delicious, a 9lv guild with t2 castle (which def would of been next weekend). We made 16M guild points this week, which would'we made us #2 this week on Guild Tournament. But of course when there is motivated people trying to do something cool, theres always someone who wants to pull them down, not sure about his motif, either a revenge, flexing on hacking skills or something else, but the point is that it's gone, which is sad to our 90 active members who almost everyone made atleast 50k gp this week. And not just having that enough, our leader got hacked and deleted as well. This is what I know; I went sleep at 4am after horror events, our other members did dgs still as normal, and itz got hacked about 5:00- 6:00 CET Here is the video/screenshots of the hacker kicking people, we had members going kronus Now the question is, what can we do? is there anything that can be done? I hope support team is able to help, since this seems to be hacking-thing, this happened once or twice a year to most famous players on EU, hacking seems to be difficult I know but I hope there is people who can investigate on this case, its 90 of active members, best guilds mc side got on EU, T2 castle defence comes next week and its our castle so yeah...
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