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  1. Lyzoic


    I have staff on my charmer, it works pretty well on dgs, no need to fight about having either good dmg and low heal or low heal and good dmg, with staff you have both stats fine, and when there's 4/4 bird helping
  2. im not the only one who misunderstood it, 5 of my friends were wondering it also, im here to CONFIRM it, and then I read it by myself too and read it wrong = not well written, or maybe 5 people misunderstood it for no reason, but since they answered already (and fixed the older description) there is no need to continue it
  3. 10min early and just when we was "planning to do something significant" but mi like the event, so much to do
  4. Haha sowwy I understood it now, it was just written too oddly 😅 let the book hunt begin
  5. just 12 levels guild are allowed to do the octopus eventthere are only 2 guilds in eu that is lvl 12please consider about making it 10...😅
  6. jump to russian page, first topic in the up and first post xD
  7. update 27381918.1 EARTH IS GONE
  8. miks sun nimi on sinisel ;-;

  9. almost every stun is nerfed against bosses, not just bds sap. It's just fair, who would like to do engineer with 5 locks anyway :[
  10. Today also few of my guild mates didn't receive chest from beholder event, dutchrogue, smolderx, lilchicken (wcduckk maybe) didn't receive and they were atleast 1 min or more in area, smolderx was there tanking about 10mins and he still said he didn't get... event was about 8 hours ago *EDIT* it happened again, abt 3min ago from now
  11. charmer = solo tanker, stunner/ healer, or damager, your choice, even works on right set \/ . | \
  12. Wtf BDs are then joke too ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;
  13. please..... Old.... Hotkeys and menus back..... I can't click new ones I missclick everytime 😫
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