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  1. Lyzoic

    Life Exhaust

    shortly said, if you wanna make lock for tank minibosses of ayv t3-5 or for tech dgs, then yes (not sure about tech either), but for any higher action I dont recommend
  2. Here's a example, if charmer gets 1#, he gets this ring and around 43k imperials from this season. But what if he doesn't like magic ring? well he doesn't and he would like to get 75k(?) imperials instead of that magic ring, so he can just buy a physical one from the arena accessory shop☃️
  3. Arena is nice, but awards isn't that nice if you're into charmer with physical accessories set, or perhaps a paladin with magical accessories. Well, I think it could be solved goodily just by removing arena accessories as from rewards and simply give (a lot) more imperials of greatness to winners, so they could just pick whatever they want instead of getting what they doesn't want. There's my suggestion now have a good day
  4. and veterans doesn't? what does polish have? vets should be getting free wins time after another?
  5. mermen trials matchmaking takes us always same result, no matter what we end up fighting same guild after each time, and its not just us, it's always phalanx vs yinyang and polishteam vs veterans, which doesn't make any sense. Each time we hope for meet others from the 9x of 10-12lv guilds but we not getting even any other 12lv guild, never got mc vs mc guild, same on phalanx, they never got vs veterans, maybe time to fix matchmaking for fourth time?☺️
  6. This ^ or if its not gonna happen, I wish it to be able drop only if the guild event is on☺️(come on!!!)
  7. havin good solidity xd use buffs bfr boss n talents playing high role on there, mostly as on heroic sea, the longer u survive and the higher the long lasting def is, you'll be more likely to stay alive in the end (solidity increases while long lasting def works)
  8. Lyzoic

    Why why and why

    You may try different places, there are some ships where mobs doesn't atk
  9. well the skills goes the same way, 1st skill from 2 pieces and 2nd from 4 pieces
  10. As I saw there's just 1 set for each armor type (light, cloth, heavy), with 2 new bonuses, which should work as any other set bonuses, 2 pieces for unlock first set bonus, 4 armor pieces for both
  11. so how does this gvg work? Is it guild vs guild and just fastest guild in the server wins, or there is many guilds participating each other as 1 guild vs 1 and there can be multiple winners?
  12. is it possible to reset eu after 1h? alot lagging now
  13. so what about the ranger on 2x2 1# at this moment? he seemed to be spamming for 22h straight yesterday, this doesnt sound suspicious to you? ah right, hes on ur side so u dont mind? we go there as a guilds not as players, ofc you can expect us all to block. theres more serious problems on botting than fighting itself, autoclicking and botting most problems for months. however bots get punished for 2 weeks mostly then theyre back.. yeah. this ss you have, anyone can notice its just made on humor than being serious, if not you dont have a piece of humor 😄 it's just oblivious google translate ERROR, ignore it
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