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  1. Happy b day phat. Going be on more soon and going be starting clanbook for rage of bahamut fof Clan in tavern soon. You can meet and greet the r.o.b. members soon.
  2. Hi all still playing forsaken side warlock sylvinnia chosen side mage wolfsage. FOF CLAN on r.o.b. doing ok got another holy war coming so preparing clan for that right now
  3. Eveeytime I've been trying to play noone on or talking. Recommend rage of bahumet app it is a free game and you aren't required to use real money to get quality items or advanced cards and easy honor points system and I have fof Clan there
  4. Still playing albeit not as much might start playing more regularly soon
  5. Yes and can be addictive you don't have to pay for cards if you don't want to but if you do and get crap you can sell it for rupies (always useful ) or use to make another card stronger and you can trade or gift it to someone too. Just make sure to register your device and put referral code in at end of tutorial to get 100k rupies and rare god realm card
  6. So far got shooter and remember safeguard your angelic knight since it becomes powerful when evolved fully. Also in the FOF Clan forum I have posted helpful hints for clan . P.s. once joined plz donate 50k rupies from 100k got after tutorial so I can get clan ready for upcoming holy war P.p.s. you have any rares willing to part with can trade for them ones looking for are wishlist
  7. Byes is an mmo I have posted the thread and they just changed when I would get the bonuses I am planning to use for clan til the ones using my code kmw62252 at level 10+ which thankfully doesn't take long. They have a holy war coming up between orders(clans) and it stops the joining process for Clan if unable to get more on before. Shooter http://mobage.com/games/rage-of-bahamut And I think around 13mb
  8. I have started an FOF Clan on rage of bahumet app it is a free game and you aren't required to use real money to get quality items or advanced cards. If you use my referral code kmw62252 at end of tutorial you will get a rare god realm card that boosts your decks attack that becomes powerful when evolved fully and gets you 100000 rupies. Must use after tutorial or will not get it. I also get rate card and 100000 rupies, all rupies gained will be put towards increasing FOF Clan power.search users for wolfendragon99. And click FOF Clan and request to join. I request you donate 50k rupies to help me increase clan strength. Key things to know any card with a skill gets an even more powerful skill when fully evolved. Cards being used to enhance card being enhanced reccomend for best enhancements fully evolve common cards and use atleast 8 of them and if you so wish enhance them close to level of card you wish to enhance. When evolving cards you wish to use personally enhance both cards involved for best stats upon evolution. If both cards at max enhancement serious boost in stats. Use common cards fully evolved for enhancements. Reccomend get stamina to 100 1st then either attack or defense
  9. been busy been off and on started an fof clan on rage of bahumet about to post thread for all who are/were fof my code to use at end of tutorial and a guide for playing
  10. Me too couldn't before on pve fury named Wolfdragon
  11. On better note (ignoring drama) been looking at 3.0 classes and liked what I saw so far and was hoping one of you could quote skill sections of each class so I could go over skills to give role based standard for each to give better idea which way to go to maximize play with fof and vs logistics depending on which side we choose for overall benefit and variations we could use
  12. So what side we going on once 3.0 hits human or necro
  13. Sorry been gone awhile had some things come up glad to see many pages on clanbook last time oi saw it was stuck on one page very long time
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