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  1. Fortuno

    Daily Quest Rework and Exchange Posts

    That's actually a great idea. Like in Ayvondil where you can instead trade Signs of Filth or Termite Cocoons for the quest items. Yeah, that would be cool.
  2. Fortuno

    New skill ideas

    I think this skill would be a little strange. The skill would have a temporary effect? (well... basically gives seeker the ability for certain amount of time). Anyways, why I think it would be weird, is because the damage reflect attribute was altered before. Even though you stated it should be deflect (which means only the attacker gets hurt), I can't help but wonder if that would also count as seeker attacking the enemy. I'm sure you're familiar with this "Lightning shield" Scenario, where people get hit by shield, because damage reflect worked as though as the enemy attacked the shaman directly. Anyways, long story short, I think this skill wouldn't last a second under these circumstances. Unless it's intended to be a 1hit only skill. Or they would have to alter the mechanics. I don't know. Anyways, that's all
  3. Yeah well, I never said anything about nerfing the class. Just pointed it out to support my statement. heh
  4. It's very unfortunate that the cooldown is far more unforgiving when it comes to negative values. For example, Some bosses had skills which could reduce someone's cooldown up to -90% for a period of time. In case of that, it didn't double the cooldown of my skils, but they increased by almost 10times. Lightning bolt (back when it was 7seconds) became 69.9 Punitive roots became a whopping 449.9seconds (more or less). Which also is the main problem I see in necromancers (unrelated), since mental pit reduces cooldown to the point that it's almost a silence effect, once the skills are used of course. Anyways, that's all
  5. Fortuno

    Druid's Invigorating Stream

    I would only agree if they increased the healing amount of stream. I keep it 1/4. Heals more or less 310. and 10mp. With 526magic damage. But 4/4 it provides with 600healing and maybe 18mp, which really underwhelming and I decided, the skill is not worth investing in. 4/4 forest song is more useful to me xd. At least grant the possibility for stream to succesfully "critical heal", just like healing dew or holy light, etc. Because Invigorating stream will refuse to critical hit, virtually regardless of your personal critical hit chance stat.
  6. Fortuno

    Amplification chances shown in percent

    Yes, that is unfortunate. But I'd appreciate some honesty from their side
  7. Good morrow. I am here, because I want to share my disappointment. Amplification was never easy, but I can't help but wonder if it became even harder than before. Things you used to believe might betray you and it might cost you dearly. This time, I have a question: Did the chances of succesful amplification really diminished during these past few years? I can no longer trust the "Low chance to spoil" thing. It's just words now. It doesn't mean anything any more. I was heavily disappointed when I failed to amplify my vestments (chest, cloth armor) from +2 to +3, 5 times in a row. The amount of absurdness is immeasurable. (And before you ask: Yes,I'm using signs. Safety first) Every day I feel like I was a "Savage" long ago. I used to amplify every new piece of armor I received to +4 without signs instantly, and almost never failed. I saw "Low chance to spoil" - I can do it. Then came across "Average chance to spoil" - Time to stop for now. But now, it's completely different. I feel fear, and I won't even go for +2 without a sign of imperishability. So all I'm asking for, is add a % chance that spoil will happen, or a %chance of a successful amplification. Because I believe the things I see now are nothing but lies. So, with all due respect, please consider this.
  8. Fortuno

    I've had enough

    Just like Jcbreff said, Not all classes are equally good at pvp. Some of them are masters when it comes to group fights/support, some excell at 1v1 combat, some classes can make tactical decisions to gain advantage over the enemy, and so on. In my opinion, seeker could be more useful in group fights. Launch a surprise attack on occupied enemy when he expects it the least. Though, at the same time rogues can do that too.
  9. Fortuno

    Complete Analysis and Advanced to Mastery Advice on Paladin

    I'd say paladins are ultimately outmatched by wardens in terms of tanking damage. High level mobs have ascended to the ridiculous heights and they deal tripple damage. Hell... I've been in Mythical Berengar's Tower dungeon for a few times and honestly, team paladin was the one driving me crazy. Warden's health bar shrinked considerably fast, but when sometimes that silly paladin used skill with aggression elements and attracted monsters to himself, his health bar started shrinking like crazy. And there's me: Healing dew on recharge, Secret link still on cooldown, and only Invigorating stream and healing barrier (both low lvl),ready to use. And probably forest song 4/4. It can help only if I land it correctly and paladin's banner isn't planted. Either way, paladin constantly had no choice but to heal himself, retreat or perish. At least the whole squad got fed up with him and actually told him to let warden handle the heat. But yes, Party had medium-level amplifications +5 +6 +7 with No life steal. I guess +10Paladin could perhaps tank such stupidly powerful mobs.
  10. Fortuno

    Test server 7.9 links are here

    Participants of the test yesterday, must download it again.
  11. Dungeons better be quick to beat for "lower ampers". Being level 24-28 so far has no perks, other than more hp and skill points. When you think you're stronger but in comparison to the scaling enviroment, you're actually weaker. *sigh*
  12. Thank you very much! Good day : )
  13. Fortuno

    Server Transfer

    I wouldn't mind bringing my warlock from sea_pearl to aserver with more life around and better character developement conditions.
  14. Fortuno

    Server Transfer

    I don't think this would be impossible. Let's say the transfer would be like removing the character from 1server and adding or copying to the other.(well.. I mean everything is saved in data base right? Though it might not be as easy as I think. Player should be asked to leave his guild in order to proceed too. Also in case of matching nicknames, player should also be asked to pick a new and unused one (in the other server of course). Name change naturally costs money so I guess transfer will also be a paid service. Or you could just modify the "character restoration" thing. It would not only allow players to restore recently deleted characters, but also choose a different server during restoration procedure. Well actually I don't really know. That's just my imagination