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  1. Oof, at +15 I'd imagine the weapon would deal at least 50% more damage than +10. But no, probably more than 50%. It'd make them ridiculously overpowered. You'd probably end up seeing rogues with 2k physical with stealth off and chiefs with 2.5k (That's hypothesis anyway). I don't really dig this one
  2. Fortuno

    Debuff druid

    Yeah they have many control skills up their sleeve, but op bark armor? What's this about? It's mostly just 7-8% protection increase. No way it's OP. Shaman's earth protection is practically the same.
  3. I think that would be a good idea. Warden is the only character that has a unique basic aggro, which not only gives the exact ammount of aggro points, but also gives warden healing should the skill be casted 3times in a row. Which obviosuly makes the other skills pale in comparison. So yeah, they should indeed add a second bonus on these skills (maybe def increase or something similar that would increase the chances of survival, because obviously tank's main purpose is to protect others and not get killed in the process) Maybe a similar 3-cast system to unlock a buff or something. Anyways, I
  4. I'm not an mcoin user, but I'm really curious how are they going to justify the attrocious price of 2999miracle coins for a battle pass. Rewards look severely underwhelming for such a cost, not to mention players would still have to work for them.
  5. Random ideas and positive energy. Not much else to say
  6. And once again Me and Conquie are proud to present you our project, the Warspear Online Story ep 5. It has nothing to do with the main lore, but it was made for fun, so I hope you'll enjoy it. Warning : Some dialogues contain foul language.
  7. So you suggest that players should be instantly awarded with gold (depending on monster) after they're killed, without having to loot their corpses? If so, then I'll say it's a nice idea. Same works with TibiaMe, a game we don't mention here but regardless, a good plan!
  8. Lol.I didn't know it was recording when I came to watch the show as Petkeeper. Came there because Vlad kept telling world chat about how many of your minions he killed. He seemed very proud of that.
  9. I don't know if that would be wise. Let's not forget that the skill increases character's power by 10% or was it 15%... Well whatever, you get the idea
  10. Same thing if they added a % chance to successfully amplify an item. People would probably be discouraged, for the amp chances are insultingly low.
  11. They are if the changes are totally minor. Like information inaccuracy and so on. Other than that: nothing. Wasting time and energy writing suggestions
  12. I remember a suggestion similar to this has already been announced here on forums. It was about "Unbind scroll" item. That was long ago and I think developers have no intentions to make such change. Would be cool if they did, but I bet they simply won't even consider this.
  13. I guess I could say that spring event dungeons have brought me the least amount of drops. hehehe. Not to mention that they're also not as valueble. But we'll see what new spring brings.
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