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  1. I guess I could say that spring event dungeons have brought me the least amount of drops. hehehe. Not to mention that they're also not as valueble. But we'll see what new spring brings.
  2. Too bad this no longer works. The aggressive totems turn hostile after this. If combat ends, approaching the same aggressive totem or other bad ones will result in totem attacking you and initiating combat again. I wonder why did aiGrind do this. This makes this quest so freaking bad.
  3. Nevermind, I just found out myself. I can heal myself with it. It's just that if I'm full hp and everyone around me is full hp, the skill can't be used. Or in other words, can't be used vainly. Which is kind of a good thing. When tank needs that mana restoration, quite often I had to time carefully before pressing the skill, so it wouldn't up with mana being wasted. Because tank was always at full hp.
  4. So it means that invigorating stream will no longer heal the user? As I understood that the skill will not be allowed to use when there are no targets. So it would make sense that the skill would not heal the user.
  5. Fortuno


    That would be really cool.
  6. I see no problems here. I would honestly do the same if I kept meeting a team that is constantly spamming and are beyond my power to beat. Players don't fancy getting blocked.
  7. 70% attack strength? Holy crap. And I thought that 50% would be a bit too strong lol. Wow.... No wonder why I sometimes see wardens dealing huge damage to enemies.
  8. Yes, I know that. Still, this excitement over a 1hour event that has happened a thousand times is just absurd. OH A NEW WAR! Must notify everyone! As if I were to cherishly yell at my neighbours "Hey, tomorrow is saturday, unbelievable!"
  9. Surely the Great battle for territories could use a name change every now and then. A great disappointment.
  10. I don't really dig the vampirism revamp. Hah. Had to use that lame joke. Because it sounds like absolute garbage. With low vampirism the chance of healing is obviously highy unlikely. And higher vampirism so much as 30%+, makes this obsolete. Getting a guaranteed 1/3rd of your damage returned as HP is way better than getting a 65% from your damage, but with a 30% chance. I know, I myself don't like vampirism because in most cases it makes healers really redundant, but I don't agree with this suggestion as it would effectively ruin the stat. Also for resist change, they should dramati
  11. What do you mean? I don't spend miracle coins to swap tasks. I just use miracle tasks when should the opportunity arises. Mass resource and license upgrades are good. But resouce upgrades are horrible
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