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    Want some swampweed? Come on over to Brotherhood swamp camp.I'm mostly standing behind my stall which is under Cor-Kalom's alchemy lab. You can get 3stalks of the "Northern dark" every day for free.

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  1. Fortuno

    Server Transfer

    I wouldn't mind bringing my warlock from sea_pearl to aserver with more life around and better character developement conditions.
  2. Fortuno

    Server Transfer

    I don't think this would be impossible. Let's say the transfer would be like removing the character from 1server and adding or copying to the other.(well.. I mean everything is saved in data base right? Though it might not be as easy as I think. Player should be asked to leave his guild in order to proceed too. Also in case of matching nicknames, player should also be asked to pick a new and unused one (in the other server of course). Name change naturally costs money so I guess transfer will also be a paid service. Or you could just modify the "character restoration" thing. It would not only allow players to restore recently deleted characters, but also choose a different server during restoration procedure. Well actually I don't really know. That's just my imagination
  3. Yes, I am sure. I snapped a few pics and made 4examples. Dodge increase rune, Health increase rune, Physical damage crystal, physical protection rune.
  4. I'm still noticing it that this is a false information. The enchantment values are greater not by 2 levels but by 4. There are examples in the pictures. (not my rings). Amount of penetration bonus received from runes are 0.1% x Item level. so this time it's 0.1 x 26 so it's 2.6%. If it were increased by 2levels it would be 2.8% but it's 3% so in conclusion the enchantment bonus is greater by 4 levels. All I'm asking is for is just edit the "Great charms" description and change the number 2 to 4. And the fix should be very easy. Not a complaint here, it doesn't bother me, just pointing out a minor detail. Thank you for your time.
  5. Fortuno

    Is this a good skill build?

    heh, Mine is: 1/5 Lightning bolt 5/5 Healing dew 5/5 Barkskin 3/5 Entangling roots 1/5 insect swarm. 4/4 forest song 4/4 secret link. I'm more of a pve group support. I chose bolt 1/5 because it's weak damage isn't giving me an excuse to spend learning points. Though insects or so called "bees" doesn't have a very impressive damage either, but at least it's compensated by the approx. -45% attack speed debuff which significantly slows down enemy normal attack speed. (can go the negative values, for eg: -34%; etc) In case you're wondering why I chose song 4/4 for pve, it's useful in dungeons or difficult events to me at least. Temporarily neutralising a large portion of the pve mobs, can reduce the amount of attackers, against the defender class players. Also can potentially save one, in case of an emergency. Also it can speed up the dungeon process, so the party can advance without their tank lagging behind. Oh yeah, also if some cheeky, overpowered rogue gets up close and personal, and I don't want to tangle with him/her, I sometimes can put it to sleep and then leg it. teeheehee
  6. Fortuno

    Increase weapons'npc price

    That's... actually a great idea. Getting a very unpopular purple class weapon (Best example would be 1h sword or 2handed axe or something) could be sold to an npc for actually decent price. It's really an annoying feeling when you get a weapon, then check that it's for sale for 4k at a local dealer, and npc greedy merchant barely pays 1k for it. Yeah, something should be done about that
  7. Fortuno

    Necromancer and priest shields

    Making mobs hit less would also be a nice thing. Knowing that some inbred moron lvl28miniboss hits 700 maximum isn't a very comforting thought. Edit: or was it 1k?
  8. Fortuno

    Complete Analysis and Advanced to Mastery Advices on Druid

    A word of advice: Don't level invigorating stream. with 516magic damage, 1/4restores 301 and 10mp 4/4 restores just about 685hp and 30mp or something. A huge disappointment. Skill points should be put to a better use.
  9. Maybe you actually gain this steal health buff when enemy ignores your skill debuff. Which can be either resistance or something else.
  10. I gotta agree, dungeons takes far too much time to beat. I was even with a half decent party. (Everyone's at least +7 +8). And dg was complete with 2minutes left of second stamina. Also those area effects are super annoying. Squad got hit by them very often which ended up putting me in a very difficult position as a healer xd. I can't heal the entire pt at once and I had to make some choices lol. Anyways, moral of story is : for 1stamina you either need to have all damagers, or just be +10.
  11. Yey, lvl28 dungeons are probably gonna be impenetrable with mobs hitting over 400 and minibosses over 800. *sigh*
  12. Fortuno

    [2018.09.14] The XXII Arena season is open!

    That top 50 winning some imperials sounds more like a weak excuse. I mean... something is better than nothing but at the same time, the amount of imperials awarded for low places are so insignificant, that getting a single item your level takes 2life times and an accesory like amulet - 5 life times of saving. ( well.. actually 20 to 40months rougly. exaggeration is fun too)
  13. Fortuno

    suggestion for weak to pro players horror dg

    I'd certainly like the idea of dungeon difficulty. Because I dread when I think about going to lvl28dungeon of horror or snow. I'd rather maybe just save myself the embarrassment in front of the whole party, and not get pulverised by some hard hitting mobs and minibosses.
  14. Well.. They're right I suppose. Skill points could be put to better use