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  • Want some swampweed? Come on over to Brotherhood swamp camp.I'm mostly standing behind my stall which is under Cor-Kalom's alchemy lab. You can get 3stalks of the "Northern dark" every day for free.

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  1. Fortuno


    That would be really cool.
  2. I see no problems here. I would honestly do the same if I kept meeting a team that is constantly spamming and are beyond my power to beat. Players don't fancy getting blocked.
  3. 70% attack strength? Holy crap. And I thought that 50% would be a bit too strong lol. Wow.... No wonder why I sometimes see wardens dealing huge damage to enemies.
  4. Yes, I know that. Still, this excitement over a 1hour event that has happened a thousand times is just absurd. OH A NEW WAR! Must notify everyone! As if I were to cherishly yell at my neighbours "Hey, tomorrow is saturday, unbelievable!"
  5. Surely the Great battle for territories could use a name change every now and then. A great disappointment.
  6. I don't really dig the vampirism revamp. Hah. Had to use that lame joke. Because it sounds like absolute garbage. With low vampirism the chance of healing is obviously highy unlikely. And higher vampirism so much as 30%+, makes this obsolete. Getting a guaranteed 1/3rd of your damage returned as HP is way better than getting a 65% from your damage, but with a 30% chance. I know, I myself don't like vampirism because in most cases it makes healers really redundant, but I don't agree with this suggestion as it would effectively ruin the stat. Also for resist change, they should dramatically increase armor&rune enhancements, because having 15,20% would be almost nothing.
  7. What do you mean? I don't spend miracle coins to swap tasks. I just use miracle tasks when should the opportunity arises. Mass resource and license upgrades are good. But resouce upgrades are horrible
  8. I'm somewhat into crafting. Though my leveling is really slow at the moment, I am focused on selling my forged equipment to make profit. And I use the miracle deals for that. However there are a couple of those deals that don't really make much sense to me. Upgrade of common essence to composite and upgrade of composite to energy. Now the title had me intersted but I've gotta tell you: These crafts are soo not worth the trouble. 20common essences (or caralysts or others) for 10amplified might seem somewhat okay (with apprentice license), but 15amplified for 1 (or 2 with license) energy? And a tiny amount of 140 craft experience? Not only it's not worth it as 15 costs more, it's also just 140experience, seriously? I'll say this as Trump that this is the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals. So maybe have a little redo huh? Change the deal to make it better or remove it entirely. Because I honestly doubt that people are using it.
  9. Honestly can't find anything interesting in this new event. Irrelevant skill changes, events that are probaby out of my league, raid bosses I will never get called to join. Welp... Useless!
  10. Wait, you mean to tell me that even a lvl32 can get drops from easy/normal/hard Garden dungeon? That's odd I don't remember that being a thing.
  11. Maybe I'll come visit when I have 900magic power and high defence. But that's never gonna happen lol
  12. Oh I will because unlike you I've seen how counter attack works now. You are the one who should remain silent you fool. Ask anyone in the world chat who has counter-attack leveled, or stay and rot in your cage of ignorance.
  13. Using misinformation to suit your purposes is malicious. Bd's got their counter attack back? are you insane? Even with all the adjustments it's not the same skill as it was. Counter-attack long ago used to depend on character's physical power, and now it's a more of a damage reflection skill with a chance. And before you start making assumptions: I'm not making any suggestions and I never played a bd in my life, thank you.
  14. Druid Patronage of the Forest Applies the Patronage buff to the character or an ally for some time. The effect absorbs any incoming damage dealt to the target if the damage value is greater than the current health, and restores a certain percentage of the target's maximum health if the current health level is less than a certain percentage of the maximum. Can someone decypher this description for me? Because whatever way I read this doesn't make any sense to me. Is the skill supposed to be used when your character is nearly dead? Because incoming damage has to be higher than your current HP, doesn't make the skill sound so good, unless of course you're fighting breath-catchers and swamp slugs. I am just very confused. Never seen a more vague description yet.
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