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  1. Or just more caves with air pockets would be really nice.
  2. I have a deathknight lvl22 so yeah. But what are you saying is basically you want the game to take away player's freedom of choice.
  3. If I were to give awards for stupidest things I read on ws forums, you'd be the winner, sir!
  4. "Balance the alliances"? Are you insane? What, transfer players to the other side to make things equal or prevent further players from joining a specific alliance just because there are "too many players"?. This isn't counter-strike or whatever multiplayer combat game. It's an RPG. You have your role, and you play. "oh sorry, you can't play as Sentinel because apparently the Legion is getting heavily outnumbered". This is clearly absurd.
  5. They already have blazing ground expert skill which works like pool of darkness. There's no way they are gonna change the shattered stone. And still in battle for territories, it mostly boils down to numbers and players mentality. I remember Legion won wars too, many times in fact. Because they had a viable strategy and the numbers, forcing the opposing forces to just enter defense mode and face the inevitable. Anyways it's just for B.f.T GvG tournaments and castle sieges might be a different story.
  6. Your everyday seemingly innocent neutral response that actually seeks to pull wool over one's eyes. I used to amp to +4, all my armor before. I've almost never failed. Now I also remember amping an amulet from 2 to 3 and that took 5tries, consuming 5signs. maybe it's item level or maybe they just decreased the amp chances who knows. Edit: and this isn't the first time item gets burned after +1thing. Tell me when did you ever before fail to amp a crappy amulet 5times from +2, and I demand something from few years ago. And don't feed me your "uhhh it's just a bad luck" response.
  7. Wooohoo! It's absolutely heartwarming when your character is so strong, yet so stupid, he manages to break a solid metal object which is supposed to deflect impact (shield) when amping it to plus 2. It was a cheap shield though. So what exactly is that "low chance to spoil" again? Or maybe aiGrind malicious personnel are trying to tell us that we are just jynxed. Guess we'll never find out.
  8. Ah, still won't go to that underwater world until they make it even moderately fair. NOPE!
  9. And that's why I don't even visit that sh*thole of a place with filthy pirates and moronic monsters. I cannot allocate any more resources to this.
  10. Best they can do is add those temporary traders during events who only offer costumes for c.c Some high lvl gear would be pretty good, agreed
  11. I know that, but nowhere is so bad as this new island. It's just outrageous. I play now 12minutes underwater just so I could sit half an hour afk while watching youtube videos, to avoid paying few thousand gold to some stupid moron for an oxy-tank, just so I could do one quest for 400gold coins.
  12. Could you just increase the oxigen regeneration rate because waiting for more than half an hour (and being online too) is just frustrating. And Oxigen tanks are sometimes incredibly expensive. It feels like this island really is pay to play
  13. Right off the bat I have something to ask: Why do I feel like in the valley of death when submerged? I don't think it's normal. Could you like reduce the mob detection range underwater? Because they're far too perceptive (which also renders that "Walk faster underewater outside of combat" talent useless), and enemy comes in packs. Combined with the already awful walking speed, it's next to impossible to get away from them. And they're impossible to evade, they will chase you for extended amounts of time, or until you cross territories. No other complaints. It's just I've never felt an urge to fight for my life when just visiting a new area. Who knows what kind of hell awaits further? anyways, That's all.
  14. Well, to make things balanced they should also remove the other buff potions and scrolls. For example : Power/magic cards, invisibility inks, ferocity/resi scrolls etc. I'm not an arena fighter, but just saying.
  15. would be really nice if there was an alternative to paying 399miracle coins for a slot. Like an item that can be used anywhere to open a new expert skill slot (and could be traded for gold coins) Just like trading stall for example.
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