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  1. Yey, lvl28 dungeons are probably gonna be impenetrable with mobs hitting over 400 and minibosses over 800. *sigh*
  2. Fortuno

    [2018.09.14] The XXII Arena season is open!

    That top 50 winning some imperials sounds more like a weak excuse. I mean... something is better than nothing but at the same time, the amount of imperials awarded for low places are so insignificant, that getting a single item your level takes 2life times and an accesory like amulet - 5 life times of saving. ( well.. actually 20 to 40months rougly. exaggeration is fun too)
  3. Fortuno

    suggestion for weak to pro players horror dg

    I'd certainly like the idea of dungeon difficulty. Because I dread when I think about going to lvl28dungeon of horror or snow. I'd rather maybe just save myself the embarrassment in front of the whole party, and not get pulverised by some hard hitting mobs and minibosses.
  4. Well.. They're right I suppose. Skill points could be put to better use
  5. I sure as hell hope this summon skill for druids is decent. Some say it's absolute trash, so I'm having doubts if I should get 40k for this.
  6. Fortuno

    Just a random question regarding one expert skill.

    I don't really think that single damage could be reflected multiple times.
  7. Fortuno

    Just a random question regarding one expert skill.

    Well then, this makes reflection not only useless but dangerous too.
  8. I usually avoid shamans because their healing totems make a single fight last for hours. But that's not why I'm posting this. This one thing has been arousing my curiosity - it's the "lightning shield" expert skill. It deals damage to the enemies who hit shaman with an element of chance while the shield is active. However I've noticed that having damage reflection above 0% in a fight against shaman is pretty much like having own knife stuck in the back. Attribute reflects damage and shield behaves as if enemy actually attacked shaman. Which means shield can strike if player either deals or receives damage and it's kind of weird to me. I'd like to know if this is some sort of "glitch/bug" or is this all natural?. Because if you ask me : Reflect is already a pretty useless attribute, but I never knew it could actually be harmful in it's own way. I'm curious to hear about your thoughts.
  9. Fortuno

    Battles of Alliances need new war !

    I really don't understand the point of this. There is literally no way to satisfy the obnoxious players who will find any excuse to shout in the world chat. It's a win-Guess we call our enemy losers. It's a loss- Guess we call our own allegiance losers for being insubordinate little numskulls. The battle "buffs" are the main reason there are so many participants. It's a tool of motivation. So you yourself just boiled it down to numbers and if Legion/Mountain clan characters are less willing to participate, then I guess there's nothing really can be done about it. Anyways,I've said my speech
  10. I think this recent addition has murdered guild active skills. Effects are 10-20% stronger but the guild point cost is over 400% higher. I'm really not too much into these guild active skills anyway,just pointing it out
  11. Fortuno

    Deathly eyes accuracy for farm boss

    I don't think accuracy would do any good. Bosses have a % chance to resist stuns and some debuffs like deathly eye for instance.
  12. Fortuno

    Unbind scroll

    Yup,my mistake
  13. Fortuno

    Unbind scroll

    Yeah,could be useful. Either try getting those 499coins or sell your item to an incredibly greedy npc merchant for a few gold coins,thus destroying it.
  14. Fortuno

    Correct Ranger Blessing info

    True,they can deal huge bursts of damage in a short period of time,provided ranger has all necessary expert skills.