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  1. You actually disrespecting their hard work your 5 friends maybe have the same issues as you because 99% of players understood it pretty well
  2. I find it actually a good idea , why not give us solo dgs even after spring event is over ? Solo spam is really good sometimes to not waste time on searching for party when none need you because your a warden etc please think about it
  3. It's written well , your the one who have understanding issues xd
  4. Just chest no helm and boots tho
  5. Tbh giving youtubers chance to test it first will give other people an idea of what this is all about I hope you do it
  6. Don't ask me you know how many posts about skills get deleted just because they claim people fighting there when in fact mg are fighting elf so they don't get buffet but the point is Deva didn't reply there what so ever unless they give warning to people whom fight but not about the skills at all let alone saying they will deliver it to the skills team xDDD quite obvious they don't care about other ppl which is why no one care about their game peace.
  7. Look how many topics about other skills it never get replied by such Dev it get Insta delete
  8. Hello dear friend we also players why listen to her and not us ? This game want to rise ? Then listen equally to all your players if you may
  9. Buff druid ? OK consider also rogue and buff him as well make him hit his knife without breaking his stealth might as well give back bd counter so we can die while bd afk and might as well give druid ability to use axes because he not as great as before you know
  10. In that case tell them also to make award with dodge I mean like helm and boots with dodge so I enjoy as rogue main ty You forgot that barb can use parry too ? So why you want block it will make warden so broken and no one of us want to see that lol
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