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  1. 8h update still there is bugs ? Come on you can do better than that
  2. You don't understand you mc got all stuns you don't need more of stuns
  3. In that case also give elf the stun of mc and don't forget the 7 yards stun so it will be fair too
  4. Thats his specialist as mage take example of hunter and rogue at +10 they can finish that DG with 1 stam if you say not then you just legion lover dude be neutral
  5. For real ? Dude any high amp pt can finish that DG with 1 stam its not big deal lmao
  6. Or just use tele scroll ? Much easier In fact there is rules for Eu which says every game should give the chances of drops or amps etc with % but seems ws will never do it even tho they follow Eu rules lately
  7. Yet they said on middle of june with green letters , and now they're like we didn't give any words lmao
  8. Ty for reply but what I mean is professional Devs should stick to their words if they say mid of june they should do it at that time or simply don't give fake hopes , what I'm trying to say is for your own good before people lose hope on this game ty again.
  9. Lostsignal

    So.. t5?

    Indeed what happened?
  10. U said mid of june im pretty sure we not on mid of june anymore so any info ?
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