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Ayvondil Town 5 Full Map (detailed)

Map Guides (simple,clean and shareable)  

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Full Map (no details)


Town 5 (Full Map).png



Full Map (updating details frequently)






Temporary (i will update it to make it simpler) Number of Mobs in each cross map:


Columns: 1>11

Rows: a>o




town clean.png


i will updated the number of mobs continuously but this is temporary:


what to do?

check your quest name example:




see the name of the mob its "deepwater redfish" so its dr if u want to confirm it with the list below for the abbreviation of each mob

than check the Rows for which area has most dr in it, 1dr means only 1deepwater redfish in that area


Row A: 


a1 2sd RP
a2 2sd 1str
a3 2str 2sd 1bts
a4 3ms 3sd
a5 1sd 1PS 2dm 2str 1bts
a6 1PS
a7 3sd 1PS
a8 2str 3as 3sd 1bts
a9 1str 2sd
a10 1str 3sd 1bts
a11 2sd RP


Row B:


b1 Echo
b2 2str 6so 1bts 2sd
b3 2sd 1PS 1str 1bts
b4 2str 2sd 1bts
b5 2cb
b6 Lonely (dungeon Sea Tramps Lair)
b7 2cb
b8 3sd 1str 1PS
b9 2str 1sd 1PS
b10 1str 2sd
b11 Shadow


Row C :


c1 1str 1sd
c2 8fe 1str
c3 Seagull (Assault of the Ship event MC)
c4 2sd 1str
c5 -
c6 Lost Harbor (yellow questors only)
c7 -
c8 2sd 2str 1bts
c9 Pelican (Assault of the Ship event ELF)
c10 1TG 8fe
c11 2str 4so 1bts 1sd


Row D:


d1 1str 1bts 1sd
d2 1dr 1str
d3 2dr 1str
d4 2dr 1sd 1PS
d5 4bs
d6 waterstorm
d7 3bs 1str 1sd
d8 1str 1bts 3dr 1PS
d9 2dr 1str 1bts
d10 2dr 1bts 1str
d11 1sd 2dr


Row E:


e1 2dr 2str 1bts
e2 7ls
e3 Betrayers
e4 1dr 1bts 2str
e5 2ws 1sd 1str
e6 1str 1dr 1sd
e7 1str 1sd 3ws
e8 2str 2dr
e9 Rebel
e10 1dr 1str
e11 1bts 3dr 2str


Row F:


f1 3dr 1str
f2 3dr
f3 3dr
f4 3dr 1str
f5 -
f6 Castle 5 (closed)
f7 2str 1sd (Old Ink Boss)
f8 3dr 1str
f9 3dr 1str
f10 5ls 1str 1dr
f11 3dr

Abbreviations, Ranks and Skills of each mob:bq60.gif

Green Rank


Beam-eyed Anglerfish (ba)

Black shark (bs)

Clawbreaker (cb)
Clawcutter (cc)

Coral Eel (ce)

Deepwater Redfish (dr)

Fat Eel (fe)
Frogl Warrior (fw)

Hungry Shark (hs)

Lobster Scavenger (ls)

Mad Red Devil (mrd)

Needle-toothed Drowner (nd)

Red Devils Bully (rdb)
Red Devils Raider (rdr)
Sea Wasp (pj)

Sharp-toothed Rattail (str)

Shining Dollarfish (sd)
Slippery Eel (se)
Small Octopus (so)

Snouty Snatcher (ss)
Thieving Frogl (tf)
White Shark (ws)



Bloodthirsty Shark (bts)




Yellow Rank


Adamant Shark (AS)

Cyanea (BJ)

Deep Mutant (DM)
Diver Marauder (DM)

Fish King (FK)

Monstrous Snail (MS)

Poisonous Snail (PS)
Red Devil Commander (RDC)

Scyphozoan (GJ)
Toothgrabber (TG)




Rainbow Pearl (RP)



i will update this map frequently, be sure to check it from time to time for an easier questing for you, also to save oxygen and lifes bq83.gif



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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, lallouss said:

after few hours ill update more than half of the map 

+ something cool ( number of how many mobs/mini bosses located in area )

And I will gladly pin it then )


Edited by Akasha

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Posted (edited)






ill check if can make it simpler, please if you got any ideas also please share ty ^^


Next update on map is: mobs skills and boss and suken ship locations

Edited by lallouss

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Sorry for the wait guyz and galz im working on something simpler and more effective on eye sight, rather than you searching for best area ill put for you best areas for each daily quest ^^ ill update it frequently again bq13.gif

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