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  1. Zeusthegod

    question about equip

    Take a look here. Is outdated but can help you out http://ws-db.ru/calculator
  2. Zeusthegod

    Best Druid Equips on Level 20?

    Simulate here https://db.warspear.pp.ua/en
  3. Zeusthegod

    Anonymous 2

    I was part of Anonymous once (in game guild didn't existe yet....only on forums)...would be a nice idea if find at least 3/4 of old members
  4. Zeusthegod

    [2018.05.25] Prolonging the Rush of Knowledge!

    Lv30 and much more Test Server 7.6 Had been tested and some of us didn't know
  5. No..i hope the "update" nor the anniversary event be about that game. (But i guess it is :!)
  6. Thinking: "Farewell Daria...hope we can see u around on forum,sometimes." "Welcome Reveinorik" "I won't say a word bcuz i don't want to reveal myself here"
  7. Nope...doesn't work in landscape mode aswell
  8. Zeusthegod

    "Problem" in-game graphics "zoom'ed"

    Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Android 7.0
  9. May takes a while until V. 8.0 (which i think ,something significant Will be released)
  10. Zeusthegod

    "Problem" in-game graphics "zoom'ed"

    And again that happened ... When i downloaded for the first time,it was Like this: When i left the game and came back later,it downloaded again 1100kb and turn back to this *z* Imo the 1st looks better...but the question is....why is this happening?
  11. Zeusthegod

    "Problem" in-game graphics "zoom'ed"

    Hi there When i download WS (android 7.0)in the last event, it had beautiful/improved/detailed graphics which was amazing to me. But now that event has gone the game graphics came back to the old style. So...that was only a Test druring the event or am i updating the game in a wrong way? Thanks you and forgive my English!!
  12. The Spawner things is impossível at lv16 dg.... At least for my Charmer lv14 with 264 dmg +7 staff