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  1. Zurp

    Druid minion bug

    Correct. Yes, player with fero does more dmg to druids minions, we tested that also.
  2. Zurp

    Druid minion bug

    I'm not talking about player damage here. Player with ferocity does increased damage to at least druids minions, might be different on charmers/templars and necros summons.
  3. Zurp

    Druid minion bug

    Druids minion with ferocity does decreased damage to other minions. @Nolan In the video I have 0 ferocity and my minion hits the other minion 1056. Other druid has 31% ferocity and his minion hits mine 307. The other druid has more mdef and resilience than I do.
  4. Interesting stuff as always. Are there any other random stats that you keep track off?
  5. You should clarify this better. Makes it sound like the whole hp is doubled. Also, seeing some actual numbers on older skills would be nice. And why is damage on older skills calculated with your damage values and your characters level with weird formulas when newer skills just simply multiply your damage value?
  6. It has 2394 hp at 5/5 on lvl32 char. Your defence doesn't matter tho so it's one auto hit to damagers and two to anyone else.
  7. Where do you get these numbers? It has a player limit just like any other aoe skill.. 6 people at 5/5
  8. Seekers changes seem appropriate regarding dmg in pve, though they also nerf the only good thing seeker had going in pvp. Shield hp buff and inner rage buff might make it bit more better in pvp but its still lacking gap closers when fighting ranged classes. Could attractions cd be lowered or mechanics even completely be changed to a jump rather than pull? Or change it so it can't be resisted. @Nolan
  9. Most people who stay at low level also have higher lvl character. You will get much more gold much easier at higher lvl.
  10. This skill disappeared after restart. Can you give it back pls. @Nolan edit: I still have it one my alt, but lost it on my main character. edit2: Some other people missing it too.
  11. @Nolan more evidence. There should be no random delays between attacks here.
  12. The revive numbers were a bit weird anyway. We with 15 people had 10 revives at the start of one round. And I noticed that one troupes revives went up from 10 to 12 while we were fighting them.
  13. The Weekly qualifying guild tournament "Melpomene's Choice" didn't start on emerald. From what I see it started on every other server except ours. @Nolan
  14. This achievement is bugged. Killing players doesn't give me their coins. Also, you don't lose your ticket or coins when you die. @Nolan
  15. @Nolan there is still no 10.1 update on the website Just 10.0.2
  16. Zurp

    Sun Power Animation

    I think I reported this same thing 4 years ago when seeker came. Maybe they will finally fix it now...
  17. Great ideas! I would like to see a change to the bleed skills. The bleeding it self does very small amount of damage and its only useful to activate bloodthirst. I would like to see more skills synergize with the bleeding effect. Also bleeding should do damage more often, with less damage each tic. Something similar to priests elusive threat would be cool also. If target keeps running, bleeding damage would increase. And this 100%, 2h weapons are useless atm. Some skills should have different effects depending which type weapons you are using. I think that Instincts area should be bigger when using 2h weapon for example.
  18. Zurp

    Bug healing

    Just the animation is bugged. Although it seems like it's casted to many people, only 4 will be healed. We tested this multiple times.
  19. This thing apparently isn't working correctly. At least people didn't get increased points from Nocturna event. edit: dynamic quests too bugged.
  20. Active skill: 1 250 000 gp, 800k gold and 335 unity signs each level. Passive skill: 3 785 300 gp(?), 600k gold and 500 unity signs each level. (Not sure of that passive skill cost, seems weird) There is a topic in russian that has all the info you might need about level costs.
  21. Dodge works exactly same with magic than it does with any other attack. If enemy has 30% dodge and you have 20% accuracy, you have 10% change to miss your attack. Most magic attacks are projectiles and you can always move and dodge them that way if that makes any sense. But since in this game you don't need to aim most of the attacks the dodge parameter is needed.
  22. Wow fast boi kind of quit the game for now, maybe back once there is something fun to do
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