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  1. @Dr Strange Art of Healing still doesn't work with bm tree. Is it supposed to be like that?
  2. Just make totem melee range, drop it under you
  3. What, lol? Chief tanked 2 bms and a temp alone for 6 minutes while doing 440k damage. (New damage record in arena btw) 2023-09-13 13-56-46.mp4
  4. Complaining about what? There are also chieftains doing the exact same thing and even against better geared players. Why aren't they at "God level absurd"?
  5. Why is bm at the top then? One of the worst classes to play in solo pve at high level. Also, priest is nowhere the worst class on elf side. Its one of the best classes for pve and one of the only classes who can tank chieftains in pvp. Dk with the new talents is also insane. At least bm (the horrifying damage-tank) has no way of killing them in a 1v1.
  6. Well yeah. Most tend to use phys for pve and magic for pvp so thats why I said those.
  7. That double concentration talent on it is also just a straight up nerf. Losing like 4-5sec cd on rampage kind of hurts your dps. I feel like your cat should inherit atk speed when using mid branch for it to be a viable option. The left branch does same or better dps while also making solo pve a lot easier.
  8. Um, not exactly sure what you are asking.
  9. Left side for pve, right side for pvp.
  10. Agree with this change. Would be able to use puri pots against hunters too. Now you just remove all the marks when you wanted to remove silence.
  11. Bm's skills don't work while in tree anymore with the recent changes. You can't deal damage with aura, can't hit enemies with root and bleeding doesn't do damage. Also you don't get any stacks from skills/talents. @Dr Strange
  12. Did more testing and now you can't get any skill buffs while in tree. For example you don't get stacks from Double Concentration while you are in tree. Not sure if this was the case also before update tho. @Dr Strange
  13. Ok this was fixed but another bug appeared. Healing with tree doesn't accumulate stacks to Art of Healing talent. @Dr Strange @Nolan
  14. Its fun being left alone when guild use bless and run away. Need buff bm to win those 1v100.
  15. Beastmaster doesn't get Guild Blessing if they are in tree when it is used. Could that be fixed too? @Dr Strange
  16. Burning stacks from chieftains Ignition talent aren't removed on death. All the fire stacks are still on you after you revive.
  17. Complaining is a lot easier/cheaper than actually getting better at the game.
  18. Dude, you resist temp flow once and it wont stun you anymore. It doesn't work like you think it does and it has been said many times in this topic already.
  19. And it works like that. You even get multiple chances to resist it. Lock circle you get only one chance. Maybe lock circle should get the same treatment to make it fair?
  20. It increases crit damage from skills only.
  21. Warlock circle shouldnt stun either if used on top of another circle.
  22. Does it say somewhere damager cant have a summon?
  23. Ok but really, what stops you from getting the book yourself? Just need 5 mages to kill elm.
  24. Devs have said many times the game is not balanced around 1v1.
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