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  1. Can you still get 100% resistance with, for example, Mage's Ennoblement skill?
  2. Может ли это истощать фиксированное количество энергии вместо процента от максимальной энергии? Теперь вы наказаны за высокую максимальную энергию, что противоположно тому, как работает глаз без таланта. Google перевел, так как разработчики не читают англоязычный форум.
  3. Zurp

    T5 castle dungeon

    Yes it was good. Have to try other ones tomorrow.
  4. Um, what does this mean? Should it say increased to 30% of the maximum?
  5. Yes, it is. Tho im not sure what that has to do with this.
  6. Would be nice if there was some competition, it's getting kinda boring after years of no one else trying.
  7. Mage aura of fire and seekers solar power animations not showing up.
  8. Seems to work fine now. Thanks!
  9. The login services for forum seem to be down. My friend can't login and I also got the same error when I tested it on different browser.
  10. How it looks like from other perspective. 2022-03-22_13-43-33.mp4
  11. @Holmes We can't enter Abandoned Auditorium for the raid boss on Eu server.
  12. 17383xp in one day... 5 days to finish all story quests
  13. Fext's armor is made of forged black metal, strong enough to dull even the sharpest blades. Cape is made from red silk. The armor has no head guard, leaving the beauty of the wearer to be seen by others.
  14. Zurp

    Druid minion bug

    Correct. Yes, player with fero does more dmg to druids minions, we tested that also.
  15. Zurp

    Druid minion bug

    I'm not talking about player damage here. Player with ferocity does increased damage to at least druids minions, might be different on charmers/templars and necros summons.
  16. Zurp

    Druid minion bug

    Druids minion with ferocity does decreased damage to other minions. @Nolan In the video I have 0 ferocity and my minion hits the other minion 1056. Other druid has 31% ferocity and his minion hits mine 307. The other druid has more mdef and resilience than I do.
  17. Interesting stuff as always. Are there any other random stats that you keep track off?
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