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  1. It means how many enemies it can deal damage to.
  2. Zurp

    Seeker's Harad's shield

    Yup, happens to me too. Also sometimes you'll get 10 dmg buffs and the shield is still there.
  3. I assume they closed it since there is only win-lose fights happening there.
  4. Zurp

    [2018.11.14] Results

    Also, you guys said that making guides from topics that already have a guide on forum isn't allowed. There are so many guides on forum that it was hard to think of any relevant or actually useful guide worth making.
  5. Its been so long without any updates
  6. Zurp

    Quest items

    Usually all quest items disappear after you are done with the quest. Also you can't drop quest items which you got from npcs.
  7. At lvl22 even if you place 1st in two of the modes you cant buy an amulet/cape. At max lvl the token amount given is more reasonable.
  8. Zurp

    Out of breath.

  9. Will the druids summon skill get any changes? It doesnt really fit the character at the moment.
  10. Yup. They nerfed the only 2 skills that made pala even remotely good. Now pala is just a joke
  11. Banner wont hit unless paladin is at melee range of the enemy. So basically banner works if enemy is stupid enough to stay next to him. Walk one yard and you can escape him..
  12. Zurp

    New arena season

    "Especially if you want to get precious armor, accessories and buffs as this is the last season with current rewards 😉". That was posted when the latest arena season started