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  1. Zurp

    Level 21 grey weapon

    Yes, common items are grey.
  2. Zurp

    Cant get item quest

    Could be behind a tree or smthing, Check carefully.
  3. so they are useless... That would make them completely broken in pvp.
  4. Those 3 are pretty much the worst picks right now.😅 I would go for ranger or priest now. Both are very strong with right skill builds. Priest are quite cheap make also.
  5. bad lighting and gopro underwater does that
  6. Hello and welcome back! I don't play on mc side so someone might(and does) know better. I would choose either shaman or necro. Healers are usually cheapest to play and are usually needed everywhere.
  7. Zurp

    Miracle coins

    Repairs and tp scrolls in my experience give the most gold/mcoin. Maybe there are some better ones, but these are quite easy to sell.
  8. It's not a landscape, but I had to do it
  9. Thats an understatement
  10. Just use the ones you get from quests. Dont waste your gold while leveling up. I would buy new weapon at maybe lvl18-20
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