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  1. Thanks man! I can change them too, just say which one ☺️
  2. Captain Torpid has mastered the magic abilities of the trident to the fullest. He can cast powerful spells to his allies and protect them from damage. He lost his other eye in a battle which may hinder his abilities to cast the spells on correct targets. Captain Torpid is heal type minion. Skills: Captain's blessing Decreases energy cost of players skills by 20% (passive) Torpid's wrath Casts a powerful electric shock to the player. All enemies around him will take continuous damage and their speed is reduced. Effect time 5 sec. Cool down 30 sec. Healing wave. Heals player 20% of their maximum health and 10% of near by allies' health. Cd 15 sec. Shell shield Gives player shield that bounces back all incoming damage for 3 seconds. Cd 30 sec. Zurpi Eu-Emerald
  3. Zurp

    Max level

    ++++ Dungeons give drop to you if your level is recommended level +2. So if the recommended level is 20, lvl22 can get drop from there. Nadir dg is different and it gives drop to everyone. Max level to get drop from bosses. Everyone in party has to meet these requirements. Irselnort lvl20 Old lab lvl24 Satrap lvl26? (not sure, might be 24) Ponti lvl26
  4. Well yeah, but it's old event. They aren't exiting anymore..
  5. So, I suppose I can't make little leviathan follow me everywhere?
  6. @Reivenorik @snorlax Six shadows doesn't drop the item to complete quest anymore if theres high lvl player in pt. edit: apparently it does but it takes long ass time
  7. For me its easier to hit 12345/QWERT without looking at the keyboard. Just move your finger down a little bit. Also there are some shortcuts in the new version. C=character, Z=Chat, A=Attributes, I=bag
  8. And no fixes to seeker shield...
  9. Zurp

    First Defence max

    Cant get over 80% so doesnt really matter...
  10. Speaking of that, when will the next sneak peak about that come?
  11. meh.. why doesn't any relic buff the dmg part of the skill...
  12. What does this do to seeker's skill Harad's shield? @Reivenorik
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