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  1. Messages are randomly being translated to chinese and russian.
  2. Could the timer before fight starts be increased in ranked? 10seconds isn't enough to use all buffs and if the wait times are long at higher ranks its annoying to pre buff.
  3. Would be cool if this was cross server. I have a feeling once you reach high rank you either wont get any matches or it will be always against the same party just because there isn't enough people. I hope I'm wrong tho.
  4. Wont happen. These changes just increase ls spamming. Instead of making war fun for everyone, the devs just want more money from ppl buying ls
  5. Any drawing/photoshop app works, but there are some specifically for pixel art. I have used Piskel (free) and Aseprite (paid) to make my costumes. Not sure which apps are best if you only have a mobile device. Any app where you can use layers should work fine.
  6. Add a costume wardrobe where you can store infinite amount of costumes. Costumes take way too much space and you can't really collect them easily. Also, you could add achievements for amount of collected costumes and a titled achievement for player with most costumes collected. If this gets added to the game at some point, please add a search function or ability to favorite costumes to find them easier.
  7. Fancy duck with a purple silk cape and a wizard hat.
  8. There is a bug with the Second Chance book. If you kill the minion and then kill the player during the 10 sec invulnerability that the minion has, the minion won't get the invulnerability again. Meaning you can kill the minion even when the owner is dead.
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