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  1. I see you haven't properly done pvp in this game yet...
  2. Im wondering what you are trying to accomplish with these lists. Feels like you are just asking to be killed...
  3. Zurp

    Relics don't work?

    He is talking about the duration of the skill, not cool down, which both are 8 seconds at lvl1. Relics (or any stat) can not change the skill description it self. The area circulated will be changed but the description wont. Druids lighting bolt with +2 yards relic for example
  4. Zurp

    Relics don't work?

    This relic definitely does not.
  5. Zurp

    Relics don't work?

    The relic doesn't change the skill description. Use the skill and count how long it lasts, works fine for me.
  6. I guess it's happening on eu atm @Akasha
  7. Yeah, seems like you aren't.
  8. I just can't take any of your posts seriously when your signature is this..
  9. I don't think there is a drop chance. The "Possible awards" section is completely missing when entering the dungeon.
  10. First hit is done at 4.16, 10th hit is at 11.01. Average delay between hits is 0.685 seconds. Download the video and check in editor if you don't believe me. Lets use your equation with 10% atk speed. (1.7 * 0.1 + 1.7 * 0.1)/1.5 = 0.2267 Something doesn't add up. I possibly can't hit faster with less atk speed.. I don't know where you got that reducing part from.
  11. You need to multiply with 0.3 (or 1-0.7) to get the correct delay between attacks. Daggers with max atk speed hit every 0.68 seconds.
  12. Managed to finish it now. Idk why it didn't work on the first time.
  13. Managed to finish it now! I did ALL quests in horror circus before reset but it didn't finish. I did some quests now for the 2nd time and I got it done. Not sure why it didn't work the first time.
  14. Finished all quests but didn't get the achievement. Is this bugged or is there more quests coming? @snorlax
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