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  1. Zurp

    Im thinking that Druid need to get Nerf

    Nerf the pot not the class. Druid is already useless in pve.
  2. Zurp

    New skill ideas

    How about passive stealth. Only visible while in combat
  3. Also maps with 1 square wide pathways give huge advantage to rangers. Devs should take a look at those.
  4. Zurp

    why bees skill?

    im not sure what you mean, but imo bees are quite handy in pvp at least
  5. Zurp

    New skill ideas

    Even this without anything other would be nice. Maybe if it was passive and after each succesfull attack you would gain 1 buff
  6. Zurp

    New skill ideas

    Yup, similar thing happens with druid forest song. If enemy like rogue uses poison and then gets slept, dmg reflect from druid will wake him. But I think this could be solved somehow. Also I dont think it should deflect dmg that was done to him before he uses the skill. Bleed effect for example.
  7. Zurp

    New skill ideas

    I came up with few skills that could make seeker more viable in both pvp and pve. Deflect: Seeker deflects all damage and abilities done to him back to the enemy. Attacking an enemy will cancel the effect. Atm seeker doesn't have any skills for survival, which this skill would solve. In pvp enemies just have to ignore seeker while this skill is active. Seeker also lacks some movement abilities. One of the reasons why ranger is still so much better than seeker is because of range. Seeker needs a jump to be more effective faster.(Buffing attraction could also be a thing. Now it feels like the distance is too short and there seems to be small delay when you can actually attack the enemy you pulled. I personally do not want seeker to have a stun.
  8. Zurp


    is it good now?
  9. Zurp


    Ancient monster from the depths of the ocean has risen to tear Arinar apart! Scales so thick and durable even the sharpest spear struggles to penetrate them. Crystals in the armor makes it even stronger. Cyan fire in the eyes makes enemies flee in terror.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D09FhTjIhm0 around 8;50. Seems like amp system to me. +20 being the max
  11. Zurp

    Achievements Change

    And change the reward for 400 medals. Hairstyle is a bit disappointing..
  12. Zurp

    [2019.01.16] Results

    Gz! Right people won