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  1. Yes, but would still be nice to know a place where you can find them without searching through multiple topics.
  2. Could we get statistics of all skills of all classes? @Nolan Something similar that I made for seeker. I would've done that to the guide contest myself but after realizing that there's already 252 skills and total of 1098 different levels in them I kind of gave up...
  3. With shaman buff would reach almost 200%
  4. There isn't buttons for those skills yet, hopefully sometime soon there will be.
  5. No, they can't. They still get hit by them just like everyone else.
  6. Could someone who knows answer? Same happening on eu aswell.. Do I need to rename to [email protected]@Holmes
  7. Zurp

    Debuff druid

    Have you tried fighting them with a friend? Take a druid in your team also?
  8. What happens if (and when) multiple people get 15k reputation at the same time? Achievement will be randomly given to someone? @Peony @Holmes
  9. This happens on good pcs too. Something indeed made it load slower after the update.
  10. GvG is broken on emerald. 1/4 bosses give repu. So far we have killed 5 and 1 gave repu. @Holmes
  11. Yesterday the portal spawned for us. Today it didn't. I guess if you finish 1st stage and no one is in the portals, they wont spawn.
  12. Zurp

    Seeker's skills 9.3

    Updated to 9.3. Changes to Solar Power, Attraction and Exhaustive Blow.
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