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  1. Usually mid march. You can scroll through the old announcments from past years and get a rough idea.
  2. @Akasha @snorlax Game keeps crashing on pc. We are killing the event boss if that matters. edit: game crashes only when in boss location
  3. Hold rmb and press skill hotkey > casts on yourself. Only works via hotkeys tho. Holding self cast button and clicking skill with mouse doesn't work for some reason.
  4. Why wouldn't you make a cat costume? They are the best
  5. Cat with a fabulous moustache wearing a tuxedo and a top hat.
  6. Not sure if you're 11 months late or 1 month early
  7. I guess you are talking about the calculator website. The calculator is completely made by third party, Aigrind hasn't made it. You should ask @SymbX if you have any questions about it.
  8. This is what it says before you use it. That "Works only once in 20 seconds" part is left out. Same thing is with most other books. They don't say the % amount that the book gives.
  9. Doesn't work like that on ios. You can only download apps from the appstore on ios devices. And yeah Apple has to approve the update before it's available for download...
  10. I guess this means buffs like the ones you get in merman dungeon.
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