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  1. Try to email support regarding your problem by "Account Recovery" option. Wish you for the best.
  2. I will answer 2nd question, You can obtain vampirism rune (life steal) only from certain event mcoin chests only, which are available during halloween, spring, and ws birthday events 🙂
  3. I myself play priest, and i invest alot in both PvE and PvP, if you have the right setup, it is dmger+healer, mainly in PvE. And in my opinion, mage, warden, and ranger are op PvE classes, no one can beat ranger in dps i can say 🙂 as i play most sentinel classes you can msg me personally if you desire it.
  4. Firstly, The description of the book doesn't say 6% based on maximum hp, it only says increase maximum hp by 6% (and literally, it is 6% of base hp) Secondly, You may use ws.db Calculator as preference for the calculations of stats, but it is not accurate 100%, please keep that in mind, as the developer said it too. Have a good day!
  5. At certain moment you can make the chars in us-sapphire elf side, i tried to make on a new acc yesterday and successful 🙂
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