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  1. I need X3 gp / X3 drop rate / 2 rewards in DG chest. This costume events are nothing but a GP event. Drop rate sucks and This events are targeted to milk some Money from Mcoiners. I don't see a fantasy mmorpg here... I'm seeing Reality Mmorpg here 🤣😂
  2. Global warming changed the seasons and dates 🤣
  3. Horror at December, snow at Feburary, spring in September 2020, as bday in November 2020, horror at December 2020, snow at March 2021. 🤣
  4. @AkashaLD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤑🤑🤑 😘pan widget
  5. Guys please don't pressure admins. They will do what is necessary. As long as you have a game to log in and play, you are fine. They are busy working for us horror event. ADMINS I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I RESPECT ALL YOU DONE. BTW, GIVE ME FREE 10M GOLD 🤣😁😅😅😅🤑🤑🤑
  6. Can you guys insert cheat mode into game? For example , type "ILOVEPEONY" IN info chat we will receive God Mode 😅😅. Just for fun. Don't take serious. 😅😅. All my gold in this character name I used of forum.
  7. Very unfair Devs. Very unfair. Only for easy DG you allowed no reputation? I'm highly disappointed to see the heart of developers. Highly disappointed after making my way to St DG and clicking hero and it tells me "Need you missing rep" . Very disappointing work devs. Very disappointing. Please fix if you can.
  8. Be together, work together for enjoying An Mmorpg 😊

  9. Wow!!! VERY HELPFUL GUIDE. thank you for your Sincere work bro.
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