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  1. Be together, work together for enjoying An Mmorpg 😊

  2. Wow!!! VERY HELPFUL GUIDE. thank you for your Sincere work bro.
  3. What about the population of parties or players who spamming? Does that have anything to do with drop rates? And is there any factors affecting the drop rate. Looks like the drop rate is x2 , but it's like 0.1 x2 = 0.2 drop chance 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I understand what is x2 means... But what number is multiplied x2... 😢😢 Lots of players wasting their time and real money 😞 please explain reivenorik bro 😭😭😭
  5. What does this even mean??? Tell clearly please
  6. I'm sorry sage. I now only know these things about them. I'm very sorry
  7. Hello all. Let's not do something soooooo much hurtful. Mistakes are done in game. Real life also sometimes unfair. Just ban them from entering Arena for 1season. But banning their character are very cruel judgement. I am talking only as a fellow human being. I don't have anything to do huenthaoi or hero or adia.. GM, ADMIN don't ban their characters. If you want to judgement, then ban them from arena for 1 season. Im just a level 22 bd. I hope you ADMINs won't take very extreme action.
  8. The way you guys programmed the drop system is obvious. You know wat I talking about. Please be kind nd generous. This is how warspear shows its generosity to middle class players? I'm not rich. I'm a middle class players. Lots are like me only. Consider my heartfelt request... Thank you.
  9. Admins, I have seen and been seeing this. Only those who invested a lot in go getting good drop. Drops are not random. Drop system is based on what we do in game. Not a single hard working spammer for drop. Anyways, be more kind. That's my I request. We play the game for fun, not for business.
  10. devs want mcoin users, real life = game life . i understood that clearly... 😞
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