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  1. Why do you love warspear online and play it? there must be a reason for every player. mention your answer in the comments. this will help admin.
  2. can we contact the developers or coders of warspear? what is the use of talking with soemone who doesnt develope the game?
  3. I am comparing the drop rate of eu ru in all events. Not only me, lot of players got the knowledge that you guys are being racist towards US server and giving no drop or very less drop compared to eu ru. Fix ur brain please. By the way, Don't think about banning me if u believe there is a freedom of speech in forum.
  4. Please don't make the players of USA SAPPHIRE SERVER to hope of getting books and lie to us. We all know you guys just fooling us . If you are raised in a good family, then admins I dare you to increase drop rate of books in "US SAPPHIRE" server. I know you guys are racist towards USA.
  5. you kidding me? i don't need unimaginable power in exchange for 24/7 wars, hatred, and waste of time and money. goodjob making this game players to hate eachother, scam each other, make them insult eachother. congratulations admins, well earnt money.
  6. Remove arena in game, in all Guilds, people not doing Dg and i cant find party. bcoz of Noob Arena . all players doing arena only.! i want you to remove arena , I want to talk to general manager of this aigring company to remove arena as soon as possible bcoz it kills Pve and Dg.
  7. @Peonywhy no x1.5 token from ride or X2 token? Why you guys don't care about USA server or other dying servers? U guys know that there is no one doing world event? Please log in game and see. I know ur not responsible for game . But pass this message to Game creators .
  8. admins when will x2 token buff from ride come? last 3 dayss? please reply guys, just because im not from russia, doesnt me u can ignore my message. i play ur game , show respect . @Nolan
  9. What about token? There are no X2 token from ride? no X2 token or x1.5 token from rides? Why you guys not made token buff?
  10. If Devs don't fix shamans and mcs , I'm telling all mcoiners of all elf servers to stop buy mcoins. You don't give us what we need, we won't give you what you need. deal? :) :) :) :) :) <<<<
  11. I'll give you an idea, You can increase game population by merging Eu and USA SERVER. How about that? First do that. And then think about Stability. Btw, don't be full of ego. Tell devs coldeher tells it to u. I love u admins of forum. You don't have to take our hatred. Just ss this and send to devs .
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