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  1. The way you guys programmed the drop system is obvious. You know wat I talking about. Please be kind nd generous. This is how warspear shows its generosity to middle class players? I'm not rich. I'm a middle class players. Lots are like me only. Consider my heartfelt request... Thank you.
  2. Admins, I have seen and been seeing this. Only those who invested a lot in go getting good drop. Drops are not random. Drop system is based on what we do in game. Not a single hard working spammer for drop. Anyways, be more kind. That's my I request. We play the game for fun, not for business.
  3. devs want mcoin users, real life = game life . i understood that clearly... 😞
  4. i did what i could...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAja_Kei2xU
  5. coldeher

    Press F to Pay Respects

    @Daria Моя любовь... Моя любовь... "Serebro - slomana" I'll miss daria
  6. moderator blossom is cracking jokes 😄 ahahah!!!
  7. you admins are the best in using emojis !! 😄 hahah
  8. yes mr.suhojeet. i have low gold. so if i get drop ill sell it and use the gold for buying seekers for dg