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  1. If Devs don't fix shamans and mcs , I'm telling all mcoiners of all elf servers to stop buy mcoins. You don't give us what we need, we won't give you what you need. deal? :) :) :) :) :) <<<<
  2. I'll give you an idea, You can increase game population by merging Eu and USA SERVER. How about that? First do that. And then think about Stability. Btw, don't be full of ego. Tell devs coldeher tells it to u. I love u admins of forum. You don't have to take our hatred. Just ss this and send to devs .
  3. Goodjob in making game more dead 😍😍!! And more stable . Gzzz 😍😍😍
  4. You worrying about improving stability of the game? Lmao 🤣 first Go think about improving population of the game and then come up with these things.
  5. It has been Friday. And no speed book dropped till now in USA server. Can you check? there might be a bug that admins didn't add book in dgs. I'm asking coz not even one book dropped. Hope u understand
  6. Why do Admins of Warspear Disappoint Players? X2 drop ?? What drop!!?!! Any programmer can send me message. I'm so angry and disappointed. Keeping on disappointing players with fake information. I'm very sad. I quit game. You lost a pro op player aigrind because of fake events ONLY COMMON CATAS AND COMMON SUBS ???!?? HAVE YOU WENT DG ADMIN???! 😥😥😥😥😥
  7. Well okay okay. One more doubt... DG 24 chest can drop chance book for level 32?? Only book costume drop chance it has?? Bcoz it was true 2 years ago... I don't know now. Please tell any admin to reply to this.
  8. It drops from boss chest only or the other 4 sun moon astral chests also have chance of drop of book and costume?
  9. coldeher

    Seeker Guide 9.0

    Bro you forgot the depth fury dagger damage in underwater, I'm a seeker user, trust me I think 40% depths fury start + 4/4 solar power + 5/5 excaberation + 5/5 inspiration will do INSANELY OP damage 🤪🤪 .... Check it out and Add that too
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