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[2012.11.28] Arena points conversion. Small fixes.

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yea shaman have dengerous skil in arena, n warlock also, i never win if meet team with shaman n warlock at arena 5x5.


Another really good team is a druid and a priest. That way you can stack heals. When I arena with Roax or Priestking we never loose
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logged in after a while...

find this amusing, lv19-20 2x2 arena 22 points !!!??? that is so low...


even if u award 5x5 arena win with a bit more points, it is still useless. bcz 5x5 is too messy to have fun and and win on the terms of actual gaming skills and class skills.


About converting AP into gold, that's unfair conversion bcoz one set arena tickets = 3000 gold

and even if we win all 10/10 fights, which hardly happens, we get = 220 Arena Points(2x2) , at most 450 AP (5x5)


take an impossible case of buying 10 Arena sets worth 30k gold and winning all 100 arena 5x5 fights to get maximum points, we get 4500 AP


That is ridiculous coz we just spend 30k gold to get 4500 Ap !!!!!!

And u repay us with 4.5k gold for 4.5k AP !!!???


to sum up in a word, UNFAIR.



About arena maps, u guys should do something different for 5x5 arena. In non-loop maps its a disaster, its for kids who love watching special effects not knowing whom they hit or who hits them. May be not on computers but on cellphones we dont have a chance but to click on the first person that we randomly see in a mass of 5 Red Names running around us, instead of selecting the target as per the tactics. there's no place for instincts, perception, team-sync and tactics in that, let alone the matter of fully-amped enemies.


This is why most people never applied for 5x5 bfore this AP reward system changed. those who applied for 5x5 did it to try 1x1/pvp.


5x5 should be, but in a way that it doesn't suck. Most people might like it at first coz its a 5 seconds of action. and of course of all the classes, warlocks and shamans have the upper-hand in 5x5 AoE stun and atk skills.


try something new and different for it. like when the 2 parties appear in arena, place all 10 players separate and not just in 2 box for 5 each. So that everyone  reaches to the rendezvous-point at a planned time, unlike a haphazard. So that its not a messy gangbang. so that we get  to use more brain instead of random clicking. idk bout others but i find 5x5 linear map fights senseless.

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yaa yesterday a little warlock lvl15 killed a pala lvl20 doom wpn 3400 hp. u dont do that with a mage, even before tryin u would have 1k damage coming to ur head. warlocks are unfair or mages dont have gud skills


Besides that, pally couldnt even touch the wl  :lol:

No damage at all! HHahaha epic!


I beated that guy too, hes low def... 1115 on him after stealth hahaha  :rofl:

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Bad thing : Why the ring I unbinded last day becouse i wear for mistake now is personal again and now need 400 mc to unbind it??Lol... it's wasnt personal..now it is...Lol :lol:


Because after the maintenance everything rewinded, same thing happened to my Warlock's Guiding Thread Boots  :facepalm:

More people experienced same thing too here, http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=74686.0

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