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  1. Wow.. Devs are seriously being not fair to Warlock... Good Job devs.. I will just cry until I fall asleep. What a nightmare!!
  2. I want to trade my sign sets for your 2handed sword lvl 13 (+5or higher) PM : Jegeg ( EU - Emerald, DK)
  3. My astronaut is not winning anything.. I posted earlier :cray:
  4. WTF!!! Now it's off again :bad:
  5. How do you farm Echidna? Any link of videos about it? Need help here. Thanks :give_rose:
  6. I know :crazy: ;D typo :lol:
  7. Persain? ;D U mean Persian?? :crazy:
  8. Yeah and to make it worst, dev didn't inform in advance.I was about to get my doom weapon from eye (yea i am high) :wacko:
  9. You are lying :cray:I can see it from your teeth :rofl:
  10. Maintenance or Update ( :shok: ) ;D
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