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  1. You seriously think i haven't done that yet? Lol..... This was my second stop the first thing i did was put in a detailed ticket of all my history of the account and why it was never sold\traded but it's been almost a week now and Gm no reply wtf :fool:
  2. Dmolish i hate to rain on your parade but don't ruin my chances of getting my account back by making this ticket too :( You bought that druid and everyone knows it. one day name changed and we all see amps in world chat.... 5 different countires? lmao bro you would have to be so dumb to let people from 4 different countries play your account.... I can give old payments from my account lets see you do the same.
  3. Duane you're just mad because I gank you Devs this guy is a troll... :shok: The part about my first character being deleted is true though and i sent many tickets to devs and they never let me have my druid back after was delted which was a load of crap.
  4. Hell no, lol GM look this up this is a lie :wacko: So many people just joke i'm Rikin because i amp a lot in one go when i amp..... Any old player would know me only someone who hasn't been playing long would think that... Besides its not like I'm made of money so many others have more mcoin to spend than I do.
  5. Vcut I think you will be fine. My payments stopped coming from the US which is probably why my account was thought to be traded or sold ect... I'm sure a payment that looks different here and there will not get your account flagged to be banned but I guess you never know with gm :(
  6. Gm, I have read all the rules and regulations, and I haven't broken any of the rules or regulations! My druid named Acridtwo (US server) The ONLY reason I can think I would be banned is because I have just recently moved countries and you think that I have traded my account! I used to be living in Fort Collins, Colorado USA but I now reside in Muscat, Oman. I had to switch payment types too when I moved here. Before I was using Google play account to buy mcoin but in Oman they don't sell Google play recharge cards here so I have had to switch to sms payments! My user name hasn't changed in a year and my password has probably only changed 2 times in the past year (but not significant chages) please restore my account I have spent a lot of time and money this is ridiculous that I have been banned for no reason this should be illegal!
  7. I would like it if you guys added new rares into surprise chests too. Dragon costumes far too common now. You should not have surprise chests give them out anymore. Instead put new cool looking costumes and skins into chests. Make some really really rare ones too :D good money for you guys
  8. Haha these were so copied from armor from runescape
  9. I always use 5 barkskin. It is far better than lighting at high amp. My defense with full resil runes is 2552 and I can kill any rouge/dk/barb no move. I can't say for all elf though. Here is a pic of my defense stats in arena armor
  10. Swarm is a really bad skill let me tell you why. I have +10 astrologer staff and my damage with lv1 swarm is 110. I tried to go full damage and did 5 lighting 5 swarm and 5 heal you know how much my swarm damage went up? 20. 110-130 damage how retarded is that? Plus I counted number of times it hit but it's exact same as level 1. So YES SWARM IS A TERRIBLE SKILL. I am very experienced and I don't say that without first testing. Best skill setup for pvp/farm is and will always be 5 barkskin 5 heal 5 roots.
  11. Here are violent storm stats but I don't use this set at all because it's terrible lol
  12. This is just my standard setup. Nothing special :D
  13. One last comment. I'd also like to thank saffo for helping my Druid as good as he was. Thank's all I'll miss you guys.
  14. I've decided to quit warspear. And when I quit a game, I go all the way. I've given my account to my friend Manley/freq/frequency. This way everything I've done wasn't for nothing, and I'm glad it's going somewhere it'll be used. I'm going to miss this game, not going to lie. I'm posting this because it's probably the last time you will see the original Acrid and I want to thank everyone for the fun we've had.
  15. I agree they are not as op as rouges or rangers, but for blicking the bridge..... Yeah they are haha. If you have at least three warlocks you can costantly stun the entrance to the bridge making it so that no matter how many people cross over you can't do a single thing about it. :unknw: You just sit there stunned the whole time unable to attack, or use skills. The same thing goes for 5x5 arena. 2x2 isn't as bad because you can spread out and get a few breaks here and there but when there's 5 people with 2 different stun skills each its a different story, but how often does that even happen? :lol:
  16. callie lacks skill if anything saffo is way better than her easy
  17. Yeah Vicboss plays well but he really isn't amped enough to be considered the best. No offense to him he's a really cool guy and all but yeah.
  18. I already don't like this "gossip girl" I mean, what the hell kind of poll was this???
  19. yep same here. there's a glich with my pc. it says "connecting" forever and eventually logs on if i mess with it enough....
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