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  1. Have fun watching :) Old times missing
  2. Please hear this person Putting my hand into the fire for nab "Vortex Issue similarities" pls snorlaxboss
  3. My opinion is that bladedancer is the least class who deserves a buff in any particular way lol Aren't there other skills from different classes which should receive a buff?
  4. Why would a skill get a buff when it alrdy received a nerf?
  5. Hello you! Just contact the support via my signature and write a ticket! One is more than enough , and will be answered as soon as possible Good luck dear
  6. Didnt expect less from our art-luminary! Well played sire,well played!
  7. I still think its the midnight owl ?
  8. Karamba and karambita ! Is there a superlative of creation even possible? In my eyes the finalists hit the stage alrdy ! Well played friendos! Well played
  9. I think devs explained it alrdy a couple of times , also akasha stated it again No need to beat a dead horse get over it maybe other LvL/arena bracket?
  10. I think they used to pop out of the dailies back in my times
  11. Please contact the technical Support for these sort of topics thank you for the help tho!
  12. No delete no leave i promise u this
  13. Everything is better with lametta
  14. Not much challenger work is annoying jk
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