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  1. For the laughs. No, but really, I just wanted to clarify what happened between me and her, since she did exactly the same thing with Hamstring. She's even using the very same excuses. If it wasn't for this topic, people wouldn't know what happened. Like no one knew what happened to me one year ago, and even before that. It's not vengeance, it's not justice either, because as you stated, getting my gear will change nothing, and she clearly will never get punished for her doings. But at least people will know her true face. She tried changing the subject, she tried to make more fake promises, but she can't erase the previous replies
  2. I read an article saying that people that know more than one language have multiple personalities, one for each. (Not sure if it's bullcrap or not) But welcome to the crazy team! And Fran is awesome, anyone that is friends with him is awesome too! That's what you wanted since the beggining, right? To make the topic more friendly? There you go Haha
  3. I speak 4 languages, and english is not my native language. I try to do my best, but I often make mistakes, and I thank you for correcting me Also, your contribution to the topic is always welcome, you're polite, respectful, friends with Fran, and I don't see a problem with what you're saying. Sorry if I offended you in any way.
  4. There's no miscomminucation here. We borrowed our gear to her, she sold it. TWICE. We got through the part of the promises, I need some actions now. Been waiting for more than a year for her to do the right thing. It's convinient for her to avoid the issue, to be busy. It wasn't her stuff that got sold without permission! If she truly wished to get the gear back, both our gears, then she would have already done it.
  5. You said the same thing to me. Did you get to buy the gear from Sparowee back? Ooops
  6. I don't know what the duck went wrong with you. You really think a relationship is about keeping the house clean? I feel sorry for you. Well, congratulations on changing the subject. It's easier to assume things about other people, than to face the reality that you are a scammer trying to find excuses for your acts, right? But anyways... to everyone here that offered me words of encouragement, thank you so much I'm never going to get my stuff back, but it's good to know I could warn at least a few people.
  7. Such finesse, I'm impressed. Amping a staff to 9+ is surely more important than being educated. Go for it gaaal! The best part of all of it is that you're only proving my point. You said no offences, and here you are being racist. When are you going to admit that you scammed your own friends? That you have no word, no honor? What? Ran out of arguments and now you gonna try to change the subject?
  8. I'm not confused, Kathi. It's all very clear to me. I got lied to, got backstabbed, and life goes on. It's the truth, and you know it. Maybe you're only shocked because I actually decided to confront you? And God, no, you can keep your money. Maybe spend it on some education, and stop being racist? Or learn that "pesos" is a mexican currency? Or use it to amp your own gear, instead of selling whats not yours. If the same rules that apply to me can be applied to you, maybe you should use some "warnings" or whatever on yourself, ya?
  9. I did back in the days, now the damage is more than done, and I don't really care about the gear anymore. When we talked, I got nothing but fake promises and excuses, while I was even defending her when people confronted me, because she told me she was going to do everything to get it back. Now, this isn't a flame topic, neither a scam report topic, I just wanted to say my mind since she sold someone else gears for her own profit, again. And it was about time.
  10. Are you seriously going to deny that you took my Miracle coins? That you didn't sell my gear for your own profit? That you're getting confused on your lies, because first it was Bia, now it's Hassn again. That you're not telling secrets that you said you wouldn't tell? That you avoided me for over 2 months telling me you wanted to reach top 1 arena, while in fact you didn't even have the gear anymore? That you needed someone to tell you to tell me the truth, because you couldn't do it yourself? That you never once gave my gears back when you said you would? Tell me again how this is my opinion. Because, to me, that's some facts right here.
  11. Oh, are you using the same excuses over and over again? Because that's exactly what you told me when you sold my gear. "I only sold it because he promised he was going to sell it back to me". Now I don't know if you ran out of excuses, if you just don't care anymore, because it's not your gear anyway, or if you didn't learn your lesson. What would have happened if he didn't sell the gear? Would you promise Urowak you would buy it back, like you did to me? And then just vanish, start to avoid him? "Its just gear i can make/amp same whenever i want , maybe not old ench but nearly the same" Maybe then, you shouldn't have sold it?
  12. Well, Kathi, I'm starting to realise you told me many, many things that weren't true, then. You told me you would gonna pay back for my Miracle Coins, and didn't. You sold my gear, but it wasn't to amp anything, you just wanted a stupid costume. You told me Hassn amped your gear, but now it's Bia. You told me you knew how to keep secrets, but you're telling them on your first opportunity. You told me we were friends, and then you backstabbed me repeatedly. I see a pattern here.... I only wish I have seen it before. As I said, I'm not going to tell everyone about some personal info, just so I can unmask you. I have facts to back me up, I don't need it. And yes, hopefully.
  13. I was just saying I am so sorry for coming here like this, to give you headaches and shake the dust from the forum hahahah I'm double sorry now
  14. It has been mentioned before that you can share your account, but anything that happens is your fault and your fault only. If I didn't share my info, nothing would have ever happened. Learn your lessons, peeps.
  15. All those things happened more than one year ago, I'm sorry to bring this all up on the forums. Lame drama is lame, as I said. I don't have reasons to lie or to troll, Kathi. Everyone that was still playing in that time can back up my story, you know that well. You can even search for my older posts, as I mentioned the story, and never once I flammed you, because you told me you would get my gear back. Then I quit the game, stopped visiting the forums, and it all made me realise that it's really just a game, I still can keep contact with people I care outside of it, and it's not some stupid equipment that is going to take my sleep away. It was my fault for trusting you, this is not a scam report topic, this is a clarification topic. I gave you my info, got fooled. I borrowed you my gear, got fooled again. Too bad. I hope you made good use of it. As for the 1kk, you told me it was to amp your gear, and Pliskin was there if anyone finds the need to ask him. But well, with so many lies, is hard to keep track of what you say to people, I guess? It's funny because I didn't even need to tell something personal about you, and you already started to search on that tiny little brain of yours for some blackmail material. I guess if we are going this way, should I tell everything you told me about Chris? About r0land, since hes here too? About the guy from EU? Don't worry, I'm not going to do this, out of respect for them, not for you. You lost all my respect, and even then, I'm not mad. I'm not here to offend you. I'm just trying to do some right and tell my part of the story. That's why I didn't mention anything that happened to Urowak and you, I don't know the details, I wasn't there, so I couldn't tell. And for last, it's funny how you can call me names, and act like a little brat, but "if I'm insult you, that will lead to warnings". I don't even know what warnings are, but... omg I'm shivering
  16. ~Stickied upon pvpoley's request (multiple times asked)~ Hey people I'm here to clarify some rumours about Poley, and my part in that story about the stolen gears. Me and Kathi were friends for a long time, I met her back in the days when Born and Zhu were still playing, we used to go to arena together, and we had lots of fun. That lead me to trust her, like in any kind of friendship. I even let her play my arena chars when I wasn't around, and that leads to the first part of the story. I gave her my info, she could use my characters, and it was all good until one day I logged my account and realised more than 3k miracle coins were missing. I waited until she she was online so we could clarify what happened, and she told me she bought "some" revive scrolls so she could go to lab with some friends. (that's ALOT of revive scrolls) Ofc I got mad because she didn't ask me anything before the damage was done, but she did told me she was going to pay me back. And I waited, and waited, and I'm still waiting. She never retrieved my Miracle Coins. Everytime we talked, she acted like nothing happened, until I got tired of asking, because what is 3k mcs compared to a "friend", right? Yeah, right... But I made sure to change my info, so that wouldn't happen again. Well, some time later she asked me to borrow her my gears so she could level up her dk, and since I was focusing on my higher level characters, I thought to myself, why not? It was only for one week anyway. First week passed, and she was still lvl 14, and told me she didn't have enough time to lvl up. Alot of bullshit later, she asked me to wait abit more, and so I did. I think she kept the gears for almost one month until I could find her online and demand the equipment back for real, because I was using quest item gears to level up MY character, while she was doing literally nothing with it. Time passed, and I lent my gear to her a few times again, and it was the same story over and over again, until I decided to take a break on the game. I told her she could keep the gear from my bd and my rogue, and make good use of it while I was away. Well, some weeks later I come back, she was on top 10 with her rogue and bd on lvl 14 arena, it was awesome, I was happy for her. She indeed was making good use of it. But I wanted them back so I could spend time with my friends too and, once again, I had to wait a long, loooong time to hear from her. She returned me the equipment from my rogue, and asked me if she could keep the bd gear for a while until she reached top 1. I was more interested in spending time on mc anyway, so I agreed. Everytime we met, she was either busy, or about to log out. She started to avoid me, and I even heard from some people that she was telling everyone that those gears were hers (even back then when I borrowed her my rogue gear to her dk), and that really pissed me off. Anyone that ever tried to amp anything to 10+ knows how much money it takes, and that was none of hers pockets. So one day I was talking with Pliskin, and I told him the whole story, and he said he was going to talk on whatsapp with her, since she was never online. He managed to make her log and tell me the truth. SHE SOLD MY GEARS SO SHE COULD AMP HER DRUID. Not only she SOLD IT, she SOLD IT for 1kk. Freaking full old 10+ gears for 1kk. I was devastated. I mean, how could she? Why in hell would anyone do that to a friend? A friend who forgave her bullshit so many times? She said she was sorry, that she didn't know I was coming back, and that she was going to replenish her account with some mcs, and do everything to get enough money to buy the gears back. And just like with the Miracle Coins she took from my account, I'm still waiting for my gear. Sparrowee is the owner now, and from what I know, she didn't do anything to get it back. I don't play anymore, all that drama is lame, I know. But I've been talking with Swaaz, and he told me the story about Urowak and Poley, and that she once again sold someone's else gear without their permission. I'm not here to shittalk anyone, I'm just trying to do my part so no one else get's fooled by her. I also know it was my fault for trusting the wrong people, and that she only took advantage of it. I guess that guy from EU got tired of amping your gear, and scamming people is so goddamn profitable, right? Well, that's it. I'm sorry for the long post. The image below is not merely illustrative.
  17. @}- Só foi uma brincadeira Eu recebi coisa para traduzir esta semana relacionada com o evento, "depois de amanhã começa" hahaha
  18. Vá para uma taverna ou arena shop, ou qualquer loja de alguma cidade e clique no npc. Em cima dos itens que ele vende, tem uma caixa de opções com uma setinha para cada lado, é só clicar que vai aparecer os itens da sua bag e vender. Simples assim, sem stress.
  19. Infelizmente, não há nada que os administradores do jogo possam fazer a respeito desses sites
  20. Por favor, não poste esses links, mesmo que seja para alertar os outros jogadores.
  21. As armas de duas mãos são mais difíceis de se amplificar. Sinceramente, 15 signs foi quase nada para amplificar de 3 para 4. De qualquer forma, tente comprar os signs quando eles estiverem em promoção, assim você economiza um pouco mais. Não há nenhum método para agilizar ou fazer com que as amplificações sejam sempre bem sucedidas, senão você veria todos os jogadores com 10+
  22. Ladygi

    Coin Por Sms

    Gente, por favor, escutem. Em vez de utilizar o SMS para comprar Miracle Coins, usem o BoaCompra. Além de ser extremamente mais barato, você tem mais variedade na hora de escolher a quantidade que quer comprar, há descontos quase que todo final de semana (50% mais!!!), não precisa ter conta com eles E NEM NO BANCO, ou seja, não precisa cartão de crédito e nem de débito. Você pode simplesmente pagar com boleto em uma lotérica mais próxima de você. Em vez de ir na padaria gastar 50 reais em crédito para celular para comprar sei lá, 1.5k de Miracle Coins, você pode gastar esse dinheiro para comprar 3k, compensa muito mais.
  23. Ladygi


    Congratz, Russell! What are you studying?
  24. Hahahaha xD Dia das Bruxas é só dia 31, rapaz! Normalmente eles fazem 1-2 semanas de evento, falta uma semana mais ou menos. Com esse título aí achei que ia vir me metralhar, eu hein. Haha
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