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  1. raxit

    Unending Glory

    mmmm.. im sorry i went along the spirit of contest :tease: also i didnt notice anything in the rules that read "posters should be ur originals!"i dont spend time playing ws now. but sometimes i log in just to catch up with friends and one of them wanted me to post for him. im no photoshop guy i just googled 3 posters n did it.. 8) so i dnt get ur point :pleasantry: if u r trying to name them, showing your trivia skills.. then good job :good: i will recommend you to google Co. thanks for watchin fellas
  2. raxit

    Bees Guide

    for lv2 bees damage on lv1 mob: 298 moon--- 99 dmg 0 moon--- 22 dmg 245 moon--- 87 dmg 109 moon--- 45 dmg that b enough i guess :blush:
  3. one more thing, put bees on enemy when you are getting hits from him, not when he is out of range and cant attack you. if u use root + bees, thats waste of bees. do root + bees on a magician, not melee
  4. heal lv5, bees lv4-5, root lv4, lightening lv2-3, barkskin lv1 this druid pwns any other class with same amp of attack and def. But problem is we get ganged in arena and war. Although lowering lightening takes away the bling. ;D go to this page for Insect swarm. every druid should know what his skill can do ::) http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=80244.msg427939#msg427939 about strategy: 1. Shield: barkskin someone else soon as arena starts. most probably one on the lead of marching. this way your shield will cooldown bye the time you reach the rendezvous po
  5. raxit


    I noticed that too. I guess most of those who use it at start should have lv5 roar. so that it lasts long enough and still their mana doesn't get used for it. those who do it without this purpose, is just a fail..
  6. raxit

    Let's keep crying

    OII poley :blush: but isnt it fair to generate a feedback to GMs and improve the classes that are not as powered as Shamans/ Locks/ Archers / Rogues. Call it crying, whining, complaining... whatever, it brings order :) :pleasantry: although pala and dk dont need improving anything lol :give_rose: :lol:
  7. raxit

    Let's keep crying

    :shok: aaahhh man you got you skills studied wrong ;D :tease: circle is your first attack. then do damage and heal stealing >> then hit fear and damage skill again.... circle must be lv5.. fear skill is :pleasantry: "breakable" dont totally rely on it.. Have you seen yourself in arena? Warlock/shaman parties crush enemies and almost all survive. If you are still unsatisfied with the second most OP class in-game... I wont say anything more in this respect! Secondly, yes druids need at least one skill AOE. feels discriminated how non godly shamans have 2 CONTROLLING skills, one of w
  8. Here is my entry ;D . ik it doesnt seem like a great artwork but we as a non- professional, i tried... 8) Go hunt for the endless glory......... :pleasantry: :shok: :friends: :drinks: :clapping:
  9. Here is a recommendation for why you should level this skill up: I thought i will share the background process of skill that i researched a while ago with the help of a friend. But I had to start all new. because the skill's "curses" :pleasantry: (spell that reduces enemy parameters) are not same as they were when it was non-damage type. It still changes the speed of enemy though. Earlier Insect Swarm was not a damage type skills. those days it used to effectively reduce the crit-hit percentage of enemy as well as its attack speed. NOW: lv1 bees can do ~85 x4 dmg with 300
  10. raxit

    Bees Guide

    Hahhh I just found an anomalous behavior to your formula sir :tease: ;D my druid has 299 max moon, lv2 bees, does 95 damage only. that okay as per your theory?
  11. raxit

    Bees Guide

    i dont believe it they handicapped bees skill. i thought i would go check if the skill works like before. but it does not. it does not change enemies crit anymore. :facepalm: still see my post about background effects of bees.
  12. raxit

    Bees Guide

    Aaahh! I get in now. thanks for explaination ::) . +1 you for this ;) so you are saying that this equation will result in a parabola, right? I have known that bees increase damage with level and also with moon. But parabola explains that bees damage will not improve with improving MOON at one point. Have you any calculation to approximate that max bees damage? because I have more to tell about bees apart from damage!! ;D
  13. WOW thats sassy but i agree :shok: :lol: :lol: :give_rose: if u dodge a skill that is blessed u still get the extra damage. theres no provision like dk-stun hit , that if we dodge the hit we also miss extra damage. you should dodge both hits to dodge a blessed hit.
  14. raxit

    Bees Guide

    idk how u got on to calculating that formula and stuff. plus i think u r using some sort of translator to post these threads. I dnt actually make a lot out of your words. Sorry i said that, bt had too :unknw: :search: If it was only that you know about bees then i am getting on to post an allout druid post tested on one of the oldest druids in USS... check it out soon
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