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  1. I think this is a common topic. just wanted to clarify what is at the mean of the topic title, where players can interact not just for the party, trading and another. But also the interaction of the players get other players to duel him (PvP). do not like do we have to wait arena arena players do as well, but here the player can directly duel with the approval or rejection of the players that we are invited to do the duel. This suggestion may be able to helping player to do PvP 1x1, might be added to the reader. thanks and sorry for bad translate.
  2. i don't know this bug or not. My application warspear 3.8 on symbian always closed if i'm try to teleporting at norlant map, And if try to logged again with same character so my warspear will closing again and again. not only that, my warspear 3.8 on symbian still closing too if i crossing to map area and there many other players, Therefore I come to the conclusion, if warspear 3.8 so much eating RAM. I hope devs can help this problem. Regard
  3. g jadi masalah mw berkurang atau nambah, yang jadi mslah skarang app nya msh g bsa di instal ke symbian, wlau dh jarang maen, tp musti ikt updte game jga biar skali2 bisa on wlau skdar chat ma tmen2..
  4. everyday online n im nt received some chest except daily chest :!
  5. Qyo

    Full Client

    I hope Devs make some aplication with full client. means player not need download new client if Game got some update. Only using download data cache if wanna updete. This only my sugestion. thanks n Sorry for bad english.
  6. Im agree with this suggestion
  8. HELLSQUADS GP last result 28.06.2013
  9. ya u right, but i think with that price, hard for players with out using mcoin.
  10. yes, ur account still safe aftr using new version nothng changes.
  11. ya, i was do that, but i try to install to my phone device, version of showing is version 3.5(1) not 3.6, im download sisx-file, are u can recoment to me what better link for download?
  12. im download from main site of warspear http://warspear-online.com/en/download
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