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  1. Awww! Hello world,you guys still playing ?
  2. Actually I did start as a firstborn. Chosed the elf Side because it was the good side,and ofc chosed a healer,a passive character because I didnt like the idea of fighting. Some years ago there was no m.coins also,and druids weren't very strong (except Knox and Yuniorcell,but they were old player,I was new). One day I met our enemy faction. I didnt knew about having enemies at all. I found the red names really cool,and decided they were friends,not enemies. From that moment I started to be friendly whit Every MC (Except Sulla,he was a damned ♥♥♥♥♥ and I imagine he had fun Hunting my poor
  3. Most of the girls doesnt care. They are nerds or whatever. I have seen girls using Dragon catcher etc. Eww. By the way,this problem isnt a new problem. Long time ago tournment rewards was personal male costumes for everybody. But they changed it. Now ofc I support your idea. But a cute costume,not like the last i have seen,not cute at all.
  4. I am whit Azebu. As always. It is already terrible to wear that horrible boots,imagine if I have to Wear ugly pants. Thanks game designers you gave me the Ice queen costume. Amen.
  5. cherrybia


    Karma isnt a good thing. Thats Why your karma can only bring bad stuff to you. Never confuse Karma whit Darma.
  6. Well... I feel lvl 26 is very near to become true. We already can read it when we reach lvl 24 and still has a locked slot in expert skills. As it says the last slot will be unlocked at lvl 26,so yep,I think the level rise is so Close. Wish we could know a Little more!
  7. Sell Ice queen amulet lvl 15. I am receiving offers,so pm me whit your price in private or make a post on the topic I created on "tavern". Server EU -Emerald
  8. I do know this topic but has Less visibility. For example I rarely check it. But well,I can post it there too.
  9. Okay,the title says it all. Write here your offer,or send me a private message. I will sell it to the best offerent. Have a nice day, Bia Oh Je suis tres desolee ! EU server - Mountain Clans faction
  10. I am buying : - Dark Skies gloves - Halloween rings lvl 22 whit physical dmg My server is EU emerald, pm me here or in game to Vanityx DK lvl 24. I prefer to pay using m.coins (replenishing ur account) but ofc this option is only for the one I trust, otherwise I won't give as first. Thanks!
  11. Idk, Probably They sell bows somewhere but I've never been interested. About Vodka/Wine well well well... You are talking whit a girl who lives in the city of the best Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera! Here everybody drinks wine, for us its like water and we have to drink minimum 1x Glass while having a meal. Come here! I will make you taste some super fantastic amazing wine :* :* :* About Vodka, its Not very healthy but some cocktail whit it, sometimes, can be okay
  12. Gratz Happy to see Redbird in here And about the Winner, i am totally agree whit the results!
  13. Rol will always comments, he is always here for us, you know it Thank you, congratulations to you too !
  14. Which kind of vodka ? You ' ve got me, i dont like guns but I do love vodka. p.s. I dont have a bow !
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