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  1. what about this :dirol: Rammstein Live Völkerball Full
  2. Foo Fighters - Rock and Roll Feat Led Zeppelin HD if u listen to rock u must listen to it live ::)
  3. Rammstein , Metallica,Nirvana,Led Zeppelin,GnR 8)
  4. I'm addicted to this game,I admit it. But I am not graduated yet and spent kinda much.This year many terrible things happened to me and my school reports is so bad :( .I wanna say goodbye to everybody,and i'm sorry for saying bad things and hurt some people but that is because i can't control my feelings. Once a smart guy tell this to me: There still always time to change the road you are on.And i think there is still time for me to get a life. Goodbye to all and thank you for giving me a great and enjoyable time.Best regards.
  5. lost my lvl 17 arena staff from +0 to +1 no sign :( But now i had another already :crazy:
  6. ye half impenetrable half arena is good my crit 23% ,accu 16%,resi 16% but i win almost every arena fight and good for pvp 1v1 too
  7. you gank and disturb in pvp cave then switch char and do the same thing :facepalm:
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