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  1. ok I try to tell him, thanks
  2. why my friend "RAINHARD" bought mcoin but baned? when he used his paypal :facepalm:
  3. for players who don't have a guild I hope there is an option to enter the guild , so the leader of guild accept or reject entering the guild. after the selection and then automatically receive incoming guild. I wish there was a choice like that. so other players the freedom to choose who they want guild
  4. yes bt stronger than holiday tree and need all player to be destroyed :lol:
  5. jawkens

    hydra reward

    Try to look again in the quest. In the elf, what I say is true, I don't know at mc
  6. jawkens

    hydra reward

    sme people like that
  7. How if every week or month a celebration of war between elves vs mc. For example, every Faction has one building in the city to be destroyed by their enemies, so we strive to maintain the building. If there is one faction can destroy, declared victory, and the victorious Faction, get random reward for anyone who followed the war. Of course, with great rewards
  8. jawkens

    hydra reward

    i thnk 19 and 20 exp = 50k hp and 21 exp = 2 milion hp . Ya normaly 2 head drop but no everytime who summon get head
  9. jawkens

    hydra reward

    I never cared anything from hydra quest. The problem, why is not everyone who touches the stones get hydra head. So what he got from quest
  10. In the swamp just luck can get nice items, so everyone can get it from lvl 14-20 alone. With farm not all can get nice items alone, of course, must work together to get it. I like games that work together and not individually. With the swamp I think this is just the transition period all items for future games, maybe 20+ . But don't agree with the random reward and random teleport
  11. If so, gm has made the lab with useless and not important. See a lot of people have weapon arena but few people have weapon Zealot. I think it to be rare,so what u thnk better? Make balanced for it maybe better , coz the same lvl 17 .. I am so lazy go to the lab for farm, but played only in map3 also make us bored. It should drop lab made more interesting.
  12. :lol: yeah i knw but look before update, wpn lvl 15 drop farm vs wpn lvl 15 arena the same damage..about money is everything (gm say ) ya i knw that, maybe all gm have lamborgini now :lol:
  13. so, money vs farm.. Money win ?
  14. Why weapon arena better than wpn zealot..actualy wpn zealot hard to get than wpn arena..and original skin colour bow doom,crosbow doom and blade doom i thnk to bad than zealot
  15. jawkens


    if there is a religious moment, why there is no moment for other religions. For example Idul Fitri..coz my ranger want use moslem costume..exs: kopiah and sarung
  16. after mtc hard conect shapire server but emerald easy to conect..
  17. yes Iam get a problem in this game. When I teleport from mc swamp town, but close app and suddenly I was in town swamp elf
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